“Square Cc Processing Reviews Summary”

Dispute it with your bank. They’ll get your money back. Square did this crap too me numerous times. I got my money back every time, and finally closed the bank acct. To this day, months later, square is still trying to debit the bank acct that was closed. I know because they keep sending me emails. customers stole from me, and square allows it. Now they had to refund the customers, they were attacking my bank account
Aside from that issue, however, I couldn’t ask for more from Square. All fees, rates, and important information appears in their sales copy, and just about everything else you could ever want to know about processing with Square appears in detail within the extensive Help Center.
As for the other $3300, he emailed me a link to apply for an accelerated raise on my limit…? I sent the info through and am waiting to hear back. He didn’t really address the issue with the readers, but after the suggestion of using a flat surface to lay the device down on in order to swipe, I will try that for next time and see what happens.
The fried Alaskan cod is excellent. Amazing batter! Great portions for the price. Service was great and both the lady and man were friendly. I wished they had hot sauce like Red hot, crystal or Tabasco. Will eat at again when we are back in Seattle.
I am honestly SHOCKED this company is legal, im not joking you have a 50% chance of your funds being Held for 90 days without notice. This has ruined many families, businesses, and lives. Square will scam you and you will never be able to reach them. Period.
Square’s services were what stood out with several of the merchants we spoke with. Aside from having a clean, informative website with plenty of customer support, the Square smartphone app enables point-of-sale and inventory-management features, as well as payroll functions. “It’s extremely important to be able to integrate with software,” says Danita Harris, principal at Rated M Wine Infused Foods. “I keep inventory on Square, and can bill direct from Square or QuickBooks (converted from Xero). It makes my life much easier and more efficient.”
I own a small retail store that does a high volume of credit card purchases. I recently signed up wIth Square. The first week of doing business with square they deposit all credit card funds the next day in my bank account. To date, August 23rd, they have not made any deposits into my account for over 1 week & are holding over $8300 of money. I need this money to pay rent, payroll, sales tax, etc. I gave tried to call Square over a dozen times & have never been able to reach anyone & all calls are cut off without taking any msgs. I have written at least 5 e-mails & none have been answered. I have received no letters, e-mail or notifications as to why they are withholding my funds. I will go out if business if they continue to hold my funds. A small business that does over 65 % in credit cards must be able to access their money to continue. They have no customer service at all & the guidelines they have on their website gives one a false representation of their true business practices. I cannot imagine anyone ever using Square that runs a busy retail business.
But there is an issue that Ir rarely see discussed anywhere. It seems that AMEX has issues with Square transactions and often declines large amounts, swiped AND un-swiped, as a knee-jerk fraud prevention practice. This then places the burden upon our customers to call AMEX and tell them that the transaction was kosher. We are not allowed to call AMEX and it’s a pain and embarrassment to have our clients do it on our behalf.
As is the case with most business decisions, you have to carefully weigh every way that the decision will impact the business and its customers. Your post is nicely done, and the chart makes it easy to compare the two services. Thanks for your time, research and posting efforts.
i read one post indicating the person getting the tires in CANADA put in the dispute after two weeks after the transaction, is there a time limit to file a dispute, or can someone get the services, and after, lets say, one year get the money back in a a dispute? got me wondering now. oh heck is taking a credit card at all safe for any merchant? world is full of krazy greedy people is the problem.
Square inc. is a PUBLIC company and it is traded at NYSE under the stock symbol SQ with a recent valuation of 5.4 Billion Dollars. A Company at that size should be held liable for making the life of small business owner a living nightmare, deactivation of account and holding funds with no reason could be devastating to some business owners, specially when the payment was for service, not a tangible product. With so many complaints, it is time to file a class action lawsuit against Square inc.
Square Stand. You can use the Square Stand to turn an iPad into a stationary POS system that sits on the counter or at the checkout area. Instead of using the Square Reader to swipe credit cards, the Square Stand has a built-in reader that you can swivel to face you or your customer during a transaction. If you want to go back to mobile, just detach the iPad from the stand and attach the Reader to process credit cards from anywhere. The Square Stand costs $169 per terminal.
I consider this a terrible disservice to us followed by no resolution. In face we lost much more than this $500 due to you pulling the money out of our account with NO warning. You didn’t even hold the money in an escrow account pending resolution.
I have posted many comments on this site regarding this horrible ponzi company. They have driven my business into bankruptcy, ruined my 22 year career and not to mention the financial burden it has taken on my family. I have been fighting them for almost 2 years now and have been charged with a Felony 3 because I was unable to recover the funds that Square withdrew from my account and held without returning to my client or myself. I urge anyone using this device to stop immediately and contact the FTC and FBI with open complaints. I have contacted several attorneys and none are able to take the company on due to their contract. In a nutshell, they can take money out of your account without notice and not return it EVER.
Out of so many hold funds they are keeping, I believe they are plundering using their policies to appear it is legitimate for them to hold our money. I think there should be a recourse we can take to hold them criminal liable for using our sales proceed as their own funds. I think they should have civil liability to us for disrupting our business flow, they should not only return of our sales proceed but also for pay damages for cost our money there are using.
Great article. I am an author and use Square as my POS at book signings. I currently use the base version of Ecwid for my online store but am looking for something that will allow me to sell my e-books as well. You have to step up to the next level in Ecwid to sell e-books. I have never done this before but looking at Square I can’t tell if I can sell e-books or not. Any suggestions? Not necessarily against paying for the service but I am a new author and will have to sell a few more books before I can start spending a whole lot! : )

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