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Hi, I came up on this website after searching for “like issues” I was having with my square market store. Anytime someone goes to my online market to buy products, it will keep reloading the main page. My customers are frustrated and obviously it’s not easy to order which drops my sales. Also when I am running a promotion, no one can ever find the “promo code” box! Anyone experience this?
The best mobile processors are transparent and consistent with the information they provide about their processing costs and fees. Square received the maximum on our transparency and consistency score, providing our reviewers with accurate information that matched what was posted on its website.
A day later I received yet another email saying they now needed more information before they would deposit any funds into my account, but the familiar notice that again I can continue taking credit card payments. The next day I gathered 13 PAGES OF BUSINESS DOCUMENTS and faxed off to them as per their request.. I sent business registration, customer invoices, supplier invoices, Business Adds, and my Bank Statement.
The company establishes on the website that the two reasons to join their panel are cash and prizes, so this also gives you an idea of what their rewards might be. They also state that they have sweepstakes for all their members and that all you have to do is share your real point of view about certain products, services and brands.
After reading some of the reviews, I was reluctant to sign up with Square. However, oneof the most respected brewerys, a fellow winery and Starbucks use of the product prompted me to reconsider and contact them. No more than fifteen minutes after my call, Kristi from Square called me and answered all of my questions with courtesy andeffeciency. She gave me her company phone number and said to call anytime I had aquestion. I am signing up tomorrow!
Accepts gift cards: You can sell and accept gift cards in any denomination. The dashboard offers default amounts of $10, $15, $20, $25, and $50 gift cards. You can customize the amount by altering these default values in the dashboard.
Advanced reporting: Square offers some of the best online reporting you’ll see in a pay-as-you-go provider (and even many monthly fee-based providers). You can generate real-time reports by the hour, day, week, month, or year from your online Square Dashboard, with many reports available in the iPad app. Reports can focus on specific item categories, mobile staff sales, sales by item, sales by payment method and more. Many of the reports are exportable by CSV. Speaking of data, though, Square also offers another gem:
As a result, Square Register is not fully compatible with all of Square’s features and add-ons, such as Appointments or kitchen display systems like FreshKDS. Register does work with Square Loyalty, however.
In my case- I have emails and texts confirming the use of the clients card- but after a personal fall out with the client- 3 MONTHS later – he claimed I had committed fraud. Unreal! But I thought it would be easily solved with all of my proof.
Square has no idea about customer service! My account was labeled as a high risk account because I did large transactions but never had a refund, did anything fraudulate, or misrepresented my company. I did over $700k in 8 months and they never had a problem with me plus i was getting valued customer emails all the time! Then they dropped my account because I questioned why they need documentation after every transaction from the same individual I had a transaction last month? I gave them the documentation and They cancelled my account per paragraph 42. Which say the can cancel you for any reason! Then when I tried to get someone to call me to explain why the just dropped me, they gave me the run around. BE CAREFUL! It can happen to you!
I say nearly because I did eventually get a customer code sent to me by an email, a half a day or so later. And since they were holding my money, I was waiting for it (unlike most customer service complaints where hours or days later, I’ve no time to revisit).
But all said and done Square’s software is great, and for many merchants, especially those with small tickets, it works out really well. We’ve been hearing less complaints about Square lately across the board, so I’m hopeful. But for the “average” user, there are often other options I feel more comfortable referring business to.
I first used Square on February 19, 2013, and have been using them since with no charge backs or other issues. As my business is growing steadily, I applied for an increase to the keyed in limit for transactions on August 1, 2013. On August 02, 2013 I was informed that my account had been judged to be “high risk” and my account had been closed. In addition, they were going to hold my transaction of $1060.94 for 90 days.
square works with any android OR iphone. dont worry & just go for it, make sure that you use business name instead of the personal name, set a nice logo & do a couple of trial transactions. Good luck & don’t listen to the negative comments here
So that’s the first disingenuity of Mr. Bergeron. People reading his statement probably think “oh, just one hour? then it must be really insecure”. Square was announced in early 2010, so VeriFone must have spent more than half a year on this stunt, figuring out the encoding is far from trivial, even if it’s not encrypted.
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Worst company I have EVER Dealt with, and I have been in business for 28 years. They are not honest people, you can’t get ahold of anybody when they block your account and literally steal your money for up to 6 months.
Square is by far the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. I attempted a refund which was a big mistake. I called in to have it done and was given the wrong information by a representative which caused my account to be destroyed. When I finally could reach someone on the line. They stated that the representative gave me wrong information and it was nothing she could do. Then she proceeded to tell me if I yelled she would hang up. She did. If you deal with square you know its hard to get a representative on the line. They made the mistake that costs me additional funds.
I Had good luck at first. But I now cannot access my account. And no way of getting ahold of them except by email. That was 2 weeks ago. I’ve lost many sales since then. Be aware!!! Their customer service SUCKS!!!!
you charged my credit card $30.00 for no reason. I am a retired single woman on a fixed income and have absolutely no need of your product or have I ever used your product ,whatever it may be. You not have a customer service phone number leaves me to believe I have been scammed by you and will be contacting the authorities
Thank you for your clear, concise and unbias evaluation.I am a new start up business owner and I was reading thru and trying to evaluate squareup services and I think you helped me a lot.I now know which way to go.Thank you Laurel.
Yes, all of you here are so right! this company is the worst of the worst! i feel like we should all do something about this on change.org and have them listen to our voice, full force!!!!!! listen to this; I also had problems and they are as of now holding $2,200 on my account, after they already claimed to have refunded the costumer. then they say they had a problem with their portal and i should disregard the other email……..not one word they say makes sense!!! EVEN WHEN I EMAILED THE CEO, DIDN’T HELP! I emailed Jack Dorsey ([email protected] ) about this issue, and all he said is “will look into this”, but never came back to me. I try emailing him a few times this week, but he still doesn’t respond!!! I’m filing now a BBB complaint with this company and I just wish that we all do some class action against them and get our money back for all our frustration and wait time!!!!!!!!!!!! hate them with a passion!!!!!!!!! they drive your business south!!!!
AMEX says my client’s card was charged twice for $5500. I did not see the screen for the client to sign and was unable to offer a receipt. In fact I kept getting a “Sorry cannot process” message. Anyone experienced this problem? I never heard about Square holding money. Nothing shows up under transactions. thanks
Square has become the go-to solution for pay-as-you-go flat-rate payment processing. The main alternative is PayPal, however Square provides feature rich and advanced POS software that takes them up to a whole new level.
What a piece of crap company!!!!! We do high purchases. They ask for information to verify the transactions. I give it to them, than they cancel our account and hold our funds for 90 days!!!! We have been in business for 35 years and have never had any issues with any merchant processor. Everything was fine with square unit we started doing our major transactions. This company is a scam!!!!!
The Square marketplace is limited to the kind of businesses where you place an order and have to go pick it up within 120 minutes. there is no way around that. It also gives you 5 minutes to accept the order before it cancels it. No way around that either. Customers cannot place an order outside of your business hours, so you have to specify that posted business hours are only for the online store, not the actual brick and mortar shop. so, I wanted our customers to place orders for bread to be picked up on Wednesday before Thanksgiving day and that was nearly impossible. If a customer places an order outside of our business hours, we may not be able to accept within 5 minutes and it will therefore be cancelled. There is a shipping option but it is useless for my purposes. I am amazed at the lack of configuration that is provided. This marketplace is good for sellers of fresh and prepared foods. The order has to be accepted promptly and the customer has to pick it up within 120 minutes.
I have been using the square registery for ONLY 1-week and 2-transactions were NOT deposited. Know, there were only a total of 8 transaction. There is NO customer service to speak to, only email, which I haven’t received an answer from….I’m very fustruated. It would be highly recommended for a customer service phone line to be available. HELP !!!!
You know they are getting rid of the flat fee, right? I was a huge supporter of Square until they got so many of us to switch over by luring us in with the flat fee and their new Square Stand. I pre-ordered the stand, and then saw Best Buy selling them before mine was even shipped. Now they are nearly $200 less, just a few months later. Once everyone converted over to Square due to the flat rate monthly pricing, they pulled the plug on it and now we are all kind of stuck paying the per-transaction fee, just like with every other processing company. It’s total crap, and my opinion of them has totally changed. We, like so many other small businesses, will be almost forced to pay thousands of dollars more a year due to this. I never would have bought the system and invested in it only to pay per transaction pricing, which I was already doing. Square is now a company motivated by greed and has no morals. Sad and pathetic.
The customer service at Square has been horrific. I am a physician and exclusively key in credit cards rather than swipe them. I have no intentions of ending a session with them by asking them to take out a credit card and swipe it, etc., it’s inappropriate. I bill my credit card patients altogether 1x/month for clients/patients who have requested to billed by credit card and have signed authorization forms. Wow! They are holding back a lot of $$ for 30 days! I contacted Sqare by e-mail (via their site) requesting the increase the limit I can process at one time without having funds held back for 30 days. They responded promptly–it said on their site they would always do so within 24 hours–telling me if I wanted them to review my situation they would. I responded immediately saying, yes please, send my request on for review. It’s been nearly a week now and I haven’t heard a word. I sent them a second request two days ago, reminding them of their promise to provide prompt customer support, but nothing still. Meanwhile, they have my funds and collect their fees up front. Despite searching everywhere I could not find a phone number contact them. What kind of a way it this to run a business? I’m rethinking using them and looking for alternatives.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It does appear that they made a change to the policy on 8/31that states that the hold is only for card-not-present sales. I will dig into it this week to confirm the details and respond to this post. With that said, you can request for the limit to be raised here even if it still applies to swiped transactions.
I will be contacting the Attorney Generals office in Rhode Island and also the US attorney Generals office in Washington. I will not stop until all of my money is deposited in my bank account, and I don’t mean in 180 days.
I purchased a new shop truck for my business. I did not have the cash on me (weekend transaction) so I helped the seller set up a square account. We then manually entered my CC info and processed a $10,379 transaction through square. This was on September 15. Square had debited my credit card within the hour for the full amount. Yet, it is now October 22, and Square has yet to pay the seller.
Both systems give you the essential inventory management features, including the ability to upload products via spreadsheet (with their associated description, tax rates and barcode), track your inventory in real-time, and receive alerts when stock is running low.
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I do not like Square or its lack of policies. I have not attacked Laurel personally as she did in the above statement. I have not called Square and asked them about her, and whether or not she is employed there. I have tracked her on Twitter however.

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