“Square Cc Reader Reviews for Small Businesses”

Apple Passbook? What Passbook? San Francisco’s Square says it now has 2 million people and businesses accepting credit cards with the service. That’s up from the 1 million figure it cited all throughout the past year.
Had a taste of their [***] this week and never again … [***] it as having my client doing a chargeback against those [***] who froze my account for no reason at all and sitting on the funds .. THEY TOLD ME EVERYTHING WAS FINE ALL CONFIRMED REFC BANKING INFO ….
Square has the money part covered: To date, it has raised more than half a billion dollars in venture capital. And it has had some success signing up merchants, too. Square says it serves “millions” of small and midsize business, and it processed over $30 billion in payments in 2014, growing 50 percent from the previous year.
One benefit of Square is that they offer a free card reader. It’s easy and fast to get started. And, with no monthly fees (we will waive monthly fees for merchants with qualifying monthly volume), some businesses may rightly find Square to be an attractive option. Some of the businesses that might benefit from Square include businesses/individuals that have low processing volume, or businesses that only process a few transactions now and then. Businesses that have very low individual sales amounts may also benefit from Square’s flat rate and no transaction fee. For a merchant with average charges of $5.00, for example, Square’s rates would be lower than interchange.
I have already added custom text to my Square receipt, but that text does not appear on the digital receipt my customers receive after making a purchase at my online store. Any ideas for solving this? Thanks.
The information that Square already had for my bank account and had successfully deposited with is now somehow inadequate. There has been no attempt to verify my account according to Bank of America. As it turns out, the info IS all correct, with the only discrepancy being that I didn’t include my middle initial under the name heading. Again, Square had already deposited successfully with this same information, and suddenly decided that it wasn’t good enough, not bothering to tell me while my funds from a client were frozen!
This company is a total joke. I suspect the extent of their so called customer service staff is an answering machine on the floor of some abondonded building. Someone needs to report this scam to the authorities they are absolute theives. I can’t beleive they are still in business. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY you will regrete it, I promise you. They are completely aware of the issues and just dont care, period!!!! If you want to piss off your cutomers and have these people sit on your money as long as they want go for it otherwise choose ANYONE else because square is the absolute worst CC processing company EVER!!
We decided to try out square when we saw the product at a local apple store.BIG MISTAKE!!!!After 3 months of ok service they decided we were a high risk.They held over 10,000 dollars of our money.Customers got their products and are happy and square got paid.They stated that they could hold our funds for 180 days.Well its now been 185 days and quess what.When we inquired about when our funds would be released,4 days later we got a e-mail stating we are still a high risk and they would review again in 3 months.How is this allowed to happen is this America?
New companies: Businesses just starting out that want to watch their expenses may benefit from Square. With no monthly fee and flat rates for all credit cards processed, Square may be an affordable option.
Horrible NON EXISTENT customer service. You can’t even talk to anyone when you call. (if you can find the number to call). I sent them an email and they gave me a “case ID” . Big deal. No more response from them. I have the best credit rating possible and yet they just say “declined can’t confirm your identity” What the heck. Hoping I can take their “free” reader that I paid 10$ for at best buy back. With a big complaint. Now reading the other reviews I should have checked them out before getting involved with them. I think I dodged a bullet by not being able to sign up. STAY AWAY
I own a Guest House rental small business and at times have lodging payments made with credt cards by my customers. In our lodging agreement signed by our guests it states regardless of the type of payment additional charges will be applied to their credit card for damages, violatons of the agreement or other financial impacting issues. We had guests that paid for 8, at check in there were 10, they paid the difference with a check in, at their departure there were more stacked in the house that requited an additional $250.00 charge that was applied to their credit card. They protested the charge with Square and I was notified that the amount was being deducted from my business bank account until it was resolved. I filled out all of the forms they sent fo me to prove this charge was legitimate. I fillede that out and sent 32 pages of documented correspondence with the person who’s card was charged that beyond question proved the charges valid and their attempt to steal lodging, goods and services from me. I have sent 2 email requests for status of putting my $250.00 back n my account or asking if they needed additional information and I can not get a reply after 3 weeks of waiting.
It is virtually impossible to get customer service from Square. As an all-volunteer non-profit PTA, we need to be confident that our fundraising income is safe and that we can get assistance if we have a problem. $3,000 in fundraising income was missing, and I was unable to get any meaningful assistance. They do not have a phone number for customer support, and I’m not sure if the email replies were generated by a human or a computer. This was a deeply frustrating waste of time, and our organization will no longer use this service. We are switching to the mobile payment service provided by Quickbooks.
While I’ve found Square to be very user friendly and innovative and have had no trouble having money depositied in my account, I have had disturbing problems with customer service. It is practically non exisitent. Beware of charge back disputes since customer service is a joke. It is donewith emails, often weeks in between correspondence, wiht no one who seems very knowlegable or who seems to care. Square sided with a customer who had no proof of his complaint. Square had little interest in my side of the story. I was appalled at how it treated me -their merchant.
All of the  credit cards in your wallet have an interchange rate attached to them.  Square is paying that rate, but they are charging you 2.75% whether the actual interchange rate is higher or lower.  When I look in my own wallet I see 2 cards.  My Bank of America debit card has a rate of .05% and $0.22 and my Amazon Rewards card is 1.65% and $0.10.  If I purchase something with my Amazon card and the merchant is using Square, the merchant pays 2.75% and Square keeps the difference (just over 1%).  Reading through Square’s earnings report, they said that their average profit per transaction was 1.01%, so the example above sounds about average.
Another dummy to fall victim to the Suare Scam. I used them for about 4 months. Every thing went great but then out fot he blue, the deposit stoped coming. All transcations were under $100 but only one was over $100. 15 days went by and no deposits were made, I emailed them and they replied that my account was under review for security reasons. They asked for all kinds of doucments to verify my business. I supplied every one of them ony to be sent an e mail that my account was being closed becaused it was high risk. and they would be holding my money for 120 days. Can you believe these f**n idiots. How is my legitimate business high risk, I have no charge backs, no complaints all my business documents are in order. Now I need to get my money and have no clue where to turn. For the looks of it, they do this sort of thing too often. That cannot be legal, there’s got to be a away to bring these crooks to justice. IF YOU DONT HAVE SQUARE, DONT FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM. YOU WILL REGRET IT AS MANY OF US IN HERE ARE.
Bottom line: For starters, we’re out $10 for Square’s initial purchase. And five days after our event, we have outstanding transactions that we are unable to key in. We must either switch bank accounts on Square’s site- and god only knows how well THAT would go- or purchase another card reader altogether. Our board opted to throw Square in the trash where it belongs & purchase a different brand of reader. We’ll still get charged more for card-not-present transactions, but at least we’ll have a responsive company.
Again, I’m sorry to hear that this happened. I know how much of a burden it is for businesses to have to wait three months for funds. If you are interested in another processing option, check out Flint. They have pricing comparable to Square, and they very rarely will hold funds. They also provide live telephone customer service – no “code” necessary – so if a problem does come up you will be able to talk to a real person about it.
First of all why is someone who is Soooo HAPPY with them even checking out the background of this company? Most people don’t do that until they get burned and definitely not when they have been using them for over a year with NO PROBLEMS. I know that some people make money writing positive reviews for a living. That would be the ONLY reason I could guess as it is obvious how awful this company is. They have an F RATING at the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU
worse they were still holding our funds that were more than triple the cost of the chargeback. If they had their way they would have had our funds on hold and the chargeback amount. We were told that we would have to submit documents concerning the chargeback and we did numerous times to a catchall e-mail account. Finally after 15 days they acknowledged that we sent the documents. The documents support our claim that the customer never sent back the product
Negative review after negative review… What? You think it’s just a few rotten apples? Well then feel free to read yet one more negative review on Square. Is it easy and a convenient way for a small business to charge their customers? Yes. Would you think that in a service provider business where the sale is your services not an item that Square would perhaps be more protective that once services are rendered the Buyer should be disallowed from claiming they didn’t get the service? Well it seems not to matter. Seven months after providing services it appears a customer can dispute a payment and Square will, just like everyone states, immediately take the money right from your account with no forewarning or allowance for the business owner to provide proof of the services or contract for same. No warning. Zero, zip, nada. You provide the service. The customer receives it. You think you got paid but noooooo, think again….months later they snatch it right back when you least expect it or are prepared for it. But hey, the customer got the service and Square got paid. That’s all that matters it appears. Like others I disputed the charge back of thousands of dollars, provided contract documents to Square (after the charge back hit), followed their procedures and even provided written documents from the customer showing they did in fact approve of and receive the services. You would think that would be sufficient evidence right? Months later after disputing the charge back, here I still sit. Still waiting to see the return of the money earned at the first of the year. Oh did I mention I am also out the commissions paid to the sales agent on this? That is of course in addition to the money lost to Square. Will I recommend Square to anyone? NOPE. Have I used Square since? NOPE. Will I use it again? NOPE. If you can use another processor do it! Or better yet just take a check and cash it. My new method of providing services. You want services? Great. Cash or good check only please. At least with a bad check I have the local law enforcement to help out. Apparently business owners are the low people on the totem pole these days. No wonder there’s fewer and fewer jobs and our economy is a mess. Between the politicians and various financial muggers not much positive left.
If, instead, I ask the vendor, who does not know me from Jack, to give me a very large “credit” amount outright and tell them I want to pay it Net30, they will probably say no. They’ll ask me to do a full credit history application including previous vendors and run my me and company through a credit check using my social security number and/or Tax ID number. That’s because now we are getting into the realm of corporate banking. And Square is not a corporate bank. Because of this, they need to be very careful indeed on who they are “lending” what essentially is a Line of Credit to. They probably don’t have the same type of insurance that a corporate bank would have, nor did you secure a line of credit with them by handing over your first born child in the event someone takes you (and Square) on a very long walk off a very short pier. And so, they are in no way going to risk that loss. I wouldn’t either. Oh Hell No.
But after interviewing 30 merchants and small-business owners, we found that transparent pricing, customer service, and a range of useful equipment options were consistently the qualities that our experts craved, regardless of business size or type. And our top picks deliver on these qualities, while offering additional perks that will appeal to a handful of niche needs.
Who can I use besides square that has a portable swiper for my phone or iPad..I’m also experiencing issues with the square and after reading all these awful reviews am getting really nervous. My bank offers their own type of “square” system but there seemed to be a lot more fees involved..but now I’m thinking it might be worth it! Because there actually is to call..I can’t believe someone with some authority hasn’t taken on the Square!..shame on the BBB!
The company could definitely provide more information about account holds, why they happen and how to avoid them. This is the biggest complaint from merchants using Square, and surely the company is aware of this. There really isn’t anything about transaction limits or the ideal ticket size at all on the site.
About the Calculations: With respect to your estimated savings, this is based on a lot of factors and some hard math. The reason we do it, along with the “Actual Gross Rate” calculation is that every Processor prices their product differently (e.g. interchange v. 3 tier v. 4 tier v. flat v. membership, etc.) and some make it intentionally complicated or opaque. Trying to convert their pricing structure to a consistent “Overall Cost of Processing” is the only way you, the merchant, can do an apples to apples pricing comparison and know whether an offer is actually a good deal. Our system isn’t perfect but we’re trying.
[…] Shvartsman, a science fiction writer and the owner of a small New York City game store, wrote a lengthy blog post accusing mobile payments startup Square of essentially screwing his small business out of thousands […] Could not be more displeased with Square. Do NOT purchase! The hardware goes out as often as you have to replace a car charger. When your whole business is down because you cannot process sales, they make you purchase new equipment from a 3rd party vendor. Once you’ve spent another $400 they send you a warranty claim so that you can send your stuff back, before sending new hardware. All the while you’re left with nothing.
Square.com…warranty? customer service? merchant business? Nothing! they didn’t give you any of these services that compromise to supposed to have as a client…I had the most awful experience of customer service with Square Co. They sent me an email at the beginning of 2016 saying that one of my clients had a dispute about a fraud charge with my square…they never sent me any information about it…i replied with another email asking for more information to know where to start to solve my problem…they didn’t give me any comments I sent them several emails asking for more information and gave them my phone number because I wanted to talk with a representative via phone, but nothing, called them but the voicemail asked me for a code to access, dialed the code several times and won’t work, then I sent them another email telling them that I wanted to talk with somebody personally and NOTHING! so thru and email they told me that the charge was 4 mos. ago, so I wrote them telling them that I want more information but that was the last time I heard from them….they finally withdraw $800 dlls from my checking account…and now I’m dealing with this stupid company that had nothing to help customers or clients other than give them hard times…..Be very CAREFUL at the time to get their services…..
Had the exact same thing happen to me with my customer. I gave them a full refund from my phone and had the client issue me a payment by check. There money will be credited to their account in a few days. I’ll never use this company again and will spend much time telling the world using face book and other media about Square Up. In the long run they’ll suffer more than any of us.
Formerly known as “Square Market,” Square Online Store (squareup.com/online-store) is an e-commerce solution offered by Square. The service, which is free to set up, is available both to merchants who already use Square credit card processing at their retail locations and to merchants who simply wish to create an e-commerce website for selling their goods. Similar to Etsy or eBay, Square Online Store allows a business owner to create a very basic website for his or her store, complete with pictures, pricing, and product information. This website can then be found in the Square online store directory, and merchants will only be charged a flat fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 for each transaction processed through the service. Customers can browse the site, order products with an online shopping cart, and securely pay their totals at checkout.
California’s Song Beverly Act forbids requiring an email address to get a receipt for a sales purchase. I made a cash payment, requested a receipt and was required by local business to give my email address which they gave to Square who sent me a receipt. Square has no phone service and I want them to remove my info from their database.

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