“Square.Com Review 2018”

Apple Pay is now available to thousands more merchants because of a partnership with PayAnywhere, a mobile card reader. Starting this fall, the PayAnywhere mobile card reader with NFC technology (i.e. Apple Pay) will be sold in Apple Stores across the country so that more small volume merchants can branch out to accept Apple Pay.
We had already emailed for a raise in keyed limits and they bumped it up to $3000 a week. Apparently somebody didn’t tell their system? No, couldn’t be that, because out of a $2300 transaction, only $1700 was made available to us the next morning. The remainder, they THEN announced, would be held for a full month. I emailed, explaining that our limit had been raised, but a full business day (and another email) there is still no reply. The funds being held are a parts deposit. So now the commercial/fleet customer’s parts are also in limbo, as well as the repair on their vehicle.
A final note about equipment: Square is super convenient for mobile setups, so if you have employees who are on the go or vend at events, you have everything you need to operate. Merchant account providers vary much more widely in their mobile offerings. Some are great; some are perfectly adequate; and still some don’t have any mobile support at all.
I use Samsung Tab 3 tablets. These cost $100 and are dedicated for use at our farm and farmers markets. It makes no sense to use a $400 tablet in those damage prone conditions. The current Square card reader does not work on these ‘older’ tablets. So I use older readers. At the farm our cell phone service is poor so swiping often fails or takes a long time so we just use the Register offline and upload later when I am at home with WiFi.
I run a roadside assistance company providing light roadside assistance like Unlocks, Jump starts, Flat Tire Changes and Fuel Deliveries. Aside from the OCCASIONAL card that wont swipe properly and I have to retry a couple times I am so happy with my square service. My customers like it too being able to see that I am just swiping the card and not writing the number down on a piece of paper (invoice) that could entice theft or misuse later on.
My experience is similarly bad. they deactivated me after my first transaction of $2,500 without any explanation and blocked my calls and I can’t reach anyone. I agree this has to stop. did you look into what we can do as violated consumers??
This review was a huge asset to me. Thank you so much. After seeing other reviews, yours rounded out exactly what I needed to know and was straight to the point. Choosing square vs. other credit card readers was a big decision for the future of my business, so thanks again.
Poor planning on your end and lack of educating yourself on a product does not constitute an emergency on squareup end. I find the support is adequate for the fees I pay. If they begin to add more Infrastructure to deal with dumb business people who cant read T.O.S. then we all pay higher fees.
Have you re-reviewed Square since the recent article showing that the dongle when connected via the headphone jack is hackable and thus compromises the security of the processed payment? I am follow your reviews and am interested in your view on this recent discovery.
I lost my code number, nobody from customer service answer your phone call if you don’t provide the code, It is unacceptable not to be able to talk to customer service ,I need someone to call me on my phone or e-mail me in regards to this problem
In 2014, Square eliminated deposit limits for all existing and prospective accounts. In addition to eliminating the deposit limit, Square has removed related holds. Previously, Square’s virtual lack of an underwriting process left the company exposed to higher levels of fraud and misuse. For that reason, Square had limited deposits of higher risk card-not-present volume to just $2,002 every thirty days. Any amount beyond $2,002 was held until the following 30-day period. Any amount beyond $2,002 will be held until the following 30-day period. Square’s high rate and fee of 3.50% plus $0.15 combined with its deposit cap of $2,002 a month makes it a very processing solution for businesses that key-enter the majority of transactions. If your business does key-enter most sales, and dead set on using Square, you should request an “accelerated payment schedule” via Square’s email support.
I am dealing with an issue where the business that processes my rent payment uses Square, they processed a transaction for my March rent on my debit card. They got a denied response so they tried again and recieved the same response. However, there were more than enough funds in my account and my bank showed a pending transaction for the charge. The next day the payment processed through my bank as complete.
DO NOT USE SQUARE. I PERSONALLY KNOW SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT HAVE MONEY BEING HELD BY SQUARE. I had been using Square successfully for over a year. Suddenly without cause or explaination they closed my account and informed me that they would be holding my funds for 45 days. These were swiped transactions and were not contested by the card holder. After 45 days I wrote to Square and asked for my money. They informed me that it would now be 180 days until I would get my money. I filed a report with the BBB. Square responded with a cut and paste response. They never addressed why they committed to release the funds after 45 days and then switched to 180 days. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH SQUARE, FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB. You can do it online. It’s easy.
I have used Square for two years now and had no issues. Square is not suitable for any business who processes large amounts at one time. Square doesn’t protect us against unethical customers who may dispute a legitimate charge just to get their money back so I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone who process any payments over 100.00. I have a very small shop and deal mostly in cash but I love having Square for my customers who do want to use charge. Most of the charges are under 20.00 so it is perfect for me. The fees I was payment with another company was outrageous so this company helped my business. Again, this is not a company for processing large payments.
Emma – I think most people on here had an excellent report with Square and like yourself with no problems. But the biggest problem is, one day square just up and deactivates the account, no notice, funds held, etc, etc –
After they dispute it again it turns into a second chargeback (or rebuttal). At this point you can still win the chargeback, but just in case you don’t you can always pressure the card holder directly. As per visa and MasterCard regulations, any time you take a credit card manually, you must also have a signed imprinted sales draft. Without that draft you are almost guaranteed to lose your chargeback. An imprinter is about 40$ and sales drafts are very cheap, spend the money to save your money.
(2) Create an item category for each artist, then create a single item in each category. (I would suggest naming that item something like “{Artist Name} Original work.”) You don’t need to fill out much of the item description, and you specifically want to leave the price box blank. If you do this, you create what Square calls a Variable Price Point item, and when you select it, Square will prompt you to enter a price. For this scenario, you could honestly pull either a category report or an item report. If you opt for this setup, you /could/ omit the category creation, as well, but I think the category reports will be more effective for what you’re looking for.
Hosted platforms like SquareSpace and Shopify can be attractive if you’re willing to live with their limitations. We offer our clients a maintenance service for WordPress, and there are other managed WordPress hosting providers. That way you get the full power and flexibility of WordPress, without having to deal with maintenance yourself.
I agree with Lisa. We’re a new business and although I’ve only been using square for a month or so I’ve had no issues at all. They also communicated with me for at least a month before I even bought the stand as I was trying to work through how their product would work in my business. So I’m a new user but so far everything about square has been perfect for us-
Because the content of the article is accurate as of 2017. We regularly update our content to ensure that it’s current, and often include the year to reflect that. This post was most recently updated in March of 2017.
We decided to use square having a CLEAN record with PayPal/Intuit and a payment gateway. I am talking about no refunds in a 3 year period. We processed 2500 dollars of invoices (from the same city) from our test clients (clients that were close so we knew if they tried anything).
I have used Square since April of 2013 and there are no charges anywhere except in an email that notifies me that a transaction has taken place and 2.75% was taken out. I can handle that! Good luck to you, Alex.
I have had the square for a couple of months now and so far have had no problems with it. Would highly recommend it. My deposits have been put in the next day without fail. I am a hairstylist and accept the payments on my htc one x phone and my customers love it. The only complaint I have is that I would like to have the tips to be customized so customers can put whatever dollar amount they would like for tips. Other than that love it. Very easy to use.
I know this is disappointing, and I wish there was something I could do. Your last application to accept cards with Square was not approved, and I can’t offer any additional chances to apply. Because Square offers a limited number of application attempts, this decision is final.
I am so disappointed in the square. My husband got one over a year ago and we never tried it. He convinced me to try it recently and I actually ordered my own. I took two fairly small transactions and already had positive feedback. I just did a much larger transaction with a client that needed some discretion. Almost all my clients need discretion. All of a sudden The Square was asking for all this additional information which I gave them, incorporation filings, my social networking etc etc and then my last three bank statements which shocked me. I had real reservations on this but I had no choice as the client was in the middle of something and could not do a prearranged cash transaction through Money gram etc. The also asked me for proof of the client’s transaction. That was another huge alert as I could not give them a copy of the contract as that would really have violated their confidentiality as to the contents of the business we had together. I thought to myself ok just get through this and everything will be fine. I have a credit limit at my bank so my account is sometimes in the red for short periods of time. Also I have had one charge back on my pay pal recently in 12 years of doing business with pay pal, pretty good track record. I have charge accounts in good standing and I am sitting here looking at a deactivation notice probably because I questioned but submitted my bank statements. I told the Square they should have afforded me that type of in depth questioning up front. I have been in business 7 years and would never spring that type of curve ball at someone in the middle of an important transaction. So now guess what I don’t know where the darn money is. They took out the fee, deactivated my account, there is no phone number and they don’t have email contact information, they send noreply emails, so how do you contact them. I tried using that passcode at the bottom of the email, expired. I have serious doubts that if this company does not shape up it’s business practices there will be class action law suits for the nightmare they are putting small business in. Small business cannot afford to tie up thousands of dollars. The Square should immediately deposit the money as arranged or credit the consumer back immediately. This is unthinkable to mistreat both the consumer and vendor this way. We will smash our square that we have remaining and smash the other one when it gets here with a hammer and post it smashed on facebook.
If we just looked at the money Square pays in interchange/assessment versus the money they bring in from processing fees, I’m sure that they come out in the green. This is due to the fact that “most” transactions are profitable for Square. The question is, how much in the green are they based solely on the processing fees? And how much does it cost to run a business like Square aside from this cost? I really have no idea what kind of numbers they’re dealing with in these regards. But I think just about everyone agrees that Square is currently operating at a loss. There are a lot of investment dollars to go through, and that is largely keeping them afloat I’d guess. But the income they earn through the profitable transactions is pretty substantial regardless. It’s the same way that Braintree can afford to give away your first $50K in processing. Yes, they take a loss on it. But the hope is that in the long run they make a profit.
Has anyone told their clients/customers to dispute the charge with their credit card, and that way, they get there money back? That way the credit card company disputes with the merchant, square. I was suppose to get our money today, and no luck from it being deposited by Square. I can’t believe I didn’t read enough information.
I have a Squarespace site and I use Stripe to process payments through my site. However I need to do in person sales and want to use my Square reader… but Square does not integrate with Squarespace. I’ve heard that one can embed Square into a Squarespace site but I can’t seem to find any code or anything… any ideas? Thanks
Credit card processors combat fraud and misuse by utilizing a thorough underwriting process before allowing a business or individual to accept credit cards. Square has bypassed this underwriting process in order to grow its user base as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for its users, this approach leaves Square very vulnerable to fraud which requires the company to take a “shoot first apologize second” approach to suspicious activity. The result is many businesses having funds held without notice for prolonged periods of time or reserves placed on deposits.
The company takes about 2.75 to 3 percent from each payment it processes, but must split that with credit card companies and other financial institutions. Square sees approximately 34 percent gross margin after paying these institutions, according to a person briefed on Square’s business.
Yes just found out that square debit my account for $32; for their device that was never shipped to me as of 11/09/2015 and that I have never used as well and I was only to be charged per swipe 1%. a BUNCH OF THIEVES. I called my bank and they canceled the card and the pending transaction; 3 month later want to charge my card; they were hopeing that I wouldn’t notice. but the devil is a liar.

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