“Square Complaints for Small Businesses”

Cross-border card payments are unsupported. This means that card transactions attempted outside of the country where you activated your Square account can’t be processed with Square. However, you can accept cash transactions while traveling internationally.
Same problems I’ve had. No resolution, no way to contact the company and the “Online Help Center” is nothing more than a users manual. Don’t know how they can launch a half-baked product and get to a $1b threshold so quickly. My guess is they ‘re a shell company and will file CH11 when the heat is turned up, leaving us to stand in line with a paltry claim that will be settled for pennies on the dollar.
In more than 2 years of business I have had not a single complaint using square. Now, I have run into my first client who wants to dispute my services. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.
All I would have like to have known was why it was deactivated so I can sort it and get the £4.8k out of my account, all I keep getting is I will receive my money back in 90 days. Which is unacceptable! in my eyes its theft for a company to take money whiteout any reason and then not give it to you until 90 days. WORST COMPANY AVOID
Hi, Tom. I was wondering if you could give me a recommendation. I own and run a small business. It is a sensory gym for children that focuses on special needs children. We are very new and small and average about $3300-$4200 in sales currently. I have shopkeep and use payment depot to process the transactions. However, I use square for my online store and to send invoices for groups and other programs when parents cannot come in to make payments. The issue I am having is my funds through payment depot seem to be taking longer and longer for me to get. Whereas, my funds from invoices and online deposits through square, I almost always get the very next day. With payment depot, I have had to wait until as late as Thursday, to get money from sales on a Sunday. It has caused issues with insufficient funds as we desperately rely on those funds being deposited. I was considering switching to square due to their promptness with depositing funds but I have read all these horror stories with funds being held. Any recommendations?
I liked using Square at first, but it turned out to be a disaster. I was happy with the way they deducted their portion from each day’s deposit, instead of being hit with a huge withdrawal for fees on the first of the month, as with our other processor. Square had cool features I was considering trying, like employee timekeeping and payroll. Then I had a couple of chargebacks and Square immediately closed my account, would not let me log onto the dashboard to dispute the chargebacks (which were bogus) and would not go to bat for me about the chargebacks. There is no way to contact them by phone if you are not a customer with an open account. I had some funds due from credit cards run the day they closed the account, and they never deposited that money in my account. A month after they closed my account, they sent me an email saying I had won a chargeback dispute, but they are holding the money in my account, and it will never be accessible to me. If I win on the other chargeback dispute, the same thing is going to happen, and they will be holding about $3,000 of my money. They claimed that they would hold any money for 120 days, but it has been longer than that already. I would strongly recommend any business from using Square. There are other convenient apps available. Also, I did not realize that the high cost of our bank-based card processing company provided a much-needed level of fund security that apps like Square don’t provide.
Frank, do you mean to accept credit card payments with a mobile device? CardFellow itself isn’t a processor, but yes, there are processors in our marketplace that support mobile processing. Are you looking for a processor?
I use Square very seldom so it is easy to track deposits from Square to my account. We own a one room vacation rental and rent to fishermen etc. Anyway…I recently had two charges using Square for the rental. I received an email saying the first charge was accepted and a “Daily Summary Report” saying how much I charged. I never received a “Square has sent you” report for this particular stay. AND…the money is not deposited into my account. The customer was charged. CAN’T get a hold of Square via phone to ask for help. Sent and email, but still no reply. Hope I hear from them soon. Otherwise I will call the customer and ask them to cancel the charge amount on their card.
It truly would be a game-changer if any Joe Schmo could accept credit cards for virtually anything they wanted to sell, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet. I sense that the person accepting payments through Square must be associated with a business entity.
I a problem with paypal when i was a power seller on ebay. Got scammed by someone who said they didnt recieve a laptop i sent said box was empty paypal took all the money off my account and shut me down. I have had square now for about a year and a half. I do alot of small billings under $1,500 every once in a while ill have a bill for $3,000. Im an electrican, not a “business” per say just a self employed guy working every day to make a living. I have not had any problems with square . Last year i only processed about 12k this year im at about 17k and will be around 30k in credit card sales. so far so good. makes me a little nervous ill just be keeping a close eye on my account
I can NOT tell you and reiterate on just How Many Times I Have Contacted The Horrible Square, Inc. No Customer Service Phone Number Of: 1-855-700-6000 to find out Why They Are Not Sending MY MONEY OVER TO MR. JUSTIN RIVAS, THE CONTRACTOR!
Their holding our money as well. $2154. Should we call the buyer (State of Alaska) and tell them to dispute the transaction? Perhaps they would issue us a check instead and then fight the transaction. I believe the credit card company (US BANK) should not hold the consumer liable for fraudulent charges, therefore the state should be able to get their money back. Is this a good approach?
Here are a few of the most interesting Square statistics and Facts I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.
Read the fine print. Any credit card processor worth working with will tell you its rates clearly, simply, and up front. There’s no reason to pay hidden fees, so don’t do it. Watch out for leased equipment (it’s usually not worth it) and multiyear contracts too. Many processors have no monthly fees and no commitments, so there’s no reason to sign up for something you’re not sure you really want or need.

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