“Square Credit Card Problems Comparison”

The new Square reader also supports EMV cards. In the future, a growing number of credit cards and debit cards will feature embedded security chips to make transactions less risky for consumers. The new dongle features two separate slots. You can swipe magstripe cards through one slot as usual. However, if you have a chip card, you can insert your card chip-first vertically into the second slot to make payments. In fact, if you try swiping a chip card, Square forces you to use the more secure method. Figuring out these new gestures can be tricky at first, but it soon becomes second nature.
I agree with Lisa. We’re a new business and although I’ve only been using square for a month or so I’ve had no issues at all. They also communicated with me for at least a month before I even bought the stand as I was trying to work through how their product would work in my business. So I’m a new user but so far everything about square has been perfect for us-
Well, the same can be said about any currency. Once you exist in a market dominated by a singular currency, you stop paying attention to the relative value of it compared to other currencies. You know that a burger is 20 mBTC, and that’s how much it will stay unless whatever burger place you go to decides to raise prices. Once there’s a large enough bitcoin ecosystem, the value will stabilize and there won’t be that hour to hour price checking
You just need to have a constant finger on the market’s pulse so you can set adequate price points in BTC relative to current physical currency exchange rates. BTC is still in flux as it tries to settle in on a price point.
I just recently setup an online store on Square. I used a domain name that I had registered with GoDaddy. I’m finding that when I go to the website or market the website to others, sometimes the page displays, “Business Cannot Be Found”. I called GoDaddy and they explained that everything was set up correctly to point the domain name to the Square site. They suggested I speak with Square about why the URL works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t work. For now, that is the only complaint I have. The fees are great. Once I receive an order and hit complete order, the money is in my account the next day. Any ideas on why the URL doesn’t work all the time???
-Having a solid returns policy posted helps customers who want to return an item or is unhappy with an item if you have that documentation and require the return of the item prior to any refund that can be helpful. Also if you can try to work with the customer. Another thought – on large sales (over $50 for me) I always get a name and contact information for the purchaser just in case of an issue like this. That way you can contact the client and work with them directly and resolve any issues they are having directly. They can cancel a charge back more easily than you can fight one.
Square doesn’t get very high marks for the way it handles funding and deposits. The company deducts fees prior to deposits, which hinders cash flow, and it caps deposits for card-not-present businesses.
I’m glad the information is helpful to you. Square covers the credit card processing security issues for you, so there should be no legal headaches there. If you want to offer recurring payments, customers have to set that up themselves, so everything is correctly managed and maintained via their secure system. That’s one of the prime reasons that Square is such a popular mobile card processing options. Good luck!
Does anyone know how the BBB rating for Square has been “CPO adjusted”? The link to the rating criteria seems to be a dead end and I can’t identify any other card processors who have been subject to similar adjustments.
They claim to deposit the money the next day if you have a business account. Well I just did a small transaction of $150.00, had to wait one week before the money was deposited, I’m glad I didn’t closed my merchant service account.
Our PayPal readers don’t work with chip cards either. We have tried many times on more than one device. We are switching to Square, and that is just one reason why. PayPal customer service hasn’t been a help the past few times we called,
I generally don’t like long-term contracts or termination fees in merchant services agreements, because the ability to cancel keeps the credit card processor on its best behavior, including the willingness to make you happy if there’s a dispute. Plus, this ability to cancel gives you the ability to move on if you find a better deal.
I will be contacting the Attorney Generals office in Rhode Island and also the US attorney Generals office in Washington. I will not stop until all of my money is deposited in my bank account, and I don’t mean in 180 days.
I loved the product. I carried the Square reader with me any time I traveled to events, and used it to complete hundreds of transactions. I told everyone who would listen how it was the best thing since sliced bread.  When the regular credit card terminal at my store broke down, I used Square while waiting for a replacement terminal to arrive.
I had the great fortune of finding out what Square’s telephone number was by reading this review, but when I attempt to call the number, a recorded greeting comes on indicating that if I needed further support to stay on the line. Finally, I think I’m going to reach a live person, but next thing you know, I am disconnected. Thinking something had gone gone with the call, I tried again, only to be disconnected again. I tried again the next day, and the same thing.
Merchant accounts, because they have a more intensive vetting process, are less likely to do this to you. That’s not to say they won’t ever hold your funds, but good merchant service providers do everything they can to minimize the potential for this.
Wow where do I start? Horrible horrible customer service!!’ My advice to you is turn away, find a different route!!’ I went online and bought the Apple Pay , chip reader pack. I was super excited! So when I tried to register this and get it all set up it kept telling me we are unable to set up at this time try again later, so I did several times kept getting the same message, so I contact customer support well first of all it isn’t customer support it’s more like we don’t give a **** about you, telling me that because I had attempted to set my reader up to many times they are unable offer me their service! Then they said they couldn’t approve my application, well if I needed to be approved why didn’t they have me fill out the application before taking my money’ wow wow wow I am returning it before I even opened it all up! So disappointed!!! Wish I would have read all the reviews before I even did anything! Cause I would t have even ordered from them! So just know they don’t ever pay you on time there is no customer support!!! Bad bad bad bad bad service!!!!!!!
Square Stand: Square unveiled its Square Stand in 2013. This stand turns an iPad 2, iPad 3rd-generation, or iPad Air into a sleek POS register that can replace the traditional cash register. The Swivel Square Stand does just that – it swivels so customers can sign and tip. Comes with a kit for the merchant to use to lock the iPad in place and secure the stand to a counter.
“Square Feedback prompts customers to send feedback on their experience directly to the business owner through their digital receipt,” the company said in announcing the new service for which merchants will pay a monthly fee of $10. “Sellers can also respond directly to customers, resolve issues one on one, and protect their reputations.”
Accepts gift cards: You can sell and accept gift cards in any denomination. The dashboard offers default amounts of $10, $15, $20, $25, and $50 gift cards. You can customize the amount by altering these default values in the dashboard.
I am upset with all that say to be afraid of vendors using square as if all square using vendors are trying to rob the customers! As for the recipes I give all my customers a signed invoice with detailed info on what was purchased and how it was paid I also have a duplicate signed by them to keep in my files.
I would NEVER recommend Square to any merchant. We had a customer dispute payment on completed services and Square charged over $4000.00 back to our account. I placed multiple calls (over 50) and multiple emails. I NEVER ONCE, EVER, got a return call or resolution. I was told via email a decision would be made within 90 days as to the disposal of this issue. This was in April of 2014 and 15 months later there has never been a word from Square.
Thank you for your inquiry, I am happy to help you with this. Since your processing needs are minimal, Square would probably be a cheaper option for you in the long run. I hope this helps and if you have further questions please let me know.
I first used Square on February 19, 2013, and have been using them since with no charge backs or other issues. As my business is growing steadily, I applied for an increase to the keyed in limit for transactions on August 1, 2013. On August 02, 2013 I was informed that my account had been judged to be “high risk” and my account had been closed. In addition, they were going to hold my transaction of $1060.94 for 90 days.
If anyone is thinking of using SQAURE, please read these comments! Buyer beware. I had a similar horror story with Square and fortunately I was able to have my client put a stop to the transaction. My bank actually helped me to resolve the situation because they have had so many complaints and problems with other customers in the same situation as all these people here. I contacted the founder of Square through his Twitter account when all attempts to reach any customer service person failed. I highly recommend going to social media to get their attention. I noticed that anyone who complains on Facebook or Twitter gets contacted tight away. They don’t want anyone to see the negative posts so they are quick to get back to you.
I am so very nervous to get the Square after reading all these reviews , I don’t know what to do. My husband is a master plumber we own our plumbing business,I handle the calls and he does the work, It is only my husband and I , Small bus. I also checked EMS + that had lots of bad reviews. So any input would be greatly appreciated. Some reviews I have read on this site say there fine , but there are more negative then positive.
I’m agree….. Iown a Plastic surgery practice in L.A…Square have our $10K funds in hold for 90 days and on top of that they cancel our account after 3 times verification process. Nice company to deal with!! Shame on them

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