“Square Credit Card Problems for Small Businesses”

In more than 2 years of business I have had not a single complaint using square. Now, I have run into my first client who wants to dispute my services. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.
After having funds held with Square Up for several weeks I now only use Square Up for small business transactions. They requested we send a load of sensitive company infomation on email so we could have our limit reviewed. With no way to contact them except a generic email address I refused to send such information. Have now gone with Paypal Here and also use cardlink.com.au for Australian transactions. They pay all funds straight away into your bank account (no matter what the amounts).
I had no idea they were going to hold my money. I am a business and have vendors to pay. Let’s just say it’s not just a couple hundred bucks. And they don’t get back to you with in 24 hours. They said they are holding it for a month! Are you kidding a fricken month?!! Lame, can’t conduct business this way, a big mistake on my part using Square.
Square’s recent filing for its initial public offering paints an interesting picture of its relationship with the small to medium-sized business community. Since 2011, Square’s main customers have been businesses with annualized gross payment volume of less than $125,000. “Most of the sellers that use our services are small businesses, many of which are in the early stages of their development…,” the company wrote in its S-1 filing.
Update… still too many days late. No deposit to my account. Have a big crafts event this weekend and between a rock and hardplace. Geared to being mandatory to take credit cards. I did get an automated response with “Case #” but still cannot talk to someone. I looked into paypal and when it is launched another 7-14 days I was told yesterday. Paypal said it would not be tied to my bank account but go directly into my Paypal account. Problem I have is accessing the cash. IF I want to deposit to my bank account will take 2-3 business days to transfer those funds. Paypal does have a no fee debit card, so will have to get one of those too. So remains to be seen if I either will be a satisfactory deal!!!???!!
Square is, without a doubt, the most feature-rich and advanced mobile processing (mPOS) solution you can find without a monthly fee. To get anywhere near this kind of functionality, you would normally have to go with an advanced iPad POS pay (at the very least) $60 per month, plus processing rates that would not necessarily be lower than Square’s, especially for lower-volume businesses. 
I have to be honest here. I have read with fear all the stories and was sure I would be lending my voice to the chorus. I will, but not in the way I thought I would. Square just answered my email and cleared my account. I sent them the info they requested and called and left a few messages and sent some more emails, all in one day mind you. And sure enough they figured it out and go my going again with just one day down. I am not saying all the others aren’t having these problems but it gives me hope that Square is just going through some growing pains and will likely catch up with the astounding growth they have experienced lately. I hope they do because I do like the way the system works for the most part. I am a general contractor and don’t take more than a few transactions a month but they are usually bigger than a small business might usually take and Square makes that pretty easy. I hope they get it together and keep offering the service.
Using Square for Retail will cost you $60 per month, per register. This cost is on top of the 2.75% fee per transaction to accept a credit or debit card payment. Square offers a free 30-day trial of the retail app, but processing fees still apply during the free trial.
They recently acquired Caviar (“Seamless for high end restaurants”) and has toyed around with a lot of different businesses, but they’ve not figured it out. They grew fast but seemingly in the wrong direction and space.
With Square, you’re locked into using the Square Register app and Square-supported integrations. There’s some big names on the list of available apps, but the selection is still limited. Merchant account providers give you far more flexibility in what equipment and software you choose.
The other major component in pricing for Square and ShopKeep is credit card processing fees. Square charges a flat 2.75% of the transaction value, whereas ShopKeep varies depending on the type of card processed, and depending on the rates negotiated with their particular client. Generally, ShopKeep is around 1.9 – 2.4% of the transaction value, which is a bit cheaper than Square.
“Shopify gave me the instant ability to process credit cards, had very competitive rates, and all my store operations data (including credit card processing) could be handled from one interface. That sort of functionality is incredibly helpful. However, industries that have high risk of chargebacks need to be aware that they’ll lose practically every chargeback since Shopify just doesn’t have the tools to help you win.”
Please im being honest. don’t go with the square they are crooks. They took all this money out of my checking account. Then I got another business and they deactivated me and kept $700.00 If you know anyone that can help me get it back please email me at [email redacted – reply to comment for communication] thanks so much and don’t let them get your money like they did me.
I really enjoy using this product. It’s helpful with me keeping my business flowing. No more missing payments from clients because of not having a credit card machine. You can keep your clients happy as well as the business growing.
Reason why I recommend PayPal now versus Square is when you enter your service charge plus a tip into PayPal, PayPal all the rice is it as one total charge that’s not a temporary authorization … This way your transaction either goes through or doesn’t and you do not have to worry about credit card companies causing problems because square claims that they will come to your defense and even paid if square decide you were in the right… But in reality that never happens and there’s a little teeny tiny clause in our user agreement that says no matter what the credit card company decides is what Square will do
* 2.75% rate only applies if you sign up on your own. If you request a quote through Square or seek their assistance for sign up, you may be subjected to a per-transaction fee on top of the 2.75%. Per-transaction fees are typically 10 or 15 cents. 
Square Register: The free Square Register software is required to use the Square Reader. It replaces the traditional cash register, and you can send invoices straight from the mobile device without payment on the front end.
We have a vacation home in Florida. The property manager hasn’t been paying us regularly. He blames Square for holding the funds because he was taking the info over the phone instead of swiping the card. (We have yet to be paid for July and this is Sept. 9). I thought he was committing fraud, but after reading the comments here, I’m thinking it’s Square that’s committing fraud. Needless to say, he is changing credit companies. Too bad he didn’t do it sooner.
Hello Tom, wondering if you can point me in the right direction as I start my search. We’re a event business that does 99% sign ups via the web, so we have a merchant account. At the event however we do retail sales of souvenir and what not. I’m looking for a solid app along with ipad hardware to create a mobile POS. We currently have two aging wireless credit card machines and it would be great stay high tech. Looking for any alternative solutions using authorize.net. Or have you seen anyone use the square-register hardware with a different app?
I have been reading all these messages, and I too do not know what to do. We have had a landscaping company since 1991, and this is the first time we have had anyone (including banks) hol our money for 30 days. It is causing a great hardship for our business, and five families that were counting on this check. A lawsuit sounds like the only way to get some attention from this so called business. If anyone starts a class action lawsuit please post something, I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m sure the love to target honest people, that work hard to end meet..
Further to this, what should be understood is that a merchant account is considering a “line of credit” for all intents and purposes, and this means that if you process more than $1,000 in most cases the funds will be deposited to your bank account within 24-48 hours (depending on your merchant account provider), while with Square the “fine print” says that won’t happen (and let me postfix this by saying that Square *DOES* offer an opportunity for most merchants to increase their $1,000 limit, which I’ve done, and I would suggest you do if you expect to process $1,000 or more in a single transaction consistently).
The cost of being an easy-to-use product with no credit checks or underwriting means that Square is taking on a higher level of risk than most traditional payment processors. This is where you’ll see the complaint levels rise, because Square is notorious for holding funds and shutting down accounts that appear suspicious. You can trigger Square’s paranoia with an inordinate number of chargebacks or with higher-than-normal sale or sales averages.
Launched on Wednesday, Square Market features items from local businesses across the U.S. that accept Square, ranging from handmade jewelry and housewares to yoga lessons and beauty services. Any seller can open a store in the Square Market for free with items, photos, and a profile of their business. The company charges a fee of 2.75 percent per item sold, and there is no charge to list items, unlike Amazon, which charges sellers 99 cents per listing.
I have a Squarespace site and I use Stripe to process payments through my site. However I need to do in person sales and want to use my Square reader… but Square does not integrate with Squarespace. I’ve heard that one can embed Square into a Squarespace site but I can’t seem to find any code or anything… any ideas? Thanks
I used square for the first time to sell an iPhone 6 128 gb , I communicated with the buyer via text and phone conversation and we agreed to meet in a public place (mall) and to use square for 3rd party sequiturs that’s in case someone tired to scam me. Turns out square isn’t like PayPal which is what I usually use, the “buyer” opened a dispute and has my phone. It’s been 4 months and still haven’t gotten my phone or money. I would recommend everyone to please stay away from this company. Bunch of theifs
The money they are holding, is it from “no card present” sales”? Where they from several transactions or one or two large transactions? I’m trying to do my homework and figure out how this company works. Thank you…and I’m sorry for all the problems!
Roll over stars, then click to rate. Tap stars to rate 1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct. 2 stars: Poor – an inadequate experience with a lot of friction. 3 stars: Average – acceptable experience but with some friction. 4 stars: Great – decent treatment and very little friction. 5 stars: Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
Honestly the best part about this little shopping mall was the air conditioning. Many of the stores (like 3d me) are on Duval Street. There was nothing special. If it was raining this would be a good place to go to get out of the rain.
You get a full suite of business, customer, inventory, and marketing tools in every Square account. Many are free but some have added costs. Here’s a look at all of Square’s business features and their costs.
I am involved in a chargeback gone wrong. My customer paid me 1900.00 and when they were unhappy with my service they complained to their credit card company. I immediately recieved an email that there was a problem with the charge. Before I could respond the monies were withdrawn from my account. When my customer contacted their credit card company for the 2nd time one day later. They informed them that they were mistaken and basically cancelled the chargeback so now everything should be fine. Now my real problems begins no one to call no response to emails just a simple email telling me the quickest resolution is to do a refund and than rebill the original amount. So we attempt the refund and first it’s pending than the refund becomes rejected. So now I am emailing every day trying to find out how to retrieve my money. This type of not being able to simply resolve a dispute will ultimately hurt the square. My general rating is good. Problem solving is terrible
Prior to November 8, 2013 Square offered flat rate pricing of $275 per month with several very limiting restrictions. Under this pricing model a business did not pay a percentage fee. Instead, it paid $275 per month to process up to $250,000 a year in swiped transactions. Any volume in excess of the $250,000 limit was billed at Square’s typical 2.75%. Square’s flat rate credit card processing only applied to swiped transactions less than $400. Transactions of $400 or more were billed at Square’s swiped rate of 2.75%, which was a charge in addition to the $275 flat rate. It’s also important to understand that Square’s flat rate of $275 did not cover keyed transactions. Keyed transactions were billed at Square’s typical rate of 3.50% plus $0.15, and these charges were in addition to the $275 flat fee. The restrictions that Square has imposed on its flat rate pricing caused many businesses to pay more than $275 a month. For example, keying in even as little as 10% of transaction volume resulted in a business paying a hefty 3.50% plus $0.15 surcharge in addition to the $275 for all keyed volume.

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