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My question is does anyone know how Square would deal with a non-profit fundraiser on one single night for $40,000.00 to $60.000.00? Should we use Square or another merchant account for this fundraiser?
Square Goes Public And Fields A Flood Of Customer Complaints : All Tech Considered The mobile payment startup Square has grown rapidly and went public this week. But it is dogged by complaints from small businesses that use it.
So the customer gets the product/service and their money back in some cases on top of that, while you’re left holding the bag and being out product/service AND the money for that product/service. Now imagine having that happen with say, 2-3 customers per year (for some businesses the number is even higher).
IF YOU are a MERCHANT STAY AWAY all is good until you have an issue and if you take CC you will have an issue someday and you probably will never see those funds again. Square has NO customer service with knowledge or even care about the merchant who pay their bills! NO way to speak to a person. STAY AWAY once you have a issue you will never see your money again, Try and call them is all i suggest BEFORE you sign up that will tell you right there to stay away from this company, it is a big massive scam. We had a customer charge back that was found in the merchants favor, 2 months now still have not seen OUR money which Square has. Square has NO clue on how to respond to a chargeback on the merchants behalf and they could care less if you ever see your money
Complaint Description:Deposit time listed online for manually processed cards states: Manual entry 36 hours (first $2,002)but they do not release our money in that timeframe. This is deceptive business practices and they do not list a phone number to speak to someone which forces us to believe these are even more deceptive practices.
A little digging and a few emails later, I rudely found out that my funds would indeed be held the 30 full days. Being a small business owner, having to eat $2,846.00 in overhead was hard to swallow. What was really the kicker is that I could have swiped the credit cards that I had manually entered, but my card reader was in my vehicle and just didn’t take the time to go get it. I certainly would have done that if I had known the reprocussions of that decision.
iOS devices overall seem to function well with Square, but because the Android ecosystem is so diverse, you may have different experiences using the app. As far as Android support goes, things are a bit spotty. Amazon Kindle devices aren’t compatible at all. Any other Android devices need to be running Android 4.0 or higher for the basic reader, with GPS and Google Play enabled. To use the Contactless + Chip reader, you’ll need Android 4.4 or higher.
Keyed-in Payments: This is where you type a customer’s card into the virtual terminal on your Square account dashboard. This is handy for taking credit card payments over the phone for orders and invoice payments.
If you want to get SCAMED out of your Money…Please go ahead and sign up for SQAREUP…By the way…Try calling their “Customer Service” ….It doesn’t exist!- Biggest Scam in the US! – Too bad you can’t give NEGATIVE stars!
They have been forcing me to provide extremely personal business information and personal information in order to get paid. I say extremely personal because they want multiple government issued IDs, copies of past invoices, my bank statements going back several months, and a lot more non-sense. I feel forced to give them whatever information they are asking for since they are holding up my funds ! I will obviously terminate any relationships with this nightmare company. Just going to use paypal from now on, like I have always done.
Shopify POS is the mobile credit card processing choice for the seller that has their sights set on any and all types of online selling through a website, blog, social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and marketplaces like Amazon.
Delis, coffeeshops, and other small food services: These operations can find a home at Square. Square has taken on Whole Foods’ delis and also is working with Starbucks to take debit cards. Square likes the food industry.
Square card is a scam…I have over 900.00 that they are holding for no reason at all. I was sent an email saying they are closing my account and the funds are being held for 180 days. six months…If you are looking to use square card, DO NOT DO IT. Find another company another provider.
I have been using sqaure since they were in beta, this is for small transactions nothing over $400. If you want to use anything over $400 use paypal here. I am a taxi driver, use both flawlessly and a happy client.
I’ve been using Square for almost a year now. I am the owner of a small airport Transportation Company. Square has worked perfectly for my business. My customers all love it Very easy to use and the app is straight forward. Square is always giving me ideas to grow my business. On a scale 1 to 10 I give Square a 10
We were having trouble with holding the connection, so had to run the card twice. We only got the charge to show once on our account but our customer was charged twice. If I credit it back I will lose my money. At this time they were going to talk to their bank and get back to us. This was our first time with the square and we are not very happy with it. We will see what happens this week. We may look at the intuit.
The payments processor is the financial institution that works in the background to securely process and complete a credit or debit card transaction. To facilitate all of this, payments processors usually have partnerships with other companies or brands that work directly with consumers and merchants. Like card issuers, payments processors typically charge a percentage of the transaction amount plus a flat fee for each credit or debit card purchase.
Square is quick to brag that most other departments keep in close contact with the support team, including the executives. There’s also a useful site, www.issquareup.com, which will tell you whether any of Square’s services are having technical issues.
I imagine that they must have sort of a PCM encoder on a chip in the reader and then use the audio-capture API of iPhone to get these numbers. If I had to do this then I would have needed substantially more than one hour to work out the encoding. Probably VeriFone has been working on reverse-engineering this for quite some time now. Judging from the effort they are putting into the anti-Square website they probably have a couple of fulltime hackers on staff now doing nothing but dissecting Square elements.
All credit card processing services, including services provided by Square, PayPal, and any other bank or merchant account provider, are required to pay the Interchange fees charged by card issuing banks and assessments that Visa, MasterCard, and Discover charge. These fees are non-negotiable, and there are no discounts for anyone, even huge providers.
Details of the rumored prototype came to light during reporting for Fast Company‘s profile of Square, published this week. As Square seeks to unearth new sources of revenue beyond its core business of payments processing, the company has launched a slew of new products, including Square Market, Cash, Feedback, Invoices, Capital, Dashboard, and on Monday, August 11, Appointments. Some insiders expected the Square credit card would be a promising addition to the mix, potentially opening the company up to a swath of lucrative consumer loyalty and rewards services. But after pressing the company multiple times about the project, Square finally confirmed that it’s not launching a credit card. Or, should we say, the company is no longer launching one. And the reason why highlights the difficulties Square faces in the immensely complex financial space.
Processor: Square, Inc. defines its business as a “payment service provider” that facilitates payment processing. In other words, Square is a middle man, or aggregator, that acts between you and all the credit card companies and banks that you might do business with in your role as a business owner who uses Square. Their processor is Chase Paymentech and JP Morgan Chase is Paymentech’s acquiring bank.
What company in this day and age does not have a customer service number!!!!! I needed to contact Squareup regarding an issue. I searched their website for a phone number. There is nothing on their site to indicate how to contact them via phone or email. I spent 10 wasted minutes on their site searching for customer service and contact info. You can search for a topic which gives you a list of various scenarios to choose from. When you click on a scenario, the site takes you to a faq sheet, none of which tells you how to get live assistance. I then had to search Google for a phone number. I found a phone not from any Squareup publications, but from word of mouth…such as Yahoo answers. The number I called was 415-375-3176. The phone number was for Squareup. I get this recording giving help options, one of which was to hold the line for assistance. After a minute or so, I get this recording for help…email help[email protected] to receive an answer in 24 hours. For such a large company, their service stinks!!!! Worse than any I have seen and believe me, I have had a lot of BAD service in the last few years. Good service for many companies is a thing of the past…but this one takes the cake. You may not encounter rudeness or ineptness, just NO service. I will be contacting an alternate vendor for future service. To the executives of Squareup, I do not know how you have grown and stayed in business…Keep it up and one day you may not be in business. There always comes a company out there ready and willing to take your customers by providing superior service.
By the way, you should not assume that people will understand your intention to retain funds, or refusal to return funds for the reason of being unable to. It is an unprofessional response, not to mention your failure to provide a viable solution to resolve a problem that’s a direct result of your dysfunction.
Your online Square Dashboard is your business headquarters, where you can take care of everything from adding locations, employees, and items, to customizing your account, viewing your sales reports, and more.
If your business incurs a lot of chargebacks (when a customer disputes a charge from your business and asks the card issuer to reverse it), banks consider you a higher risk and may hike up processing fees. So it’s important to take steps to reduce your chargeback risk.
I’m a health care provider. I try to use visa cards that are from health savings accounts. These cards have never been accepted by square and I can never get answers, or a live person for any help at all. I miss out on a lot of collections. This seems to be a serious fault in Squares services and i’m looking to jump ship to another company that can at least provide help via phone. I hate being left in the dark…
Square is stealing money from small businesses. I applied to there web site. They gave what looks like an approval. Then they sent solicitations for me to start processing credit cards. I allowed my client to pay me with a credit card $1100 dollars. Square approved the transaction and removed the money from his card account. Then kept it! They said we need more information to approve you. Then declined my application sending me a n email saying that the money would be held for 90 days!
My Ex and I were needing a quick and painless way to settle up on a vehicle that we had purchased. After reading about the Squareup.com product we thought that It would be worth checking out because we needed to use a credit card to make the transaction between us. I initially emailed the…
4) Feedback. Square does provide support, by email. I’ve gotten responses as fast as one hour, although they usually take closer to 12. They send unusually long (and helpful) responses, and they will talk to you in person if the problem warrants it.
Square offers other features as well, including check splitting and tabs, refund capabilities, inventory management, and the choice to email (or text) a receipt instead of printing it. You can also keep track of customer order history and send marketing emails.
In this respect, Square has the advantage for a small or new business. There is a major trade-off, though: Square’s “come as you are” approach means that its underwriting department won’t hesitate to slap a hold on your first significantly (or suspiciously) large transaction until it decides you’re not a risk.
Square Marketplace is proprietary. If this company goes out of business or withdraws the service, you lose your store and all the work you put into it. The best you can do is export your product catalog as a CSV file.
I have been using Square for 2 years now at my private practice. I have never had an issue and always received a timely response when I emailed customer service. I have recommended square many times to other professionals in my field.

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