“Square Credit Card Processing Problems for Restaurants”

Karen, after using WordPress for several years I’ve switched over to SquareSpace. WP is but you have to do a lot of maintenance to keep it secure not to mention getting SSL certificates and stuff like that. SquareSpace wraps everything into one and they take care of all the backend stuff so you can concentrate on what matters – making your site and store and keeping that up to date instead of the backend. Just my 2 cents. There are also competing sites like Wix or Weebly.
Square for Retail: Square for Retail is Square’s way of providing a more advanced POS for retail businesses with a large inventory. For $60 per register per month plus 2.75% per transaction, its pricing is comparable to many other iPad-based systems. You’ll need to remember that this is the cost just for the app. If you want hardware, you’ll need to purchase the iPad, the stand, the barcode reader, the cash drawer, and everything else.
As for accepting U.S. dollars, the payments must be processed in your country’s official currency, which in your case is the U.S. dollar, so you don’t need to worry about receiving other currency. Square’s site says that cardholders may be charged for the currency conversion by the card issuer, so keep this in mind when setting your prices. If the conversion fees will be high for a particular country, you may want to offset that in your pricing, so your prices remain competitive. 
Square in itself is representative of the same ingenuity I describe, but making the process of understanding their deposits schedule works to help merchants, and our economy overall, since the more people understand, the more they’ll be able to make a decision as to what is best for their specific situation; meaning a standard merchant account where they have access to everything over the $1,000 mark immediately (within 24-48 hours typically, depending on your merchant provider), or something like Square where they can process sub-1K transactions and receive those funds in the same timely fashion, but causing Square to absorb less risk, based on the amount (smaller transactions), or both as in my case.
Square payment processing makes it a cinch for anyone to accept credit cards anywhere using a simple mobile app and card reader. Domo makes your Square data easy to digest and lets you see it alongside data from any other system—marketing, financials, sales, services, you name it—because seeing your business in context helps you make smarter decisions in less time.
We host a horse show annually. Our show entries are charged through the virtual terminal ahead of the dates and then onsite charges go through the PayPal reader. Square will hold your funds up to 30 days if the actual credit card is not swiped. We quit using Square and started using PayPal Here and PayPal on a virtual terminal. All funds are available and deposited into bank account within 3 days. This included charges of $10,000.00 each. One $10,000.00 charge made on Square was held three weeks before showing up in our bank account. I can process additional charges anytime of the year.
– If you hire employees, you will have to leave your iDevice or Android device at the store in order for your employees to process credit card transactions, whereas with a traditional merchant account, your employees can simply use the store’s computer or stand-alone terminal.
Yes it can but you will need to reprocess the transaction with the credit card again. You can log into your account and issue refund then reprocess the transaction. Read my comment above for how to contact Square if you want to talk to them directly.
My company uses Stripe, and they also pretty much leave you holding the bag just like Square in this case. My guess is that these startups need to stay VERY lean (i.e., minimize overhead) in order to scale up before they burn through their funding. This strategy comes at the expense of merchant support. Luckily my company sells digital goods, so there’s not much business impact with a chargeback. The most annoying part for us was the fact that if the cardholder had simply contacted us after spotting the fraudulent transaction, we would have gladly provided a refund, which costs us nothing extra. Instead, we got hit with a surprise chargeback that carried with it extra processing fees.
I have used Square from day one. I have never had any problems at all! Ever! I am not a shill for Square. I use it for two brick and mortar business. A retail business ($30,000+ monthly in Square transactions) and for a professional services business. Never had funds put on hold ever. I have never needed customer support because Square works so well. I have never met another business owner who has had a bad experience either and I have met a lot. I also use Square’s new payroll processing service as well. It is a fraction of the cost of other payroll companies I have used and works flawlessly!Obviously the people with complaints have done something wrong that violated Square policy. They are not telling the whole story. Don’t expect to sign up with Square and suddenly run a $5000.00 credit card transaction the first day. No credit card processor in the world would allow that. Credit card fraud is rampant and Square is just protecting all parties concerned.
This article is potentially misleading… There are many variables to consider when comparing a flat percentage rate like Square against an interchange plus pricing model for merchant services. Square does not charge a transaction fee, so merchants with a smaller average ticket (i.e coffee shops, smoothie bars, etc) may see a LOWER effective rate even with high total volume.
My business is seasonal. I used Square to process credit cards in the field. I worked seven days a week in a remote area. All the proceeds were to be deposited in a separate bank account. When I returned at the end of the season, I went to the bank. Only about 1/4 of the transactions were deposited. I have called Square/ emailed Square several times. No one from Square has even tried to solve the problem or acknowledge that I exist. It’s like the money evaporated. I guess the next step is to initiate an investigation of fraud. I will not use Square again and recommend to anyone to find an alternate credit card processor.
Checks aren’t exactly mainstream these days, and the future of the check printing market is looking pretty bleak. But PayPal has been around a while, and the infrastructure to process and settle checks is already in place, so why not add another bullet point to the PayPal Here feature list?
4) The exchange of information is faulted. When there is a problem with a transaction, Square gives you very little information with which to determine who the ‘Disputing’ customer is. They just you and amount and a date; and the amount of not what you charged the customer, but that amount less transaction fees. God forbid you should have multiple transactions of the same amount on the same day.
Yeah, I’m in the same place as you. I just signed up and was hoping to get a lot more info in the mail, like pricing info and a copy of the terms, and contact info for customer service, maybe some set up instructions would have been nice. I navigated it all on my own. Now I’m trying to set up my account so people can find me (and so a certain customer can pay me from Canada using Pay with Square so I don’t have to pay the higher fees). I can’t upload a photo as a logo and my business is mobile so I check that box. It keeps saying I need to update my logo and provide an address. Neither 415 number will get me to a person or let me leave a voice mail.
I just accepted 50k worth of payments through Square. All of the money is on hold. Apparently to get it released, Square would like me to give them the last three bank statements of everyone I have paid money to on my last three bank statements.
I am writing to advise people to beware of Square. A client of mine was hacked and thru them my Square account has been attacked via the Square invoice dispute process. I received notification of a 4-month old invoice being disputed and within an hour of receiving this notification I responded with documentation and emails from my client stating this was not disputed. Square did not bother opening my email or reviewing my response before initiating a withdrawal directly from my bank account to “hold” funds until the dispute was settled. That was Three weeks ago. We resolved the issue with the client last week, only to have my client’s hackers dispute the invoices again yesterday. And Square? They again attempted to withdraw funds from my account for a known fraudulent dispute. My Square account has been frozen for three weeks. My advice? There are other safer and more responsive service providers out there. Stay away from Square.
This is a review for the person who wrote, THIS Review. First and foremost, no matter what gets added after my review – THIS COMENT IS FOR THIS VERSON OF THIS REVIEW!This in NOT a review, it is an infomercial for Square. Square is unethical at best and after only a few years of use all my equipment is now obsolete. The programming is so convoluted. Most of the “features” have been disabled so you are forced to pay hidden charges for3rd party venders – just for basic service. Square has programed trip-falls into the software that results in disabling equipment such as the chip reader printer and stand, not to mention any older Apple device. BEWARE OF SQUARE if you are brick-n-mortar. I spent $400 for the iPad, $99 for the stand, $99 for the Chip Reader, $169 for the printer. I did this just a couple years ago and now I have to replace it all. THIS IS UNETHICAL AT BEST! Shame on you Merchant Maverick “reviewer” you are a paid spokesman for Square and stoop to their level rather than providing a legitimate review. I cannot express in words the vile distain I have for Square and ANYTHING Apple. May the bite of one million mosquito’s line the soles of their feet. My review… Two Fingers Up! Middle fingers, one on each hand pointed in the direction of Cupertino, CA
Now without your knowing it you have “agreed” not to sell anything that could cause another person harm. Violate that and who knows where your money goes. What is on their list? Anything they want: guns, knives, bow and arrows, rat poison, baseball bats, and in New York City, a super-sized Coke.
You can bet I will be looking for a new credit card processing company. This is never going to happen again to me where I cannot even talk to someone. I am going to take to social media like others have suggested.
Hey Terri, how funny to see you on here. Someone used my credit card who l trusted and took out alot of money. l have tried for three days to get a hold of Squareup and can’t get any one to speak to. My credit card company has tried and sent a letter to dispute the charges. Still nothing. Now l have a 1300 bill on my account. I can’t believe square didn’t send me “the card holder” a confirmation number at the time . l could have denied the charge then. Now two months later and l still haven’t got it resolved.
I have only run 2 transactions through Square in the last 2 weeks. I was really excited to be able to offer my clients the credit card option and now after only my second time using the Square, I receive an email Alert telling me the funds are being held and I need to fill out further forms, send proof of business…etc. WHY did they not require this before sending the square and enrolling me as a customer???? It all seems very suspicious! I guess they wouldn’t be able to hold my money or collect fees from me if Square had a selection process in place up front. When I did call the number they provided, I actually did get a live person on the phone, though she was clearly reading and STICKING to the script and was utterly incapable of having a conversation about what was happening to my money. The client signed for the transaction, it’s the same credit card I used the first time and the charged amounts are similar and well under $1,000. The email Alert said that “due to unusual activity…” I asked for examples of “unusual activity” to which her response was to hang up on me. As this is only the second time I’ve used the Square, I’m confused as to how they were able to establish “unusual activity” on my account. After the customer service rep hung up on me, I jumped on line to look into this matter and see if there are other complaints about Square. Obviously there is a large number of people with serious complaints and issues with Square. As soon as I collect these funds, I am moving on and looking to my bank to provide me more reliable financial service. And you can be sure, I will SPREAD THE WORD about the headaches of doing business through Square.
They held my account for verification and holding $2000 of mine from my online store. The guy from Square called me to verify my company, and said today we will release your funds. Then 3 days later, deactivated my account saying the hold will be for 90 days and then I will get my money. Stay Away from this Company.
I have also had issues with customers who go into the square market from their mobile device and can’t get their shopping cart to go through. All of my customers have had to use a PC to process their orders. I don’t know why mobile devices have trouble placing orders.
Square is a waste of time and a major loss of profit for my business. First, instead of qualifiying someone for use of square, they let you activate it immediately. Then send an email stating the need to answer a few questions to secure account. All the while still allowing me to take payments with no indication that I would never receive these funds. i am a small independent business owner, who just started my own company. I do not receive credit card payments very often, just occasionally. I figured square was an ideal service for me. Even with all my legitimate information, I was denied service and my funds were being held for 120 days! Several other friends of mine I bragged about this product to, went out and got it, only to have the same thing happen; ranging from 30-90 day holds on funds. Second, how am I suppose to get repaid for service or products rendered to clients that I may meet only once? If I returned their money, what gaurentee do I have they will re pay in a different form? I really feel Square is a scam and hold multiple individuals money for unexplained reasons. Who knows how much that totals to. It could be $1000 or 100,000 but holding someone’s funds for more than a month should be illegal. How do I know they are not using those funds to invest in something for that month and earning on the interest?
I have posted many comments on this site regarding this horrible ponzi company. They have driven my business into bankruptcy, ruined my 22 year career and not to mention the financial burden it has taken on my family. I have been fighting them for almost 2 years now and have been charged with a Felony 3 because I was unable to recover the funds that Square withdrew from my account and held without returning to my client or myself. I urge anyone using this device to stop immediately and contact the FTC and FBI with open complaints. I have contacted several attorneys and none are able to take the company on due to their contract. In a nutshell, they can take money out of your account without notice and not return it EVER.

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