“Square Credit Card Processing Review for Farmers Markets”

The problem with Square – or at least what has historically been a problem – is that they do not do an intensive underwriting when the account is opened. Traditional merchant account providers will take a careful look at your business, your history, your current practices, your website, credit, financial statements, etc. Square only does a very basic underwriting when you sign up (because the process is expensive, and they have so many new customers signing up all the time). Then later on, after they can see your processing habits, they usually begin to look at little closer at your business because now it becomes for them to do so. By this time, many merchants have a bunch of money tied up with Square, which is what creates so many problems. They think everything is fine, but in reality they were just in a sort of “pre-approval” stage. Square simply does not develop the kind of relationship with its customers that (good) traditional merchant account providers do.
I am at a lost for words at the lack of follow up from square. I had a client lie to them after claiming they never received serices they paid for and money was removed from my account. When I was asked on January 3, 2013 to provide proff of which I did. I have yet to get my money returned from them or even a real rresponse. I’m Really pissed off and I dont feel like my money that they get on a weekly basis is even appreciated. Im really considering taking my business elsewere an letting my fellow designers know to do the same.
The most outragious behavior by a company ever encountered. I gave them my bank account number their process of depositing two small amounts of money and then withdrawing both was successful. My part of the secuirty is to enter the amounts given. I did so over and over again to no avail. Went to my bank had them do it. Entering my account number and rounting number that entered the two small deposits. Still no deposit from Square of an initial business transaction of $1,000.00 dollars and another deposit of $20.00. The money was taken from one account and from my customers credit card and not deposited to my bank account. This is going on three weeks this money has been trapped in the square account. The repsonse (customer service) was to tell me I must have entered the wrong account or rounting numbers. OUTRAGIOUS, TOTALLY OUTRAGIOUS. Square made two small deposits and then withdrew both of them from my account so if my account and routing number was incorrect how were the initial two small deposits and withdrawels successful. What is the solution to getting my money from square? Calling the police? Who polices these situations?
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I was initially thrilled with Square card reader. My first transactions were relatively small, so there was no problem. I got my deposits quickly and the fee was as stated. Recently, a client paid a large bill over the phone. Her card was not present; however, the charge was authorized and legit. First Square made me verify my account by providing documentation I didn’t need to open the account. Then, they authorized the transaction, and put about 15% of the funds in my bank account and are telling me I have to wait another month for the remainder of my payment. I have reviewed all of the advertising I received prior to opening the account and there is absolutely nothing said about withholding portions of my funds (especially, not withholding 85% of it!). I was promised that the funds would be in my account the next business day. Unless I get some resolution quickly, it’s going to be more like 6 weeks! That’s going to make my life pretty darn difficult until Square decides to let go of my money. There’s no phone number to call, so you can’t get a quick response (sorry Square, waiting 24 hours for an unhelpful email is not going to be enough for me). Unless I can come to some fast resolution with Square, I’m going back to my merchant service provider. They’re more expensive, but I’ve NEVER had to wait for my deposit from them AND I can call them 24/7.
I was reading your complaint cause I got the same answer from square. The day before they told me everything was fine after talking to a customer service person. Then I received the same letter that you got. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve send them everything they were asking for. Is the funds really gonna be release after 90 days? I’m worry it’s 5500$. Did you find any solution to talk to someone?
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city in the world. Locked me out and because of their nonexistent customer service I had no idea what was going on and so I set up again and it was cancelled again. I GUESS THEY DON’T WANT TO GIVE BACK ALL THOSE FEES TOOK FROM MY ACCOUNT. I WILL TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. PLEASE CHECKOUT THEIR USER AGREEMENT IT IS. SO FUNNY.
They INITIATE the deposit in one business day – it takes time for the money to transit between banks and to post to your banking account. It usually takes 3-4 business days longer if holidays or weekends are involved.
We regret that, starting today, you will no longer be able to process transactions using Square. Any funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days before being released to your linked bank account.
I love using square to process our credit cards , as long as you know there terms it works great ! I usually have my funds the next day! I used a major credit card company before for processing and was always charged a crazy rate and then a monthly rate as well, with square I know what I am looking at! Just wish they had a call center for customer service but I have only needed to call them once for a question I was able to find in the support page!!!
Nothing could be worse than Square. Very often — like over half the time — Square reports that I’ve received a payment and then, a few days later, refunds the money to the sender because “there was a problem” — with no explanation of what the problem is. I know it’s not lack of funds, because I’ve tried making payments to myself from accounts that I know are good, and the same thing happens. It is impossible to get any kind of explanation from Square about why some payments survive and others are reversed. Meanwhile, I am in the position of telling people I’ve received their money — and then, two days later, having to ask them to try paying again. The frustration I’ve experienced, and the incredible amount of time I’ve been forced to waste, and Square’s total non-responsiveness, add up to the strongest possible recommendation to stay as far away from these people as you possibly can.
Guess it’s great for small time merchants who have small payments, and not a whole lot of them. As soon as payments get a bit bigger than a few dollars, it seems many merchants are are experiencing problems.

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