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You can bet I will be looking for a new credit card processing company. This is never going to happen again to me where I cannot even talk to someone. I am going to take to social media like others have suggested.
Im a craftter I never had a problem until the last 2 weekends, the processing time was not working, taking too long and having to retry forever. The message said that Square was having trouble. It was terrible for 2 weekends Square was totally unreliable. I learned that I need a back up. What is happening?
Square’s 2.75% rate is nice and simple, but it’s not really that competitive when compared with a traditional processor offering interchange plus pricing. Sign up for free at CardFellow to receive instant quotes from multiple processors to see for yourself.
This review was a huge asset to me. Thank you so much. After seeing other reviews, yours rounded out exactly what I needed to know and was straight to the point. Choosing square vs. other credit card readers was a big decision for the future of my business, so thanks again.
They deactivated my account and kept the money from my client for themselves. They could at least cancel the transaction and refund my client. Or email me if there was a problem. But why bother?? Thieves!!!!!!
Shopkeep: Like Square, you can track customer information. But, because ShopKeep allows you to capture a little more information about your customers that Square does not, for example ingredient preferences, this enables you to auto-populate email marketing campaigns and loyalty programs based on more criteria. ShopKeep integrates with MailChimp for email campaign delivery.
Innovative startup Square continues to make waves with their app and reader combo that enables small-time businesses to access payment with credit cards. Imagine somebody with a camping table and T-Shirts selling these on the street. For example I would have loved a T-Shirt to commemorate 2 weeks of iPad2 queues saying “I queued for iPad 2, but all I got is this lousy T-Shirt”. Without hesitation my Mastercard would have jumped out of my wallet to make love to a Square reader and app.
Above: Square chief executive Jack Dorsey and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz at a breakfast meeting in New York City on August 8, 2012, the day after a partnership between the two companies was announced.
Total scam. They deactivated my account which is a life time ban from what I read on here and are holding $5,800 from me while I’ve not gotten a single chargeback. Apparently it’s because I’m too high risk. It just doesn’t make any sense. Now my business is literally on standstill while I set up a credit card account somewhere else. I would avoid going with square unless going a couple of days without credit card processing is acceptable.
I was referred to Square by a professional business owner. He told me how square was better than all of the merchant services that he’d previously used. I planned on using square for personal use to sell items that I make (jewelry, clothing, etc) or items that I bought previously that I no longer found use for. I figured it would be a time saver and safer then someone giving me a bunch of cash. I dont not operate under a business which I clearly explained to a representative of square who stated that it is not a problem. I did not use the service until about a year after signing up. my first payment was for 1900. the card was entered in manually, etc. That night I got an email stating that there were suspicious transactions on my account and that I needed to verify my account (completely understandable since I hadn’t used it since signing up). Upon verifying, I noticed that they wanted me to sign in using my facebook account, upload legal documentation, and invoices, etc. Like I stated earlier, I dont work under a business and was just using the service for personal use. I called a representative again and was told to upload my drivers licence and an invoice which I promtly did. The invoice had all of the information necessary to verify that the payment was legit. 24hours later I get an email stating that my account was being deactivated because I was “high risk” and I had to wait 90 days to recieve my payment. I called the rep again to ask what was going on/ why was I determined to be “high risk”, but she had no answers. She instead became very rude and said “Is this it because I have to hang up on you to keep the lines clear”… I asked about the refund policy and she spoke to me like I am incompetent saying “if you use your mouse and click on refund…” … … … any way… Their customer service is horrible and so is their process to determine if you are “high risk”.
Our company used Square, which turned out to be a monumental mistake. The company offers terrible customer service…actually it offers zero customer service. Trying to connect with a human being is virtually impossible. Our company held a fund raiser for a family that recently lost a loved one. This caused a lot of activity on our Square card reader. Square’s risk department stated that because their was so much activity, they were classifying our company to be “high risk”, shut down our account and froze our funds for 30 days, (it has been 30 days and or funds, over $400.00 are still being held) They profit by fees, that are not returned and interest while they hold your money. This is not a company that I would recommend. GoPayment is much more professional and has a much better rating. Our company provided our neighbor that lost their loved one with a check for the amount received from the fund raiser, Square has yet to provide our company with what is ours. Mind you, we were using Square as it is intended to be used, no complaints were lodged against our company and we did nothing wrong or illegal, they simply choose to deny us what was rightfully ours, with absolutely no justification and no due process! Beware of Square.
DO NOT EVER OPEN A SQUARE ACCOUNT. They are currently holding over 5K of my money. They issued approval codes and then closed my account and are holding the funds. No explanation given. I have been doing business with them for over a year, have never had a chargeback and processed over 30K in transactions. Will not answer emails. Cannot be reached by phone.
The hold has hurt me badly, but the fact that there is no customer service line or identification as to what the offense may have been has made this worse. Squares customer service is simply unacceptable.
Our Account Services team has concluded a review of your account and has determined it to be high risk. For security purposes, we have elected to deactivate your Square account. From the date of this letter forward, you will not be able to process transactions using Square.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a human response for the simplest question! I like the service being an infrequent user but when you need a simple question answered it is ridiculously impossible. I do not need to wait 24 hours for an email to answer why I cannot access my account and take a payment! Convenient or not there is competition in the marketplace. This will cause massive customer shifts if you do not get this customer service problem fixed ASAP!!
I found another problem with having a someone else accept charges for my business. If they accidentally opened a square account outside the invitation from my business, they end up with problems using their email address. Again, there is no obvious phone support to void the one account and turn it into an addtional person taking charges for my account.
The fees charged are much less than what we were formerly paying and the money is deposited into our checking account the day after a sale is made – a vast improvement over our former method of accepting credit cards.
At a recent large trade show event, Oct 25-26 2015, Square “lost” over 70 transactions totaling over $5000.00 from my merchant sales account. They have been extremely poor to respond or rectify my missing funds! The service I’ve received has been horrendous to say the least!
If you need more than Square has to offer, it’s time to look at merchant accounts. Don’t worry! The process is not as complicated, expensive, or intimidating as it seems. If you sign up with one of our high-rated providers, you’re guaranteed a fair rate without any negotiation necessary. If you want to look elsewhere, just review our simple guide to negotiating the best contract possible. Likewise, you can find all the information you’d ever want to know about credit card fees in an easily digestible package here. For many businesses, even low volume ones, opening a merchant account will cost the same as Square would. For higher volume businesses, a merchant account will usually be far less expensive and much more reliable.
Verifone was basically rebuffed by this argument and that these little companies just aren’t big enough for someone to want to steal from.  But they were missing the point.  Stretch the scenario to phone security (or lack there-of).  How many of you use some type of virus and malware protection on your smart phone?  Even if you do, it is a race to keep up with the hackers (just like on your computer).
While Apple Pay has been around for a while, many people still don’t know how to use it. After you realize that you can trigger Apple Pay by double tapping on the home button when your phone is locked, it becomes clear that it’s easier than paying with your credit card.
I recently spoke to 2 business owners who had their accounts closed by Square for no valid reason. Then this company told the one business owner ( via email) that they would hold the funds in his account for 180 days before they would release them. They wrote in their email that the decision was final to close the account. How is this even legal? If you terminate someone’s account, then you return their funds in a timely fashion. You say this company has made over 1 billion, why would it hold someone’s business profits for 6 months? The credit card transactions were already approved by the customers who provided the card. I don’t understand the poor customer service by a billion dollar company.
Square is best known for its swiping – when the client is right in front of the business owner. Because of this, hardware (or the “Square reader”) is mandatory in order to perform the very act of swiping a credit card in person (or inputting a card into a larger reader if EMV chips are involved).
I just got my card reader in October. I own an auto repair business. I rarely get asked to take credit cards and deal in checks or cash. I thought Square would fit my business well. I had a customer who did not have the money available to pay me and wanted to put it on his credit card. I swiped the card and it did not work. I then ran his numbers through. The payment was accepted and I got and e-mail saying so. The amount was for $1808.51 and the amount of $1745.06 would be deposited in my account in the next 2 business days. I was very pleased. The next day as I was getting ready to leave for a weeks vacation I received an e-mail stating the my deposit would not be made for at least 90 days and that they considered my business as a high risk and I could no longer use my credit card reader. The bottom paragraph then stated they did not have to tell me why they consider me a risk. I have no phone number to call………….no phone support…….and they even resist my online attempts to reach them…….can this really be legal?
I have a Squarespace site and I use Stripe to process payments through my site. However I need to do in person sales and want to use my Square reader… but Square does not integrate with Squarespace. I’ve heard that one can embed Square into a Squarespace site but I can’t seem to find any code or anything… any ideas? Thanks
However, if you opt for a merchant account, you typically get access to a free gateway that you can link to whatever eCommerce software you choose. Then you reap the benefits of well-done SEO and strategic paid advertising and can develop a long-term presence. If you do switch down the line, it’s simply a matter of connecting the new gateway. There’s no guarantee of 100% compatibility, but you do have a greater number of options.

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