“Square Credit Card Reviews 2018”

You can Contact Square by phone and ask them. They will be more than happy to answer your question. Just ask them if you can continue using the POS system if you ever cancel your account. I do not believe you can because it is integrated into the Square system through their API and if you cancel your account you will no longer have access to that API or their database but that is definitely a question for them.
It seems from the comments that Squares business plan is to distribute card readers that don’t work or rarely work, prompting the user to enter manually so they can put a hold on your money while they collect interest and invest it in other ventures.
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Square support over the phone with me changed my e-mail address back, I changed and greatly increased my password and I increased all of the Square security settings to my account. Square then told me that they would reimburse me by mailing me a check. After this I was scrolling through my Square account tabs and click on the “list” tab. I do NOT sell anything through Square. I only use it for customer payment transactions. Well in my square list was several big screen curved TV models for sale!!
Square.com is something i was hoping to be able to brag up, but im sorry to say when you go over the thousand a week limit for manually entered transactions, its been since 20 feb 12 and my funds are tied up and the card owners card is tied up for a total of aprox. 6000 dollers. When requesting refund it took less then 6hrs to take money out of my account heads up if you hit the refund button, you get no funds till it clears even if you slide card
As for “Square” they are a terrific set-up!!!! we, who know nothing, were helped to get started via their e-mail help AND PHONE SUPPORT, THATS RIGHT,PHONE SUPPORT!!!! The couple of times I was told to leave a message, and THEY CALLED US BACK AND HELPED US WITH OUR QUESTIONS!!!!
Anyone who is processing a substantial number of international transactions will find that payment processing solutions do not work equally well in all countries. If you would like to offer your customers alternatives, check out our story “Options for accepting overseas payments expand for small business.”
I used Square Reader sporadically for insurance copays recently I realized that my last two transactions were not credited to my account. I called Square, not able to get through, e-mailed and was given a customer number. It turns out that since November 2015, my account has not received any of the transactions I processed and someone charged a TV to my account. The name, the phone number and the receiving bank was changed in my account. I did not received any e-mail from Square notifying of any changes to my account. Now it has taken several phone call and emails to try to decipher the problem. The account was hacked. Now Square says they will reimburse the money but not the fees. Just one day ofter I spoke to them about the account being compromised and they assured me they would put a hold to the account, I received another email with another charge that was going to take place. The crazy thing is that now I cannot deactivate the account because the last fraudulent charge (400.00+) is still pending and they would not release the account until that goes through. So they want me to allow the bank to process a fraudulent transaction and place my account in jeopardy of being hacked again, so that then, they can close the account. I called my bank and put a stop to any transaction coming from Square. I cannot get anyone on the phone and they’re not answering my emails. I will file a formal compliant with the BBB in California.
Same. They sent me an e-mail that they were going to hold my money for an additional 30 days. 35 days have passed and still no money in my bank account and the deposit still shows as pending on their website. They don’t even honor what they tell you in the e-mails.
So the customer gets the product/service and their money back in some cases on top of that, while you’re left holding the bag and being out product/service AND the money for that product/service. Now imagine having that happen with say, 2-3 customers per year (for some businesses the number is even higher).
Whereas Square and PayPal skim 2.75% and 2.70% off every credit card transaction, respectively, Amazon will charge a full percentage point lower–it’s 1.75% per transaction until January 2016, when it will go up to 2.50%. The money is deposited into your bank account the next day.
Caution AdvisedThis is a system that is totally useless,,,,for most businesses. I have been in business for 14+ years used Global Payments, Pivotal Payments before in past! (always some problem… they love to keep your money as long as possible) Only 1 Consumer review in 14 years and held up my money for couple days/week but got it returned! This sounded like better deal at first!!!! CAUTION! CAUTION!Small Business, heating and air conditioning over $100,000.00 + a year in VISA, MasterCard sales 5 Days set up — that`s goodReasonable to purchase— That`s good First couple weeks payments put in account —-that`s good Friday of 2nd week message your account is on hold,,,, need to fill out information request , 1) government registration (again) 2) Last months bank statement —Are you Kidding3) month before last month statement—Must be Joking4) 3 months ago bank statement– Really are they mental,,,, better review this company more,,,yikes they do this to everyone at sometime by sounds of it. 5) call support,,,, not available ,,,, only at there time Monday to Friday 3 hours different time zone.6) At least they have a return funds button …. refund customers money wait 5 days for them to get back they say I hope that works. Call them tell them to watch statements for there refund to cards (did email them receipts that money had been returned) but takes days and seconds for them to remove it from cards… (funny how that works with all of them, quick to take slow to return)7) This system is used by a family member no problem yet for them but looking like last time they will use!8) requested my LinkedIn account was asked for also —– WHY ,,,,WHY i don`t even use that gossip channel ,,,,, because I work every day! (“George got new post, head pencil sharpener”) 9) I am glad this happened this early on before I had used this non-service much!10) Caution Caution read reviews if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I pretty sure I would be hearing lots of other services they offer after looking at bank statements!!! (Can we pay your bills so easy for us to do for you) Only charge 2.5 percent for them!!! (forgot they just added that service and payroll,,) 11) Caution….First. Can`t believe all or at least your local bank wont have similar services available within a few months…. wait it out!!!12) E-Transfers a way better option,,, No fee yet, other than bank fees for business accounts13) I believe this company just waits to get you “over a barrel so to speak” to get your bank statements, invoices ect. I fully understand why BBB has been notified about them!
Account stability issues/funding holds: Terminations or freezes definitely make up the bulk of the complaints against Square. The company’s aggressive fraud prevention tactics have put many small businesses in a position where they can’t access their income because their transactions have raised a general red flag (which can happen for any number of reasons). Part of the problem here is that Square doesn’t properly disclose/explain the risks involved in third-party processing. Square’s agreements with its processors (and likely policies from its own legal team) limit the company’s ability to explain why accounts are terminated. The most you’ll get it, based on BBB is a notification that a payment violated the terms of service or that your business model is unsupported or high-risk.
I signed up for square. I was unable to link my account to them but they sent the Square to me anyhow. So I finally found a phone number for them and talked to a real person they said that my institution will not work with their services. I use this same bank card for everything, online bill pay and at the store. I have direct deposit and they won’t accept it? Well from all these bad reviews I think I am glad they don’t accept my card. So I think I did myself a favor by deactivating my account with them. Anyone need a free Square Reader? LOL.
Weeks without prior dosclosure. Your review is dead on. I would have been charging upwards of $200,000 a year with square. Now Iam thinking of a law suit. NO SIZEABLE SMALL BUSINESS SHOULD USE SQUARE AS THEY CURRENTLY DO BUSINESS
My mother has a bail bond service. She used square until square found out she was a bonding agent.Square told her that was not the type of business they wanted to be connected to. I thought money was money.
We used Square for a high volume festival as a vendor this past weekend paying for our inventory upfront. Now we are stuck with the $2000 hold limit because we had to key in the majority of our sales due to the readers being unusable! So now we are not only hit with the higher rates but we can’t access our funds for another month while our inventory invoices are coming due now. HORRIBLY frustrating. We will certainly be looking for another mobile platform for our next event! Has anybody used intuit’s go payment?
Of course you have not had any issues. If there were to be an issue, Square simply deactivates your account with no warning or explanation and freezes all pending deposits for 90 days. If you had a customer question a charge from your business, a traditional merchant would contact you, notify you of possible chargeback and hold of funds, inform you which transaction is in question. Square gives absolutely no information “for security purposes”. There is also no phone communication. Once you are deactivated and request to speak to a representative the following message is emailed: “As previously stated, phone support is only available for customers with an active Square account.” This way, Square does not have to deal with any investigation or attempt to clean up any issue. You will likely never learn which customer had an inquiry and never be able to recover your funds.
If you want to get SCAMED out of your Money…Please go ahead and sign up for SQAREUP…By the way…Try calling their “Customer Service” ….It doesn’t exist!- Biggest Scam in the US! – Too bad you can’t give NEGATIVE stars!
Don’t expect any help from anyone if you have any problems. You can’t reach anyone on the phone and emails will go unanswered. After a week of inaction from square and my funds being tied up I had to end square. I went with PayPal and had no issues. Funds transferred immediately. Honestly, square is the worst customer service situation I have ever experienced. They even scrubbed my community forum posts about the problems. It’s impossible to talk to anyone on the phone and emails and Twitter dms go unanswered. If you value your time and sanity choose another option.
Square deactivated my account and somehow thought there appeared a high risk activity. No call from them, could’t reach them, when I sent an email as that’s the only way they wish to communicate as they are too precious to want to speak to there customers..
first time i did receive my money 2th day. it was 8 monts ago. recently i couldnt get my money. i went to the bank they said they cant do anything. than i start checking all the other payments made by square doesnt show in my account.i called customers they said it was pulled from their account. in this case i dont know what to do. i decide not the use square any more. i am hoping they depozit my money that i worked so hard.
In my opinion, if you follow the rules and keep good records as you should regardless of how you charge a card, then you should be fine. Since the change in policy, I’ve staggered my charges that are over 1000 so that very little is held if I have a card not present… so it doesn’t delay my payment.
Square fraudulently deducted $2,504.19 from my business account stating a customer’s bank issued a charge-back that was NEVER issued. I use or used Square for my on-line invoicing. Please keep in mind that I have never had an issue with my account; no disputes, no charge-backs, nothing. I rent short-term properties and I had a customer who decided not to stay at my property and wanted a refund. We do not issue refunds unless we can re-book the property and we were unable to do so on such short notice. There for, no refund was issued. Pretty standard in the STR business. The customer decided to call their bank and state that the transaction was unauthorized, $2,504.19. Their bank, Wells Fargo, reached out to myself and Square requesting information about the transaction. Keep in mind that they did not issue a charge-back or dispute; simply reviewing the case. I gave Wells Fargo the transaction receipt and all pertinent dialogue (e-mails) between the client and myself. At this time, Square decided to deduct my account in the amount of the “reviewed” transaction. Again, no formal dispute or charge-back had been filed. The charge Square deducted did not clear my account as we keep little funds in that account. Square attempted 3 times to take the money from my account. Each time racking up hundreds of dollars in banks fees as it was messing with my pending transactions. They were successful in obtaining the money on the 3rd attempt. Again, a dispute or charge-back had not been issued by my customers bank. I reached out to the customers bank and Square. Wells Fargo was extremely helpful and also questioned why Square had deducted the funds from my account without a formal dispute or charge-back being issued. Also, Square had all pertinent information in regards to the case and claims to offer seller protection which in fact they do not. You cannot contact Square directly. You have to call, leave your number, and wait for someone to call you back. At which time they transfer you to the disputes department. My call was dropped 3 times during the “transfer” and I had to start the process over each time; call, leave number, wait for call back, transfer to right department, call drop, etc. When I finally received a call back from a person in the disputes department the way I was treated was absolutely absurd. Wasn’t I the customer? The Square employee was extremely sarcastic with me and mocked my questions like I was an idiot for inquiring about why Square had deducted $2,500 from my account and that I had questions, concerns and needed time frames. I’m running a small business, $2,500 is A LOT of money to my business or any small business. There e-mail response to my questions and repeated email attempts was, “I’ve taken another look at your account and can see that the case below is still being reviewed by your customer’s bank. We don’t have any updates to provide to you at this time. However, as mentioned, we’re expecting to hear back from your customer’s bank by 6/12/2015. Please feel free to write back in at that time for an official update”. They want me to contact them in 90 days to figure out the “official update”? How is this an unacceptable business practice? Again, aren’t I the customer? Again, I’ve never had 1 issue with my account prior; no disputes or charge-backs. Not one. Do not use Square. I’ve filed fraud against them at this time.
Has anyone told their clients/customers to dispute the charge with their credit card, and that way, they get there money back? That way the credit card company disputes with the merchant, square. I was suppose to get our money today, and no luck from it being deposited by Square. I can’t believe I didn’t read enough information.
I found this site while looking for a phone number. Just as all the others described, they simply are not accessible by phone. A recorded announcement tells one to check out the website and use email.
I can only echo all of the complaints that have been written. I run a design and event management firm. Many of the events we manage take a least a year’s worth of planning and during that time we process multiple charges from the client. We have been working with a client on his event now for 7 months with no problem, and then the other day, without cause, the funds are on hold. I have provided them with more documentation than necessary and invited them to just contact the cardholder directly. That was five days ago. Now with the money in limbo, I may have to pay for contractors out of my pocket. I can’t look bad to my client and stuff like this has to stay stay transparent to my customers.
my first experience with the Square was at a lost. I lost $51.00 because I did not get a signature from the customer on my phone but did on paper. i emailed the company and to no help from customer service, i stood at a lost for my money and help. i like the service but it really need a lot improving.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It does appear that they made a change to the policy on 8/31that states that the hold is only for card-not-present sales. I will dig into it this week to confirm the details and respond to this post. With that said, you can request for the limit to be raised here even if it still applies to swiped transactions.
I am told that the person who authorizes refunds is backlogged. I voiced my dissatisfaction with that response. They assured me that the refund would be processed by the end of today and that my client will see it within a few days. This is pretty unacceptable to me. Prior to Square I had a QuickBooks Merchant Account for many years and refunds were issued in a professional and timely manner.
She spends most of her time hopping in and out of each Square-built app – in many ways not any real difference from Tim’s problem above. The Square apps are not integrated, they don’t sync, and they each cost their own ongoing monthly fees or transactions fees.
on 2/15/2016 I had to have my dog put down. I paid my vet with my bank card. He uses Square. Square declined several times. As of this morning 2/17 Square is still telling him I was declined. But my bank shows they took The $495 out not once but twice! So neither of us have the money in our accounts! My bank checked into it and said the two payments were accepted then immediately reversed by square with no reason given as to why and that it will be two weeks before the money goes into my account and back on my card. So evidently they told him they declined but actually approved it then reversed so they could make interest during the hold? All I know is since they did it twice I am broke. I’ve been through a VERY hard year and just getting on my feet financially. I’m in the middle of a move so on top of losing my much loved friend,I now have no funds to turn utilities on or pay other fees to move.I could actually end up homeless and lose everything I have left because of this company and I don’t even use them. Not the vets fault at all. In fact after reading these comments I wouldn’t be surprised if he has further issues beyond my payment with them.
Square Online Store (see review) is an online store directory for Square merchants. Merchants with an existing Square account can create an online profile for their store within the Square marketplace for free. They may then sell their products through their Square online store for 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

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