“Square Credit Card System Summary”

Unlike other people, I’ve never had a client dispute a charge. I think when people run a business that is prone to disputes – customers not recognizing charges, then it may not be the best avenue to use. I work with my customers anywhere from 6-9-12 months… They recognize my charge and it usually the same amount each month.
Square is horrible. The customer service is the worst that I have ever seen and their funds withholding policy is very shady. I personally spoke to a representative at Square and informed them that I had an EXTREMELY large transaction to process, $30,000 to be exact. The representative assured me that the transaction is not unusual for them and that there would be no holds placed on it. After that reassurance from Square I processed the transaction and less than an hour later I received an email stating that my account has been permanently deactivated and that they could’t give me any details as to why. In addition they said that they are going to hold my $30,000 for 90 days with no explanation. I immediately tried to call customer service only to find out that my customer code had been revoked and my only way to communicate with them is through email. It has been 24 hours and I still haven’t heard anything back from them yet. This is borderline criminal and needs to be addressed immediately. For a small business owner like myself this is extremely detrimental to my business.
i started using square about 100 days ago, first transaction of about $500 went threw. i did another three transactions the next week after and i get an email about verification. they send me a code with a number that you cant find anywhere. i typed in the code and it takes you to a live customer support. they ask for some pics and receipts after sending them what they asked for. my acc got permanently deleted. and they have held $1500 of my money for over 90 days. i tried to call the same number and they ask for another code. i go back to my acc and it wont let me sign in. so basically im screwed because i have no acc to retrieve a code from. i cant believe they havent been in a class law suit yet. this is total bs. how can you be a company dealing with businesses and only way to contact you is threw email or twitter. this company is a joke.
Compare Apples to Apples. Square is good for some things, but not for large purchases, customer service, and keeping it’s promises. It has undisclosed policies that are seemingly made up as the weeks pass by.
I don’t remember seeing a problem with the banner image getting clipped, but it was a while ago and the system has changed quite a bit. If your image meets the specified dimensions and you’re seeing a problem, I suggest searching the user forums or contacting Square support directly.
Another popular Square device is the Square Stand (pictured below), which holds an iPad that uses the Square app. The Square Stand doesn’t include an iPad and costs $169 for the model that includes options to take EMV chip cards and NFC (contactless) payments.
Just like with all things in life there are pro’s and con’s—it’s up the business owner to choose which device suits their business model best. If you are looking for more customer support and access to more flexible payment rates and fees than Clover Go may be the best option for you. If you are a low volume business where rates and fees don’t affect your bottom line than Square can be a perfectly appropriate selection to meet your payment processing needs.
Square is holing more than $26,000 of our funds (after we proved our claim, the merchant company agreed with us and was validated by Square). They initially told us it was a 90 day hold, the 90 days is on 12/15/15 and two weeks ago they cancelled our account and told us they were going to hold the funds for an ADDITIONAL 90 days.
I am told that the person who authorizes refunds is backlogged. I voiced my dissatisfaction with that response. They assured me that the refund would be processed by the end of today and that my client will see it within a few days. This is pretty unacceptable to me. Prior to Square I had a QuickBooks Merchant Account for many years and refunds were issued in a professional and timely manner.
I used Square Reader sporadically for insurance recently I realized that my last two transactions were not credited to my account. I called Square, not able to get through, e-mailed and was given a customer number. It turns out that since November 2015, my account has not received any of the transactions I processed and someone charged a TV to my account. The name, the phone number and the receiving bank was changed in my account. I did not received any e-mail from Square notifying of any changes to my account. Now it has taken several phone call and emails to try to decipher the problem. The account was hacked. Now Square says they will reimburse the money but not the fees. Just one day ofter I spoke to them about the account being compromised and they assured me they would put a hold to the account, I received another email with another charge that was going to take place. The crazy thing is that now I cannot deactivate the account because the last fraudulent charge (400.00+) is still pending and they would not release the account until that goes through. So they want me to allow the bank to process a fraudulent transaction and place my account in jeopardy of being hacked again, so that then, they can close the account. I called my bank and put a stop to any transaction coming from Square. I cannot get anyone on the phone and they’re not answering my emails. I will file a formal compliant with the BBB in California.
Square may decide to terminate you, the merchant, at any time. Mostly, that termination (or suspension) would come without any reason or notice (this information is in the fine print). If you have funds in your account and if Square feels you have violated any terms of their agreement – mostly through “false, incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information or otherwise engage in fraudulent or illegal conduct,” you are out of luck.
Before using Instant Deposit, make sure you’ve added a debit card and have confirmed your bank account is linked and verified. Instant Deposit fees display under Instant Deposit in your online deposit summaries.
Square sucks. They just keep on billing me for the same chargeback from Amex even though it has been credited twice without a single explaination. Of course you can’t get hold of anyone. Why doesn’t San Francisco have a law against bad businesses like this, they have a law against everything else? Grade is F
I get no less than 3 calls a day from companies asking me if I would take the time to sit down and look at their merchant services programs. They’re all sure they can save me money. For the last year, while spending no less than $2800 in fees with Square, I have told them all I was happy with the program I had.
Without going into taxing details about my company’s problem with Square, let me just say that they are holding funds of over $500.00 that I was paid using Square over one month ago! As it turned out, there was a miscommunication with one of my biggest customers due to my company name not being recognized by their new employee, and therefore he disputed the charge after it was already paid. Square emailed me and told me how to get the chargeback reversed. Between my customer, their bank, and myself we followed all instructions – yet they are still holding my funds!! It’s obvious that their answers to any questions or frustrations that I’ve had are copy/pasted in all of their emails to me. (they don’t accept phone calls for customer service!) Horrible to do business with!! And completely unethical, since everything they’ve asked for has been sent to them. I don’t know how they get away with it, but there doesn’t seem to be a way around it unless I want to fly up to San Francisco to their office to get this worked out! But then I’m sure their doors are locked so that they don’t have to confront any of their customers. Does anyone have any suggestions???
Please deposit my money so I can be done with your I don’t understand. I have been trying to send you my verified application but it keeps saying error. What government issued documentation. I just want you to deposit my money and I do not want to use your service anymore. I don’t like you this company conduct there service.
BEWARE OF SQUARE! We processed a $4,300 charge for a customer not knowing that Square was going to hold these funds for a month. We were not able to give the customer the merchandise till we got our money. The month came & went….still, Square would not release our funds without any explanation. We emailed Square daily & got computer generated responses. Finally, the customer cancelled the order! Never again will we use Square!
Total fraud! DO NOT USE THEM! We had been using them but anytime we get payments over $1000, they froze they account . The final straw was they told us they had to do a total customer verification and asked us for all types of personal information. We sent them everything they needed, then they deactivated the account with over $9000 in pending transactions. Then to make it worst you cannot contact anyone there without a pin code to get through, no customer service line at all. Meanwhile or money is stuck in limbo. And there charges are outrages!
I think if square is guilty of anything it is not being clear about how processing works. Go get a merchant account at your bank and key in all your transactions at high amounts, no card present and see how fast they start holding 50% of your funds and put you on a reserve system.
Square fraudulently deducted $2,504.19 from my business account stating a customer’s bank issued a charge-back that was NEVER issued. I use or used Square for my on-line invoicing. Please keep in mind that I have never had an issue with my account; no disputes, no charge-backs, nothing. I rent short-term properties and I had a customer who decided not to stay at my property and wanted a refund. We do not issue refunds unless we can re-book the property and we were unable to do so on such short notice. There for, no refund was issued. Pretty standard in the STR business. The customer decided to call their bank and state that the transaction was unauthorized, $2,504.19. Their bank, Wells Fargo, reached out to myself and Square requesting information about the transaction. Keep in mind that they did not issue a charge-back or dispute; simply reviewing the case. I gave Wells Fargo the transaction receipt and all pertinent dialogue (e-mails) between the client and myself. At this time, Square decided to deduct my account in the amount of the “reviewed” transaction. Again, no formal dispute or charge-back had been filed. The charge Square deducted did not clear my account as we keep little funds in that account. Square attempted 3 times to take the money from my account. Each time racking up hundreds of dollars in banks fees as it was messing with my pending transactions. They were successful in obtaining the money on the 3rd attempt. Again, a dispute or charge-back had not been issued by my customers bank. I reached out to the customers bank and Square. Wells Fargo was extremely helpful and also questioned why Square had deducted the funds from my account without a formal dispute or charge-back being issued. Also, Square had all pertinent information in regards to the case and claims to offer seller protection which in fact they do not. You cannot contact Square directly. You have to call, leave your number, and wait for someone to call you back. At which time they transfer you to the disputes department. My call was dropped 3 times during the “transfer” and I had to start the process over each time; call, leave number, wait for call back, transfer to right department, call drop, etc. When I finally received a call back from a person in the disputes department the way I was treated was absolutely absurd. Wasn’t I the customer? The Square employee was extremely sarcastic with me and mocked my questions like I was an idiot for inquiring about why Square had deducted $2,500 from my account and that I had questions, concerns and needed time frames. I’m running a small business, $2,500 is A LOT of money to my business or any small business. There e-mail response to my questions and repeated email attempts was, “I’ve taken another look at your account and can see that the case below is still being reviewed by your customer’s bank. We don’t have any updates to provide to you at this time. However, as mentioned, we’re expecting to hear back from your customer’s bank by 6/12/2015. Please feel free to write back in at that time for an official update”. They want me to contact them in 90 days to figure out the “official update”? How is this an unacceptable business practice? Again, aren’t I the customer? Again, I’ve never had 1 issue with my account prior; no disputes or charge-backs. Not one. Do not use Square. I’ve filed fraud against them at this time.
I been reading the reviews here and to be honest I did not believe the negative reviews on square since I have been a customer for over 3 years and did not have to call them not even once since I opened up my account, worked flawlessly.
They are crooks. I have never had a charge back, never had anything go wrong on my account in any way. They will not define who these “customers” are that I am associated with. I have a bunch of friends who use square.
I, too, am in a small non-profit organization. We’ve used Square for over 2 years and it’s been very easy and inexpensive for us. We find that for some of our higher-priced items, people would prefer to charge it. We’ve never had any problems with Square. I am proceeding cautiously with implementing the new Square device that takes the credit cards with the chip in it. I’m waiting for others to “experience” it and see what problems they have before I jump in. Bottom line: I highly recommend Square.
Someone ordered $1600 in print material for his company. Charged it on amex he approved the sale over the phone. Got the products no complaints. 3 months later charges everything back I get hit for the $1600. I send all paperwork to square. They wait 2 months for an answer. Then asked for the paperwork three more times. Still issue is not resolved. I’m starting a campaign against square as of now. I can’t believe how they don’t protect my business from scumbags like the client I had. I’ve called amex about this supposed thief even amex said this costumer charges back everything. Doesn’t square speak to amex? Or is this a robot ? I’m going at square hard if anyone want to join in a lawsuit please contact me. My lawyers are ready
Very simple, made a sale on my Big Commerce Store, an hour later got a restriction and investigation notice asking for many things. I uploaded all requested explanations and documents and sent. Next day I called and was told everything looked in order. Two hours late I received a deactivation notice with no explanation and no appeal, final decision. Amazing did nothing wrong and nobody to talk to and discuss. They even deactivated their telephone number on my Big Commerce Dashboard once I received the email. You need a support number which did not appear either after the deactivation email. Very bad service and a reminder that anyone can be out of business in a matter of seconds with the flip of a switch. Scary.

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