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So it really comes down to three things. First, will you benefit from the added features supported via ShopKeep? If not, consider Square. Second, can you afford to pay a little bit extra for ShopKeep fees and potentially more for processing fees? If not, point for Square. And lastly, are you able to risk your funds being withheld with Square? If not, seriously consider ShopKeep. While chances are that you won’t have any issues if you go with Square, it’s important to be prepared for the possibility since the probability of an occurance is greater when you use Square.
I use Square very seldom so it is easy to track deposits from Square to my account. We own a one room vacation rental and rent to fishermen etc. Anyway…I recently had two charges using Square for the rental. I received an email saying the first charge was accepted and a “Daily Summary Report” saying how much I charged. I never received a “Square has sent you” report for this particular stay. AND…the money is not deposited into my account. The customer was charged. CAN’T get a hold of Square via phone to ask for help. Sent and email, but still no reply. Hope I hear from them soon. Otherwise I will call the customer and ask them to cancel the charge amount on their card.
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Square, Inc. Committed Fraud! Do Not Use Them! Back on Saturday, April 30th, 2016, I used my American Express Credit Card to pay my contractor $20, 000.00 for a job that has Not Been Finished! The way that I paid for this amount of money was by receiving an Invoice that my contractor…
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Despite being a public company, Square does not publish the number of seller accouts or similar data in their public financial releases. However, this article from Fortune[1] (Feb 2016) states that currently “2 million sellers use Square for card processing”.
This is a warning for anyone considering using squarepay for credit card processing. Don’t ever use them for anything. I have had funds held now for over 45 days. Square won’t tell me why they are holding funds. I sent them a noter i zed contract for the charges in question over a month ago. Jeanette keeps asking for documents that have nothing to do with this company. They are by far the worst company I have ever dealt with.
The company’s card reader is that dongle that plugs into iPhones, iPads and Android devices. They also have an app that turns iPads into registers and a mobile wallet offering called Pay With Square. The company takes a 2.75 percent share of transactions. If you back that out, you get annualized gross revenue of $165 million, but most of that fee is probably handed over to the credit card companies. There is actually an excellent discussion of Square’s prospects and model that got started on Quora this week.
I don’t know how it is don’t there, but here we split the meter and gas. I take there money out of my half and give it to them, square puts the money from the charge in my account. the cab company has nothing to do with my card charge, that is on me. I just make sure all the money they are due, gets to them when the money is turned in. Here we are all independent cab drivers. I hope this answer your question.
You should as well. Square has NO control over how long the money takes to transit through the system to your bank. This is not something to blame Square about. Also the first transaction usually takes longer to go The time frame you are dealing with is well within the norm.
I began my business with Square because of the ease and simplicity of start up. After 2 $3,000 sales my account was deactivated and the funds held for 90 days. The problem with square is there is no explanation: “Due to security purposes, merchants are not informed which of the conditions they have violated.” – See more at: http://www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/business-reviews/credit-card-merchant-services/square-in-san-francisco-ca-370609/complaints#sthash.6vQh2IKn.dpuf“. There is also no customer service and virtually no vehicle to contact a representative to discuss any situation whatsoever!
Square is terrible! They have no customer service! Their website says they respond to emails within 24 hours – this is just a bold faced lie. They are holding my money – which has not met their amount criteria for holding funds – just because, evidently, they can. I have sent mulitiple emails and attempted to reach a human at their support number 415-375-3176. They don’t respond or seem to care about their customers. I have used square for all my business for two years and I have now switched to GoPayment, where a real person answers the phone. Run from Square!!!!
I wrote a quick review when we first started using square and the square stand a few months ago and I have to say its been perfect for us. In addition to fast processing of transactions, the reporting features in the dashboard are fantastic. I’m particularly impressed by Squares addition of contactless card readers and the education they provide in why they’re important. Our transactions are pretty consistent in amounts- anywhere from 30-100 per. I can only guess but there must be something some of you users are doing that raises flags.
Square does business incorrectly. They dont even have a good phone line customer service help. Everything is through email. They issue refunds on the drop of a dime just to someone that wants their money back.
So now I am out several hundred dollars plus my time spent in figuring this out because transaction support for this reader was terminated; probably on August 10 or thereabouts and with it, the capacity for transactions to be processed by Square. This despite the fact that the offline mode continued to show the payment was authorized.
I just ran my first square transaction yesterday at about 3:45 PM. Today at 11:30 AM the funds are in my online account showing as a pending transaction. They wihtheld the the 2.75% just as we agreed. This system is wonderful as compared to the prior processing company and the leasing company that I had rented my terminal from for $45 per month for 4 long miserable years. Square is helping me so much and is so perfect for my business that I just cannot say enough good about this. I love it!
I cannot event say how square worked for me because their system won’t accept me – unable to verify my identity. I don’t have a credit report – as I have never applied for a credit – which should be a good thing! – and they say they can’t verify me manually. I tried to get verified with my passport number (which is also a way to do it) but apparently I don’t exist there either!! Horrible customer service as well, they obviously do not care about their customers.
I have been trying to use the Square-up support team and they say they cannot do anything.There is no one to talk to and they said they are unable to delete that transaction. We did not have $4,482,100.44 cash transaction . We did not use Square-up on February 18th. Can you help me? There are no addresses or phone numbers. My bookkeeping is a mess because of this. How can I get this removed from my account.
The weakest link in the chain of trust remains in the step where you have to get the payment credentials into the Square app. A iPhone repair ship owner in Florida whom I twinterviewed told me that people have absolutely no reservations about swiping their card, probably because we have been conditioned to do so and because it is by far less painful than having to either give up control of our cards or having to enter the card number manually.
I bought a headphone extender and it works fine with Square and PayPal Here with my Otterbox. But it can’t be just any extender, it has to specifically say that it’s for credit card readers and that it’s compatible with your case.
Square doesnt store credit card numbers on your device. He is right in that square is not PCI compliant, because credit card info isn’t encrypted when swiped. The only thing I can think of is if someone who has access to your phone installed a program/app to “listen” in on the square card swipes and store the card info (the card swipes are converted into simple unencrypted audio anyways!). Then that person could later plan to steal your phone once you’ve collected enough card swipes, giving them access to that cc data. That’s really the main risk w square I believe. Do you associate w any shady or potentially risky people that may participate in this sort of behavior?
I am very disappointed and will be looking for a replacement for the Square. I will not be recommending the Square to anyone and I will be reviewing on every page I can find to stop people from getting the Square. We just started our business and the Square has made this nothing but difficult.
It’s super easy to deposit the money from Square into your bank account. The fees for Square are on par with the fees any bank would charge a business for accepting credit cards. It’s also less of a fee than any handmade selling site would charge.”
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Lack of support: If you prefer to talk to a human, you may not care for Square’s support. They prefer it if you go to the Support Center first. From there, you can search through their articles, FAQs, and topics to find the answer to your question. If you don’t find your answer, you can post the question to the community forum or email Square. They do offer phone hours, but only 6 AM – 6 PM, Monday through Friday.
After using Square for about a year they closed my account permanently due to “High Risk”. I am a self employed manicurist and I use Square for only a couple of my clients. Most of my business is paid by check or cash. So I have the regulars that like to use a card. Today my regular cc user purchased a $300 gift card from me. Her normal transaction every other week is $80. I get an email from Square saying I need to provide some info about my business to verify it. So I follow the instructions. I send bank statements, receipts, website info and oddly enough pictures of the salon (they asked for these). 2 hrs later I get a response that I am high risk “Your account activity includes non-bonafide transactions,” What does that mean?! I provided everything.
Flint accounts tend to be more stable, and since there is no added hardware there is less chance of malfunction. Flint doesn’t have all of the point-of-sale features that Square has, but what they do have tends to work very well the vast majority of the time.
The easiest way to start using Square is to go to Square’s website, or to download the Square app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Signing up for an account is as simple as entering your tax information. For an individual, it’s a social security number and some other personal information. Square is very clear about protecting your data, but it’s always good to be wary of anything asking for this information. Other card readers, like PayAnywhere and QuickBooks GoPayment, make users go through a lengthy vetting process if they aren’t an established business. Square is much more convenient.
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Our company has been using Square for over 5 years. Our company has a million dollars plus in sales. Not all credit card sales our process through Square some use Traditional Bank card processing. Square is the most ideal mobile credit card processing for us we have tried using our mobile credit card processing through our bank card system and it is more trouble than what it is worth. Square is fast and efficient and they will stand behind chargebacks once you have built a reputation with them. I give them 5 stars

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