“Square Credit Cards Comparison”

Based on my understanding of the Square app, it does not store credit card information on the phone and therefore the data can’t be stolen if you lose your phone. I would proceed with caution because it sounds like this could be some sort of scam.
I agree, I have been with Square over 18 months, never an issue. In the last week on 2 separate occasions, we were unable to take client payment, for several hours due to some 3rd party issue (per Square). Starting to look around for a back-up provider just incase Square implodes.
If there is additional information about your transactions or your business that you would like us to take into consideration of an early funds release or a full reactivation of your account, please submit that information here. Our Account Services team will review your request and you should receive a response within 2 – 3 business days.
i’ve only used square once for a summer art fair at the end of august. imagine my surprise when i got a notice of chargeback a couple of days ago. they said they put a hold on my account and wanted details about the transaction which i sent off promptly. so i was really pissed when i checked my bank account online today and saw that the funds had already been withdrawn from my account even though the dispute hasn’t been resolved yet. i did enter the card number manually because the card reader hadn’t arrived yet. but how is it legal to with draw the funds if the dispute is not resolved? really thinking about sending hate mail to square and looking into other options for taking card payments. first time i used it and i get screwed, suck it square.
You would be surprised on who has bitcoins. Given the cost of adding them as an option is nominal, there is almost no reason not to. Not to mention people with bitcoins actively seek out places to spend them. Coinbase.com and bitpay.com are probably the biggest players in the market.
I talked to 2 different customer service reps who acted surprised that the money was just sitting there, and they seemed to agree that 7 months was a long time and that fixing this should be a priority. The second one, Billy Joe, said that it would be referred to some ‘Resolution Department’ and that it would probably pay over night. The web site said that it would pay by June 15.
Thanks SquareUp. You’ve destroyed another small business. If I ever see my money back, I’ll be only too glad to run and not walk away from doing business with you. I can already see several UCC violations as you have accepted payment of the non-swipe fees from me without concurrently fulfilling your obligations. That is called fraud plain and simple. I paid the higher fees, you accepted them, now you are just holding my money so you can earn interest on it from your bank. SquareUp, please square up accounts. Don’t penalize the consumer any longer. You are ruining their finances, too, not just mine.
I am now using Swipe, great support customer service, you call they call you back, they tell what perimeters of your account would cause a “high risk” hold of funds. Also they offer both a Merchant account and a aggravate accounts, Square only has the aggravate account system.
With 30 stores set to open by the end of 2015, Philz Coffee in San Francisco knows how important customer service is. People want to come in, place their order, and be on their way, chief executive Jacob Jaber explained, describing how Square has helped him achieve this objective.
UNBELIEVABLE…! This company put me at high risk and deactivated my account after I had GOOD transactions with GOOD customers doing GOOD legitimate business. I travelled from Ca to AZ and took a card by key in over the phone for $1615.00 Yesterday I shipped the product at my local FedEx store to a Missionary Reverend in NJ. I have done transactions through Paypal with the reverend in the past and there were NO PROBLEMS. The Rev is now in Nigeria for 6 weeks on a Missions Trip and it is very difficult to contact him. The square company asked me for some “quick” verification which included my receipt, my articles of incorporation as well as my tax return…! All of these items are legitimate on my part and in order and I provided them within a few hours. after all….I wanted my $1615.00. This company deactivated my account with NO explanation other than “high risk” WTH…? !!!! High Risk….? I have been doing legitimate business for over 25 years and 8 years in this existing business. Now they either want me to refund the money to the Reverend who is in Nigeria for the next 6 weeks. Who has NO OTHER WAY TO PAY ME FOR A PRODUCT THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED. or they want me to WAIT 90 DAYS FOR THE RISK TO BE LIFTED SO I CAN COLLECT MY MONEY. This company has thrown a wrench into my existing business and THEY DO NOT LET YOU CONTACT THEM. THIS COMPANY IS A LOAD OF CRAP.
I resorted to researching my previous emails and searching for someone in Customer No Service that I actually corresponded with me and was helpful. That was Norm P. I sent him an email today with hopefully, a solution to this matter.
I don’t know much about Intuit yet, but I can tell you that when I called them, I got a real LIVE person on the phone, and she answered all my questions, told me they’re available 24/7 for merchants and will ALWAYS communicate a REASON if there’s a problem.
Accepting credit cards will always come with some risk, but using a merchant account can help you to minimize the risk. If you only need the account to be active during certain months of the year, any of our preferred merchant account providers can help you to set up a seasonal account so you can avoid monthly fees during inactive months.
Because of Square’s inability to be reached by phone by prospective customers, it received a lower Customer Service score. Still, when we reached out by email, the representatives were helpful and followed up quickly.
I have never heard of anything even similar to how Square operates it’s customer service. And after being victimized by Square I realize that their disclosure almost suggest that I was in immanent danger of a compromised relationship between my clients and myself from the very beginning. Reason being, they took my clients money without warrant and left it up to me to figure out what to tell them.
So an update. 4 months ago I had a charge back. First one,. The customer lied about not getting a part I sent. Sent the proof he got it. 1220.00 4 months of NOTHING form square. Found the CEO on LinkedIn and wrote him. Got a call from Sasha at square. Was told not to worry, that I should have the money back in less than two weeks. That I was in the right. Well…. two weeks later I get an email saying they gave the customer his money back and I was shit out of luck. I am DONE. I am with B of A now and their reader. I want to get a class action suit together. 4 months, they take my money on a legit purchase and I get screwed? NO. Anyone interested in a class action suit. [email protected]. Time to make them pay, or shut them down.
With features like inventory management, a free and fully functional virtual terminal, advanced reporting, offline processing, recurring billing, online sales and more — all executed very well — Square has more features than I’ve seen from any other no-monthly-fee provider. All of the free software puts merchants in a position to save money.
I thought square was pretty good until I made a transaction for $5000 ( I have an A/C company, this is a common amount) and they held it for two weeks while asking for a plethora of proof that I exist. They said there was “unusual activity” but thats bs. I think they hold money (as does paypal) to collect the interest. If they were really wanting to validate I am who I say I am, then do it before I get paid, not after. To date they have only released $2000 to me and are holding the rest for whatever reason. ( and they wont answer calls or emails, either). In the meantime, my bills are overdue and this puts a bad credit rating on me. Screw Square. I will not use them again.
Dear Tom,My email has been comprised by 4 receipts for 4 people unknown to me, from a company unknown to me……I have never heard of this company…..How did they get my email and am sending these 4, so far, receipts to me…..one for $347.00.I tried to call Squareup.com but need a code which I don’t want to get and I didn’t want to send them my email….but am sending it to you since you have a way of helping others with this company….Any advice would be appreciated on how to get them off my back. I have placed a call to the FTC and will be calling BBB next. Thank you, Ann
Square card reader is a bunch of rip-off artists. If you are thinking about getting one of these, DON’T! If you have a problem with it, there is no way of talking with anyone at the company to resolve your problem- they permenantly deactivated giving absolutely NO notice, or explaination and the funds would not be released for 180 days (6 months) they would only be refunded to the card on which the purchase was made. Then they wanted a reason WHY- the customer is GONE with the merchandise, so you’re basicly SCREWED out the funds for 6 months while SQUARE has it in a account making interest off it.
UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is happening to me too. We have over 40,000 that is on hold cause we need to verified documents from our bank statements accounts, contracts from our clients and other documents. I now have to call my costumers to cancel all transaction made from us. All bills have to be on hold, can’t pay my employees for the jobs we just finish, my bank is running negative wtf! I am pissed! I will have to now fly down to San Francisco and kick some asses the old school way. CONSUMERS BEWARE! RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG!
There are two apps available from Square: one for POS and one for retail, and we’re focusing on the service behind the POS tools with this review. Developers can also access its e-commerce application programming interace (API), and use it to embed Square’s service and even hooks to its app in their own projects.
– He’s allowing his customers the flexibility of paying for his services online through his website, or paying him in person when he picks them, by using his Android-powered cell phone to accept their payments through his account.
I decided to try Square for the Concierge to test it out. No 800 number for when a transaction goes wrong. This means I have to tell my client “um I wont know for 24 hours if your transaction went through so I cant get you that Limo Service”. Also recently I had to do a few large transactions of $10K or more and Square decides to hold my money for 30 days. Now someone tell me why? they aren’t my credit card company and I don’t think technically they are even my merchant there just the software suppliers. I’m sure they use a 3rd party to do the merchant service. But yet they have some type of right in there terms and agreements to hold our money.

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