“Square Credit Cards Summary”

Update… still too many days late. No deposit to my account. Have a big crafts event this weekend and between a rock and hardplace. Geared to being mandatory to take credit cards. I did get an automated response with “Case #” but still cannot talk to someone. I looked into paypal and when it is launched another 7-14 days I was told yesterday. Paypal said it would not be tied to my bank account but go directly into my Paypal account. Problem I have is accessing the cash. IF I want to deposit to my bank account will take 2-3 business days to transfer those funds. Paypal does have a no fee debit card, so will have to get one of those too. So remains to be seen if I either will be a satisfactory deal!!!???!!
Square has the money part covered: To date, it has raised more than half a billion dollars in venture capital. And it has had some success signing up merchants, too. Square says it serves “millions” of small and midsize business, and it processed over $30 billion in payments in 2014, growing 50 percent from the previous year.
Since YOU REFUSED the full payment from the customer, I requested it to be refunded. YOU REFUSED to refund the payment. INSTEAD you REFUNDED ANOTHER CUSTOMER in the amount of $1100. What on earth??? You EVENTUALLY sent us $564.
When Square came out with their portable credit card reader, I was very excited to adopt this technology. In exchange for a little under 3% of each transaction, they provided a way to turn my cell phone and my iPad into credit card machines. Portable, convenient, reliable. What’s not to like?
On the other end Amazon register and Paypal here never give me any problem of sort, they forwarded to me transaction higher than the one Square is holding and they are way more transparent on their policies.
They may have had a good reason for asking for all of this, but who knows, they never told me and there are no avenues to find out. I have had to deactivate my account and get my clients to contact their credit card companies to remove the charges held in my account.
Regulated debit transactions are 0.05% + $0.21. So on a $10 debit transaction Square charges $0.27 and the actual cost is about $0.21. The merchant still ends up saving money with Square in this scenario because of markup, but Square barely breaks even (before operating costs).
I just ran my first square transaction yesterday at about 3:45 PM. Today at 11:30 AM the funds are in my online account showing as a pending transaction. They wihtheld the the 2.75% just as we agreed. This system is wonderful as compared to the prior processing company and the leasing company that I had rented my terminal from for $45 per month for 4 long miserable years. Square is helping me so much and is so perfect for my business that I just cannot say enough good about this. I love it!
Before we even received the Square card reader we were entering credit card info manually (yes, Square got MORE money for this) and then after just a week, they deactivated (closed) our account and are holding over $1k of our hard earned money and REFUSING to deposit it right away.
I am wait for 2000+. Emailed with no reply. I had 2 chargebacks and they pulled the money out in January. No problem but they still have not released the money to the card holder. I guess the are drawing interest on it I don’t know. They will not release my money going on 3 weeks! I switched to gopayment and see if they are better.
The negative chatter about Square is scary, but there is some good out there! Square has been a really good POS solution for lots of businesses. And there’s a lot of great press out there, testifying to that fact.
Great idea BUT: This is a product designed by people who might be good at tech stuff but seem to never have run or owned a business, do not appear to know retail and what information one is looking for when running a retail business, have no clue about good customer interface. It is complicated and absolutely NOT INTUITIVE nor in keeping with established norms of organizing sales, customer, inventory and other vital data. GET SOME PEOPLE WITH REAL WORK EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELDS YOU ARE TRYING TO SERVICE onto your product development team. Seriously.
I never received any money except the two small payments to open and verify the account. Here are the amounts in emails from Square. When I call on the phone I get told to go to the website. The web response is that they paid me. I am out a lot of money.
Now that your account, Dashboard, and hardware are set up, you’re ready to train your employees. We recommend running through a few simple scenarios to make sure you, your managers, and your staff are ready to jump in. 
Square does have the inventory (quick selection) option using the store inventory on register. Store inventory can be sections and/or itemized. Paypal works smoother, but I believe that was Square’s intention. Paypal did that part better.
Squareup.com is the worst experience I ever could have had. They violated the trust we automatically give credit card processers, at least the trust I gave them. Shame on me. I had a customer that in my opinion, was trying to pull a fast one, get me services for free, get reimburse through their cc provider and also our company.
Yes their customer service sucks, scratch that, pretty much non existent. No live people, no phone number and the one that did work was shut down, no way to void a transaction, and no real way to deal with charge backs. Emailing seems futile and can be time consuming something I am sure none of your customers want especially mine.
They also have no API (application programming interface) and as far as I know they don’t plan to implement one. This means that you will not be able to automate your imports of data – you will have to manually download, then manually “fix” the data before importing, then manually import it into your accounting software.
When you issue a refund, we temporarily hold the amount of that refund in your Square balance. It typically takes Square two business days to process a refund, but can take up to seven business days. Once that process is complete, the refund is applied to your customer’s bank account within seven business days. In total, your customer should see the funds in their account within 9-14 business days.
To clean the reader track on Square you can use card reader cleaning cards or a folded paper towel. Slide the cleaning card or paper towel through the card reader slot to clear any spills or debris.
Perhaps one of you who thinks that Square can do no wrong can give me a suggestion aabout how to get in touch with them, how to get them to respond to me, and how to.4solve this without tye help of the better business bureau-since according to you Square is oerfect and the better business bureau is a mob tyoe company run only by those who pay their oriper dues!
Very disappointed in this company! Two days ago I received an email about a charge back for $33.00 which I am providing proper information for. Today I receive an email that they are taking $31.69 out of my bank account with no explanation why. I have emailed them several times with no “quick response,” and of course, like many have said, there is no customer service phone number. This is ridiculous!
How you can say there customer service is good or even existent is beyond me! they are holding 9753.11 on one job 5200.00 on another that’s 15000.00 dollars and don’t give me the 90 days bs this is 7 months after the jobs were completed and paid out money was taking from the customers account that day! I have not once got a person on the phone. my BBB complaint is still pending my AG complaint is being looked into. It’s sad that its going to cost me my 4,000.00 retainer for my lawyer to handle this. I hope they get shut down and have to pay back double for all the loses they are incurring on others!
If you are a small scale start up and your cash is really critical: DO NOT USE SQUARE, they can really screw you over. I am a service based business and I charge remotely so maybe it’s fine for people who are running product and merchandising but my god, totally unreasonable. I’m done with square.
Square is presently holding $1276.00 of our funds. They don’t respond to email and the phone number is a joke. I have contacted the State Attorney General in an effort to get our funds released. Square is a real joke.
The company appears to rely too heavily on customer service provided by email, its support forum, and social media. This is a big drawback for many business owners, especially for those who are not willing to wait for a response through email, Twitter, or other social media channels. The company does have a newly launched customer support phone number (855-700-6000) that operates from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PDT, but merchants must request and receive a code from this webpage in order to actually reach a representative. Phone support codes are only provided to active Square merchants, meaning that any Square user who has had his or her account deactivated will still be unable to reach the company by phone. It is our position that deactivated merchants are the merchants who have the greatest need for phone support, so this customer support line is only a minor step forward for Square.
I can answer that because you went over 2002.00 or manually typed in the card vs. swiping the card they do not tell anyone this when getting the square up device and no you can not talk to a live person because there is none and good luck with the email stuff no response to that either good luck

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