“Square D Credit Card Processing Summary”

I have been using sqaure since they were in beta, this is for small transactions nothing over $400. If you want to use anything over $400 use paypal here. I am a taxi driver, use both flawlessly and a happy client.
It truly would be a game-changer if any Joe Schmo could accept credit cards for virtually anything they wanted to sell, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet. I sense that the person accepting payments through Square must be associated with a business entity.
I am so upset with this company!!! I purchased some pottery from some old friends whom are will known potters from Acoma Pueblo. I was hoping to receive my items before my wedding anniversary which was suppose to be a surprise. The artist is still waiting for square to let the money go so she could ship and pay for insurance on my pieces. WHO IN THE HECK DOES SQUARE THINK THEY ARE TO DECIDE WHO SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH WHO. IT’S NOT LIKE THEY WILL BE PAYING THE BALANCE ON THE CARDS WHICH IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CARD HOLDER!!!! I would like the items I purchased and have some company decide where or how I spend my money!!!
great, easy to use system and interface. fortunately there are best buys everywhere so if you lose or forget your card reader, you can get another one for just $10. Also, square will refund you the $10.
Historically this has generated customer complaints. To avoid this, it’s worth reading Square’s T&Cs and list of excluded high risk enterprises. If you are not a high risk enterprise and you follow their terms, you should be delighted with Square’s service like the vast majority of Square’s customers. What their customers most value is; useful free software, predictable processing rates, affordable service, well-designed hardware and affordable service add-ons.
The same app for locations allows my customers to pay through the app, see our menu (not order from the app just view the menu), but my customers can start a tab from there app and on my iPad register I can see who has tabs open and close there tab when they are finished.
“I want to make Mr. Tod’s a national brand,” Wilson told VentureBeat, voicing an aspiration shared by many small business owners. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the country –accounting for 54 percent of all sales and 55 percent of all jobs — and the sector has been rapidly growing at a rate of 49 percent since 1982.
Let’s not forget that what drives our nation and economy ultimately is the ingenuity of Americans to create services and products that they can then accept payments for using something as simple as their smart-device (Android or iDevice).
Thanks for writing in. We have exercised our rights under section 19 of the User agreement (https://squareup.com/legal/ua) to hold your funds in reserve. They will be released back to you once we have determined that your risk exposure has been mitigated. This review process may take up to 180 days. If you have outstanding order,s you are more than welcome to refund the associated transactions processed by following the steps delineated below.
I signed up for this service. Did my first transaction. Then Square came back requesting verification information. Sent them everything they wanted. I’ve been in business for 25 plus years and have excellent credit. After four days they said I was a high risk account.
I asked Square to make me a map of their transactions to see where they had users. The map you see at the top of the page shows one hour of transaction volume on a Friday afternoon. The size of the bubble represents the volume of the transactions while the different colors indicate the types of users that Square has.
Any company that does not have a person you can talk to should not be used by anyone. This company is crooked the took my money because of a dispute then deactivated my account with out a phone call just an email. DO Not use them and tell all your friends that are to stop before there out $8000 like I am
I decided to use Square Up at a small artisan show on Nov. 4th. I made two transactions which added up to a little over $600. I worked for 6 months to prepare for this show so that I would have Christmas money. They deactivated my account and are holding my money for 90 days! I’m unable to contact anybody, you can’t without an account. I feel as though I’ve been robbed.
I submitted document required, such as EIN number and last invoice of transaction, I did that, and my funds is still pending with no response from several emails I sent. Now there saying they need a bank statement and a copy of receipt from my supplier.
When Square works, it works great. When it doesn’t, good luck with customer service. I suspect they use bots to answer questions, because after a week of email exchanges, they are clueless about my problem. A retarded monkey in a coma could provide better customer service.
That’s pretty horrific. You are describing common credit card fraud, and it is more than against Square’s terms and conditions – it’s against the law. Processing your own card for cash would be enough for account termination. Processing someone else’s card without their knowledge, and it’s a matter for the police without a doubt. With any credit card machine or software, not just Square, the user can simply type in the card number to process the transaction. It sounds like someone stole your credit card and contact information to commit credit card fraud. If someone committed credit card fraud using your card information, you should contact your card company immediately.
A customer didn’t like the we wanted to charge for a service call, so when we left without doing the reapair work, the customer wanted a refund for services rendered (the intial install). I filled out all the paper work included the signed contract and show that we completed the work as per our contract and Square gave them a full refund of 1800. with no way for us to get our product back and after the terms of contract where fullfilled. I can not even find a phone number or anything besides an email. Even then they say respond with answering the dispute email by filling out the form, Which I already filled out. You get 2 options with a dispute 1 just aurthorize them to take the money or 2 file their paper work, which I did in clude the signed contract with our policies. thinking we where in the right having fulled ou part of the contract and the customer not fullfill theirs! Nope! square gave them every penny back, even when it states on our contract that they will not receive the labor back. This company is a joke we are one of 300 dealerships in the USA and I will let them all know what this company has done to us with no reguard to our contract.
My wife and I started a small business which helps treat pain in the body. Customers pay a flat rate of $200 for the service. It is a by appointment only service and typically we see 10-20 customers per day, 4 days a week. We have been doing cash or check only but would like to offer credit/debit cards as a form of payment. Which processor would you suggest? Thanks.
Upon returning home I was checking the device again, still no luck, but maual entry worked. I then tried to order a replacement device, I thought I could not, but found that an upgrade to the software was available, and to my dismay THE DEVICE WILL NOT FUNCTION IF AN UPGRADE IS AVAILABLE. REPEAT, THE DEVICE WILL NOT FUNCTION IF AN UPGRADE IS AVAILABLE. What kind of business stops the equipment from even functioning if an upgrade to the software is available. They receive an F- for this action, plus there is no way to contact them if there are questions, again an F- for this. After upgrading the software everything seems to be fine, but this can be a problem for users because they did not even notify us of the upgrade, they need to work on their customer service.
Ben, I tend to avoid coinbase for numerous reasons. Wallet-to-wallet transfers is really what bitcoin needs to begin to stabilize. Consumer BTC price points need to be established. Until then, bitcoins are a commodity in themselves.
We’ve been using Square for over a year now. We are not a huge business and don’t process any huge transactions. I think most of the complaints about Square are those who are using Square at a high volume of sales per month ($5K and up). We’ve only had a few months where we reached into the thousands for credit card sales and we’ve had absolutely ZERO problems with Square. With other processors they charge you a monthly fee, plus on top of that they charge you a higher fee if the card is a rewards card, etc. plus compliance fees, etc. In the end, it cost us about 4% vs. 2.75% for Square. For us it’s a win-win. Our sales increased about 50% once we decided to accept credit cards.
This company blows. They offer no protection for it’s sellers, despite the fact, that it’s the sellers that pay their bills. I had a customer who used his mothers credit card to make a purchase. Mother claims fraud. Kid got to keep the product and mommy got her money back.
We used Square on our online website because we were having trouble with paypal and we were trying to find a solution with Square but all we found was a $2415 on HOLD for the next 6 months thank you Sqaure.
Again, I can not speak for high volume/high total sales, but for the average small business who processes the occasional credit sale, this saves me tons of money. I have not encountered a single problem, so I can not speak of their customer service.
If you process a Square Gift Card payment and the balance doesn’t cover the full amount of the sale, you’ll need to click Done from the signature screen to continue on to process the entire sale amount. If you don’t the entire sale amount, the sale will be voided.
Square deactivated my account and somehow thought there appeared a high risk activity. No call from them, could’t reach them, when I sent an email as that’s the only way they wish to communicate as they are too precious to want to speak to there customers..
Payment processor Square is making its credit card readers for mobile devices available at even more retailers in the US, including Walgreens, Staples, and FedEx Office stores. While you’ve always been able to order one of the dongles for free from Square’s website, the company has been trying to grow its retail presence in the past year, selling the readers for $9.95 everywhere from Apple stores to Best Buy and Wal-Mart. Buying the dongle at a retail store gets you a $10 rebate that you can redeem once you sign up for Square’s service.
Thank you so much for this article! I was wondering what your recommendation world be for an organization that collects dues and monies for memorabilia and charity events would be? The members would like to have an online payment option, and I could not find a way for square to link to our webpage for payment. Is the only option PayPal? Thanks!
We started using Square about a 18 months ago at our local non-profit community theater. Our patrons enjoy the convenience of being able to pay with credit card and the ability to purchase tickets online through the Square Marketplace. We’ve never had any issues with Square and our money has always been deposit the next day. I love the reports and the breakdown they give, pinpointing exactly what areas our sales have been. It’s been a perfect match for us.
Same problem here. holding 1000 of my dollars for WHAT? idk, My customer paid ME with this and they get the money. mine was only a week ago but i got the email where they wanted all my info, some of which i dont mind but bank statements and things i will not send. i was able to refund my client but i reallllly hope he gets his refund as now i am personally responsible. DON’T USE THIS COMPANY!!!! who else can just take your money and get away with it, your right Mack!! im NEVER using them again and advising everyone i know to do the same.
I thought I would update you on some contact information for your benefit. I was finally able to get a live person at Square. The telephone number is (415) 375-3176 x 219 is eventually a Live person (don’t leave a voicemail) . I sent them numerous emails, kind of an expose’ on their personal information, including the CEO’s home address …. ( Jack P. Dorsey, originally from St. Louis, Missouri) now lives in San Francisco, CA. I also made contact with Ryan Jones, the “compliance Officer..” I was able to ascertain their home addresses and other relevant and personally identifiable information. I also spoke to their legal counsel. That stated, they were more concerned about my giving out their personal information than fixing the issue. I switched to Intuit processing this morning, BTW. Of course, they intended to try and hold funds on some bullshit security concern, and I beat them to it once I read all of the reviews. There were no issues or complaints with my account. I telephoned Bank of America and their fraud department was able to simply take the money back, even before I requested that the refund be processed through Square, back to the client which paid me. When I did reach square, they actually tried to get me to process with them on a continuing basis. Wow. I also submitted the refund request through square, this way they cannot hold the payment as in the horror stories you’ve read on here, this way the client gets their money and they can re-pay me at a later date. SQUARE does not intend to change its policy and they plan to continue to unlawfully hold funds from hard working people like you and I. It appears to me that they are engaged in fraud, that is, keeping the money until the people eventually go away. Today, they met their match and even tried to threaten me with criminal charges..lol (for releasing their information).

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