“Square For Credit Cards Reviews Summary”

They are holding 3900.00 of my money as well. This should be against the law!!! Then they deactivated my account so I can’t even give my customer their refund. I think I’m going to contact the local news and let them do a little investigating of this company!!!! Please feel free to respond!!!!!!!!!!
I haven’t gotten through to anyone in customer service yet, so keeping my fingers crossed for that, but I’m thinking I’ll let them keep their fees, damn their impudence. Whether I ever do business with them again would be in their court.
Swiped a card last week for $5,400.00. Found out four days later they did not process it saying they need additional info about my business. We have already been using the service for six months and why did they pull this on me now. If you need the funds in your account, do not rely on Square.
The fee for Square Register transactions is a big change from the flat percentage it charges if you’re using the Square app on another device. The major takeaway is that merchants with an average ticket less than $40 will wind up paying a little bit more on that plan, on top of the costs of the hardware.
As with many on-line companies, they have poor customer service. It’s difficult to reach anyone. Having a few FAQ’s on your website is not customer service. I’m trying to give you my business, and you’re making it as painful as possible. I may have to go back to Pay Pal. They charge more, but no problems and good customer service. Jack Dorsey is ruining this company through poor execution and management.
At the same time I received an e-mail telling me my new SquareUp card reader was being shipped to me(?) I did not ask for a new reader because the little cube does have serious design flaws. E-mail is the only way you can communicate with SquareUp, there is no customer service. The lone 888 telephone number is useless.
After over 3 months my wife and each had our funds refunded. We had our accounts deactivated after 5 weeks for mine and 1 week for wife. No reason other than “suspected fraud”. I am licensed in Florida to do business as is my wife. I have established business in Florida. My credit rating is 810. I jumped through the hoops Square made me. I filed 27 pages of documentation as did my wife. Their response? No way Jose. Consequently I was left with no means to secure payments. Fortunately my customers understood and made it happen. They paid cash! Some actually made a trip to my office to pay. I received ZERO support from Square and the representatives were rude and condescending. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy. They should be investigated. At the very least made to pay interest on funds held 90 days. The SEC standard is 30 days. The BBB is kind to give them a C rating. I have since found another company that is quicker, friendly, and less expensive. And their website and mobile app is easier and more detailed. So in the end I am okay. They held almost 7K from myself and over 4K from my wife for 90 days! To me that’s thievery.
My specific problem? We rent out a beach condo. We take all orders over the phone, so we manually key the credit card numbers. There is no risk because customers have to pay weeks in advance. so if there were a problem with the charge we would know before they arrive. We’ve not had a problem in 12 years. EXCEPT WITH SQUARE – Ifyou do too much buisiness in a short period of time, then Square arbitrarily holds up funds for over 30 days. Huh???? This is the nature of a seasonal rental.
The stripe reader seems to get worn out fairly quickly. The charge to swipe the credit card is fair, but if you have to type the card in due to the worn out reader, or a worn our card the fee is higher. I tend to do more over the phone charges with one business, and the fee can get pretty high.
If you plan to expand your business online, Square also has online processing options. It has no processing limits; however, if you process more than $100,000 a year, you may have to open a merchant account.
Account Sales: Who hasn’t heard about Square? This tool seems ubiquitous, despite the fact that we can’t seem to find a sales department. Their site is probably one of the most transparent I’ve seen, and the Help Center answered all our questions about the product.
PayPal Here has laid waste to what is perhaps Square’s most powerful competitive advantage by entering the market at 2.70% and $0.00 opposed to Square’s 2.75% and $0.00. PayPal’s deep pockets and established market presence make PayPal Here a formidable adversary, the likes of which Square hasn’t yet had to deal with.
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So an update. 4 months ago I had a charge back. First one,. The customer lied about not getting a part sent. Sent the proof he got it. 1220.00 4 months of NOTHING form square. Found the CEO on LinkedIn and wrote him. Got a call from Sasha at square. Was told not to worry, that I should have the money back in less than two weeks. That I was in the right. Well…. two weeks later I get an email saying they gave the customer his money back and I was shit out of luck. I am DONE. I am with B of A now and their reader. I want to get a class action suit together. 4 months, they take my money on a legit purchase and I get screwed? NO. Anyone interested in a class action suit. [email protected]. Time to make them pay, or shut them down.

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