“Square For Iphone Reviews for Farmers Markets”

iOS devices overall seem to function well with Square, but because the Android ecosystem is so diverse, you may have experiences using the app. As far as Android support goes, things are a bit spotty. Amazon Kindle devices aren’t compatible at all. Any other Android devices need to be running Android 4.0 or higher for the basic reader, with GPS and Google Play enabled. To use the Contactless + Chip reader, you’ll need Android 4.4 or higher.
But the real problem is one that I can’t believe doesn’t get talked about much – you can not have multiple locations setup on the one account! Multi store companies must setup different accounts for each site (there’s actually 3 workarounds according to Square support but this is the best).
We use Square for our processing two days per week in a retail setting, always swiping through the card reader. We have used their service for a few months now and up until 3 weeks ago, had no problems. The charges in this instance appeared on our smartphone, but not on the computer dashboard area. We contacted Square via email several times to notify them of this and got no response. Then the data disappeared from the smartphone and Square is now saying they do not have any record of any charges during that two day period. I have no other backup information; being new at this I didn’t even think of emailing myself the receipts until I saw it in this forum. I can’t imagine they would not do data retrieval – originally they said they would be depositing the funds (they originally could see it) now, since it has disappeared they apparently are not going to do anything. It is in the amount of $1600, all small amounts.
Based on my understanding of the Square app, it does not store credit card information on the phone and therefore the data can’t be stolen if you lose your phone. I would proceed with caution because it sounds like this could be some sort of scam.
I have been trying to use the Square-up support team and they say they cannot do anything.There is no one to talk to and they said they are unable to delete that transaction. We did not have $4,482,100.44 cash transaction . We did not use Square-up on February 18th. Can you help me? There are no addresses or phone numbers. My bookkeeping is a mess because of this. How can I get this removed from my account.
We’ve all heard how dirty money can be, but did you know that your credit and debit cards are also covered in germs and bacteria? In fact, a recent study showed one in 10 bank cards were found to be contaminated with fecal matter. (Uh, gross!) Luckily Life Hacker found an easy way to clean your credit card.
I have already added custom text to my Square receipt, but that text does not appear on the digital receipt my customers receive after making a purchase at my online store. Any ideas for solving this? Thanks.
You can cell their number which I found online. It is (415) 375-3176. The automated computer basically hung up on me after providing me with an email address which is [email protected] I had a transaction that was supposed to be deposited into my account and never was. It says it was on the site and when I checked my bank statement, nothing. I’m waiting to hear back from them.
Much of this is my fault. As the online sales portion of my store kept growing, I should have set up a more reliable e-commerce solution by now. But I liked Square. They were a scrappy young company providing a cool service, and I wanted to be along for the ride. They were the good guys. They said they’d take care of this (or at least do their best). And so I continued to use Square to process all orders on my web site (with no further problems, I might add), and I waited.
SQUARE UP NIGHTMARE! We signed up for Square a couple of weeks ago. I must say the process was easy and straightforward and we received the Square card reader a few days afterward. Our purpose was to process a large number of prepaid Visa giftcards that we have acquired over the past year and a half totaling $2150. Our first transaction was a week ago on a Friday and worked well, simple to enter and the card reader worked fine. Two or three hours later, we decided to complete all of our transactions. Again, the system worked fine.
As for accepting U.S. dollars, the payments must be processed in your country’s official currency, which in your case is the U.S. dollar, so you don’t need to worry about receiving other currency. Square’s site says that cardholders may be charged for the currency conversion by the card issuer, so keep this in mind when setting your prices. If the conversion fees will be high for a particular country, you may want to offset that in your pricing, so your prices remain competitive. 
I want to thank all those who’ve posted here and described the problems they’re suffering. It seems clear that I should avoid Square, if only because I can then provide better customer service to my customers than Square does for its’ customers.
– He’s allowing his customers the flexibility of paying for his services online through his website, or paying him in person when he picks them, by using his Android-powered cell phone to accept their payments through his Square account.
What were some of the features? The ability to sync a processor with accounting software was big (QuickBooks and Xero being the two mentioned most), because it provides cost savings in merchants’ back-office operations. “Having a credit processor that integrates with QuickBooks is very helpful in tracking my revenue and simplifying my taxes,” says Lisa Chu, principal at Black N Bianco, a childrenswear online retailer. And it makes sense — a higher swipe fee might not matter as much if your processor allows you to save money elsewhere. Again, it all comes back to understanding what would most benefit your business.
I had no charge backs and a perfect record for several months. I had $21,000 in charges and they said I had to verify my account…OK…I send bank statements, AUDITED financial statements, etc. Then they said they were canceling my transactions. So…the customers took the merchandise and I am out $21,000. WOW! This is sure a convenient service!!!
Square does have an online selling option, but for your purposes I would actually recommend Flint. You can add customized payment buttons, and users will not even have to leave your site to pay. You can also use payment pages hosted by Flint if you prefer. I think that you’ll find their online tools better suited to your needs than Square’s, plus you’ll likely end up saving money overall. Check them out.
This company is a fraud, they will do nothing for you except steal your money. Finding out what thieves square is has cost me $520. I’m filing a complaint with the NM Attorney General. I will also file complaints with any other government regulatory agency. Do yourself a favor and don’t do business with crooked square!
Hi i have had sqaure for sometime now making some small transactions now today. I do a transaction for $2,000 ,when I needed it the most (square let me down) ? I really wished I would have read the bad reviews on google first. I would have never tried it. Next thing you know they send me a email saying that they are sorry to inform me Dactivated my Account stating that I am to much of a risk WTF !! They want to keep my money for 90 days !! Now I have to go back and tell my customer to refund the money !!
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The other problem I see people having problems with are due to large purchases. Perhaps then Square is not your option. As you know they haven’t been in business too long and need to also protect themselves. Lets face it, a large transaction manually keyed in can be a fraud problem. I, don’t do a large amount in each transaction, I own a variety store and usually the charges are lower compared to what I have read others are doing, who are having problems.
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All of the  credit cards in your wallet have an interchange rate attached to them.  Square is paying that rate, but they are charging you 2.75% whether the actual interchange rate is higher or lower.  When I look in my own wallet I see 2 cards.  My Bank of America debit card has a rate of .05% and $0.22 and my Amazon Rewards card is 1.65% and $0.10.  If I purchase something with my Amazon card and the merchant is using Square, the merchant pays 2.75% and Square keeps the difference (just over 1%).  Reading through Square’s earnings report, they said that their average profit per transaction was 1.01%, so the example above sounds about average.
The reader seems to work only when it wants to. Customers cancel their transaction when they slide their card and nothing seems to happen so they walk away because they don’t trust the device ans I lose the sale. Dumb thing costs me more in lost sales than it’s worth. Absolutely the WORSE customer support I have ever seen.
The way my business runs, square is the best options. I have months and months with no credit card processing because they pay with a check and then I will have a run on credit cards. Paying a monthly fee just wasn’t worth it anymore. A traditional merchant account just wasn’t necessary anymore. But thanks anyway.
Finally, Opinion Square also gives away points for sharing your TV viewing likes, dislikes, patterns and habits, as well as letting you download a browser extension that records all that you do online and lets you receive even more survey invites as time passes.
I enjoy using Square, especially the function that allows you to still use cards if wifi is down. The one thing that was difficult was actually sliding the card through the square reader… if it wasn’t exactly perfect, the payment won’t go through.
How many people do they do this to and get away with it? For me, three thousand dollars is a lot of money. I want my money and I am not going to let up or go away. But at what amount do you write off a disputed transaction that Square has frozen, and not bother to jump through the hurdles they create, in order to get paid?
Nope they were swiped and I have called that # for 2 weeks straight and get a rep EVERY time but they always say the same thing ” I cant do anything as I am not in Finance dept” Funny enough you are not allowed to “talk” to the finance dept. Shady and run around is all I can say…..still no “real” email replies vs cut and paste responses and money still being held up.
They offer No other means of reconciliation on their website. At this point I think I will have to engage the credit card company to stop the transaction and do any reporting against Squareup that is needed.

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