“Square For Iphone Reviews for Restaurants”

I couldn’t find anything on the Square website and I called and left a voice message on their “customer service” number but am not so sure I will receive a call back. Based on the previous reviews, I won’t hold my breath. Any information anyone has to offer would be great! Thank you!
One of the most attractive aspects of Square is the way the processing is conducted. You pay for each transaction, and that is all. You don’t have to sign a contract, you don’t have to be legally bound, and you can get out any time you want. There is no commitment to keep using the Square reader if you don’t like it. You can also stop and start using it again at any time.
In my case- I have emails and texts confirming the use of the clients card- but after a personal fall out with the client- 3 MONTHS later – he claimed I had committed fraud. Unreal! But I thought it would be easily solved with of my proof.
We have tried for months to get somebody from Square to contact us or to see what needs to be done, to no avail. They have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at all. It’s worth the little extra fees to use a reputable processing company.
I used square in the past for personal yard sale and they did not transfer balance to my bank acct because they told me it was against their policy and I had to have a business license that they could either refund the credit cards i process or keep the money. So they kept it I never got it back. I don’t recommend anybody to use square.
EMS says it’s been in the payment business for decades. If you hadn’t heard of the company before, you might now, given that it offers a mobile credit card processing system with a 2.25 percent swipe rate and a manual keyed rate of 3.5 percent plus $0.15 transaction charge. Plus, there is 24-hour telephone support, and optional Bluetooth printer for paper receipts, and no increased swipe costs for business or reward cards.
Running a small business requires the ability to scale and grow over time. These solutions also have to work reliably because there are too many other things an entrepreneur has to deal with in order to make money.
For instance, if you usually sell vintage items for under $25.00 each and then you decide to sell a vintage car for over $75K, you might present a risk for yourself and for Square with that larger-than-average sale. Square may look at that $75K sale and think “drugs, guns, or pornography” and they may close your account. Plus, you may turn blue holding your breath waiting for Square to release your funds.
Warning! Stay away from Square! I for months told all my friends that Square I thought was the best thing since sliced bread, and I actually thought so for over a year, then that all ended in a chargeback I have been unable to resolve that cost me $1850. As a small business owner this represents an entire months salary for me and I do not have the resources to recover from such a loss anytime soon!
Great set up and easy to use. But should you ever need some support or an actual person to help you, GOOD LUCK!!! I have never experienced such HORRIBLE customer service from anyone let alone a large company I have been trusting with my money. Seriously, take your business ANY WHERE BUT SQUARE!
This is a situation or case where your customer contacts their credit card issuer, and says: “I don’t recognize that charge” (potential fraud) or “I didn’t make that purchase” (fraud) or “I’m unhappy with my product/service” (customer dispute).
DO NOT SIGN UP. I own multiply vacation rental properties and as well as two other businesses. I signed up with square yesterday and processed 2 transactions, 1 for $500 and 1 for $7100. I have funds from another processor deposit on almost a daily basis into my checking account. I own 2,other business with money’s going to the same bank. Then I get an email that they deactivated my account and can not release my funds for 90 days or I could refund and get another form of payment but refund will not be processed for 60 days. I am sure the guest who I charged the $7100 For a three month rental would be fine with thus. This gentleman is doing special forces training in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. The card was a military credit card paying for his lodgings. I rent to these guys all the time. Square says decision they say is irreversible but try talking to a person. Do not sign with anyone you can not get a live person on the phone. That should have been my first clue.
I am pleased with the lack of additional fees such as statement fees, batch fees, and I like the fact that ALL cards are the same rate whereas with most merchant services it costs far higher percentage to take Amex, Discover or any rewards cards.
Two days later I received an email from the Square risk department asking for details of the transaction since I was a first time user. I appreciated that they were doing their due diligence to protect the company and other users, so I explained the situation again and referred back to my previous inquiry which resulted in my payout status being accelerated. Our full cooperation was offered along with my personal number for contact if needed.
We are a HVAC company. So, we handle very large transactions. Any transactions over $1000 are held by Square for 30 days!!!! This was not clear to me until after we processed the card. Now they have $5000 dollars of mine that I need to pay my techs and the creditors for equipment. Square promised if I supplied certain documentation they would up my limit. Well, I have provided the documentation twice!!! 5 days ago. They promised to give me a response within 24 hours….Todate, there has been no response from Square. So, Square may be fine for small transactions, But do not use it for large ones. I don’t know if I will ever get my money to pay my people and creditors. But, I do know I am done with Squareup!!!!!

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