“Square Inc Reviews Comparison”

In reviewing the reviews for Square, it seems as though many others are having the same issues that I have encountered. At first, I thought Square was great…my business is small and I liked the quick swipe of the customers credit cards and then deposit to business checking account.
Square’s customer service is virtually non-existent, and contacting a representative via phone is nearly impossible. Square seems to think that a simple online Help Center is enough support for its growing user base. While the company says that current business owners can get in touch by phone after receiving a merchant call-in code, many businesses still report difficulty getting in touch.
However, all in all, I completely disagree with you that merchants should have to read fine-print in the first place, or have to “educate” themselves on a product. I think Square should offer a more straight-forward way for new merchants (and individuals) to understand how their depositing process works.
I’m glad the information is helpful to you. Square covers the credit card processing security issues for you, so there should be no legal headaches there. If you want to offer recurring payments, customers have to set that up themselves, so everything is correctly managed and maintained via their secure system. That’s one of the prime reasons that Square is such a popular mobile card processing options. Good luck!
Square is a rip off!!! I am a small business that is very new. I started using square until I could get an actual merchant account. Square is currently holding over $3000.00 of my heard earned money even after I received an email stating my account would NOT have any limits or holds. In my own ignorance I ran $3000 in sales after being told there would be No holds or limits. Then the next day I received another email telling me that my funds are now be held for a minimum of 90 days. This is crippling my company. I am going to the attorney generals to file a claim. I’m also interested in a class action against square but not sure where to start. If any one else is interested or knows where to begin for a class action please reply below. By the looks of all the comments I’ve read on the Internet I’m sure there’s more than enough people to start one. Let’s stop this fraudulent activity!!! Even if they have any legitimate reason to hold our money, we should at least earn interest on our money!!! This is bs.
Can anyone tell me if they’ve used Square successfully when they had more than $1,000 in “SWIPED” transactions within a 7 day period? Meaning, did all of your $1,000+ funds get deposited in the 12-36 hours?
Appointments: Operate a salon or an office? Integrate Square’s appointment-setting software for a low monthly cost. This integrates with Square’s customer database so you can make notes and make the most of the experience for your customers.
They deactivated my account and kept the money from my client for themselves. They could at least cancel the transaction and refund my client. Or email me if there was a problem. But why bother?? Thieves!!!!!!
Same with me they have aprox 18,000.00 of my money with no way of contacting them. I have tried a few numbers and they all will hang up if you do not have a customer code. I finally was sent a customer code and called them back 1-855-700-6000 Im sure you all are familiar with that number and the number they provided was invalid. I tried this several more times with the same results. If anyone has any better luck please post !!!!! My blood is beyond boiling at this point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Square, Inc. makes no effort to resolve issues when its service fails. I have contacted square via email, Facebook, and Twitter, seeking to find out where my refund was and Square, Inc went so far as to block me from communicating with it through social media. Square lost my refund and I am asking it to help me trace where it put my money, but instead of assisting me, its blocking. Square block me from contacting it on Twitter and Facebook. Square has effectively stolen my money. Square, Inc. makes it almost impossible to speak with a live person and takes days before responding to your email and when Square finally responds to your email, it provides no answers.
If you want to get your money and send a message complain to Starbucks who recently became a square user. Email, call and write how disappointed you are about your experience and how disappointed you are that Starbucks has chosen to use a bad organization like this.
GET YOUR BANK INVOLVED. Dispute it. Do not let these losers play with your c v v number and take what doesn’t belong to them. they will not give you your money back, get your bank involved. Square is a fraud. It’s imperative to me that Apple and other retailers need to get Square readers out of their stores. Innocent people don’t deserve to go through this and have to pay them for it.
Square has become the go-to solution for pay-as-you-go flat-rate payment processing. The main alternative is PayPal, however Square provides feature rich and advanced POS software that takes them up to a whole new level.
At first using square was great. That was until there was a chargeback on my account. I spoke to the patient that questioned the charge and he immediately called his bank to cancel the dispute. I have sent several e-mails on the contact page with no response and finding a number to speak to someone is impossible. They have the worst customer service ever! I spoke again with patient and his bank told him that the funds were released a few days after he spoke with them the first time and the dispute was canceled. Yet over a month later square still has not posted the funds back to my account nor responded to any e-mail. I even filled out two of their chargeback dispute forms and faxed it to them a week apart. It says you will receive a confirmation e-mail when it is received. That didn’t happen either. I have tried to get on the web site to cancel and remove my bank account info, and it wont allow me to. So once they have your account info there is no going back. They can take money out of your account at anytime they choose ( mine was three months later) for any reason and all you get is an e-mail saying they took it. I would be very surprised if I ever get it back.
PayPal is not responsible for the 3-4 days it takes to deposit the funds into your bank. It ALL depend on YOUR bank. My funds are usually there in 2 days and I bank with Regions. PayPal deposits it and you bank does the rest as far as processing it.
Innovative startup Square continues to make waves with their app and reader combo that enables small-time businesses to access payment with credit cards. Imagine somebody with a camping table and self-made T-Shirts selling these on the street. For example I would have loved a T-Shirt to commemorate 2 weeks of iPad2 queues saying “I queued for iPad 2, but all I got is this lousy T-Shirt”. Without hesitation my Mastercard would have jumped out of my wallet to make love to a Square reader and app.
I’m a fairly new user of square and the Marketplace. Offering this site actually helped get me off my butt and into throwing product out to see how it does without a lot of hassle and cost. For that I thank you!
I put in the deposit amount they sent to my bank to verify my acount and it said my account i activated and I’m ready to accept payments.. So I did and now have no access to my money and nobody to contact.. It says my account is not linked.. This in my mind is in acceptable.. No live customer service just an automated response to emails.. Once payment is received I have no interest in doing further business wit square.. I would re consider of there was live support..

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