There capital has fallen way short in my book they just started lending businesses tons of money loan after loan then one day out of the blue they begin lying to business owners with bogus emails about being denyed new loans after they have off several already with bogus things like you have to many accounts, you have business liens, and the more crap I read the scary part is at this point is my customers information at risk with all the scamming going on with the square capital! They have lied to millions of businesses with bogus reports about them and why can’t they just be honest there is no more money to lend folks! SCAMMING is bad business. Face the reality I think square is in for big trouble! They can’t know liens and to many accounts and stuff like that they don’t even require a ss number to process these loans! Stupid on there part yup but sad for the business who trusted square! So sad to think I trusted them with everything from loans, payrol, taxes, credit card acceptance, advertising, gift cards!!! Everything and to think I loved the company now with so many doubts!
Square is horrible. I have written them 6 times concerning one single issue and it seems they send automated responses that do not answer my questions. They do not read my messages that are not complicated. After a few transactions they asked for allot of extra information to “verify” my account that is ridiculous. Now I have pending charges they won’t pay to me. “Iffy” refunds and…exhaustion is setting in.
My Ex and I were needing a quick and painless way to settle up on a vehicle that we had purchased. After reading about the product we thought that It would be worth checking out because we needed to use a credit card to make the transaction between us.
The POS terminal stand and contactless chip card reader costs $169 and can be used in place of other checkout systems. The contactless chip card reader is Square’s most advanced card reader. It can be plugged into your stand or connected wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.
Both of these companies offer their apps for free, so I encourage you to download both before making your decision. Open each app and maneuver around each to get a first-hand perspective of how each one will function for your business.
Based on what I can see, it’s most likely a case of someone using your email address. Maybe someone you know. Who knows, maybe they were shopping for you and didn’t understand that the receipt would be sent to you!
I was charged three times with cash card and 4 days later I have still not received any news or refund by cashapp. I tried to contact by phone several days, but number just leads you to voicemail and by email with no luck. I am done with cash app and the card.
“The thing about Square is that its biggest advantage is that it could empower SMBs to become more of a digital business,” said Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company, and author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design. “Digital Darwinism knows no sides — it’s an equal opportunity disruptor. SMBs struggle with this and it’s devastating to the economy if they don’t adapt.”
Read and understand the agreements you enter into with Square. They are wordy and have some confusing legalese, but if you’re serious about keeping a stable Square account I would recommend that you read the Seller Agreement carefully.
The newest Square credit card machine is the Square Register POS system (pictured below), an integrated hardware/software bundle that features 2 screens – one customer-facing and one employee-facing. The customer facing screen includes built in card readers so customers can swipe/dip their cards themselves rather than hand them over to staff.
Be very aware of Square… without warning Square will close your account for no “Just Cause”. There is no legal, professional, business bases or proper reaonable cause for Square closing our account as we have been in business since 1980 with no problems with any credit card processor EVER… [otp_overlay]