“Square Merchant Processing for Farmers Markets”

And the company is expected to focus even more on data-driven products. The Square Cash app, for example, could offer new insights because it gives Square data on how people exchange money with one another. Square does not charge users to send money with the app, though Ms. Friar said it might ultimately find ways to make money from Square merchants who could accept money through it.
I have had ZERO holds placed, no chargebacks, and NO problems with customer service. I am able to help others here simply because I understand how Square works because I use it and AND have talked to them about issues that can come up and how to handle them using the number that is posted in the original article and re-posted all over this site. I support Square because I have had ZERO problems with them!
If something seems too good to be true, it probably is… Well, that’s an understatement when dealing with Square. This company has the worst customer service and is very underhanded in how it deals with merchants. They will “approve” you up front, send a reader, then after your first 2 or 3, or even 5 or 10 charges I’ve heard, they will ask for a bunch of personal information, bank statements, etc, then freeze your account for 90 days due to “high risk” activity. This happened to my company a year or so ago, but luckily, the 3 or 4 customers I had just run charges for did a chargeback, so I was able to re-run with my older, more expensive merchant bank. There are 1000’s of stories out there, where businesses have had large sums of money held for months or even years. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU HAVEN’T DEALT WITH THEM YET!!!! If you are a customer, stop using Square and cancel your bank account they link to immediately. Once you stop doing business, I have heard they will summarily withdraw funds, without informing you before or why they did it after. These people are inept at best and complete criminals at worst…
Square is rapidly becoming the small business system of choice for pay-as-you-go credit card processing with powerful, free Point of Sale (POS) software. Shopkeep is also a well regarded POS solution that, while not free, can be more economical for larger businesses. In this guide, we’ll compare Square vs ShopKeep in depth and explain when it’s best to use each.
I started to use square a week ago. I am HVAC contractor. The first transaction was 1700 and the day after I received a email asking for copy of the contract and my license which I sent them on Friday found out this a week later that they were deactivated my account and gave me one hour to refound the customer. Their email stated that my company is high risk. My company is 25 years in business. I recommend not to even consider a square account as they are a complete ripoff.
Extremely frustrating experience with Square Inc. I’ve never had such a difficult time trying speak to a company rep or agent in my life. And for the type of service that Square provides for people and businesses, that is just inexcusable and ridiculous. None of my funds have been released, since my first customer charge 30 days ago! And currently those charges totals over $3k. And now, after countless back and forth useless & auto-generated emails, 1 actual phone conversation (with a useless agent at that), they decided to deactivate my account…..and hold my funds for possibly 90 days!?! Absolutely absurd!
I was finding Squareup so convenient, I’ve recommended it to several small business owners. Now I’m finding myself sorry – and frightened – about what I’ve gotten myself into by working with Squareup. Square has taken over $1,000 from my account and I cannot get in touch with anyone in customer support (I wonder if there is customer support???) to explain why. I’m very frustrated. The email they sent me just said to go to their website, but there is no explanation there. I keep sending them urgent emails as they said I had a limited time to respond to them. I have to figure out how to cancel my contract with them and use another company. What should I do? Who can help me?
We used square register for a drive-through coffee stand. It is intuitive and quick. Two great features for a drive through. It’s record keeping and inventory abilities were lacking. Specifically, I wish there was a good way to utilize discounts or coupons but track them. They would easily apply but there wasn’t a way to report on how many or which were applied.
Yeah Square sucks big time, they limit everyone, you think one of the reasons is because of the level of intelligence of some of these sellers? Everything with business is geared towards customers. Customers can get away with stealing a product over and over again, and credit card companies, say oh well thats your problem and thats the cost of doing business. Credit card companies are the one’s that are responsible for all this fraud. You see on TV all the time, credit card companies and banks, especially PayPal, egging the buyer to file disputes because they sound like its perfectly legal and there’s nothing to it. Then they set the rules in opposition saying that if a merchant gets too many chargebacks because of what buyers do (and sellers have no control over it) they shut your account down. Credit card companies cause the problem and they blame sellers for it. Oh and these geniouses at Visa Mastercard, morons, oh the chip is supposed to get rid of fraud you cant dupiicate or copy the card. Idiots, the only thing those dumbasses, did was push all the fraud online making it even more difficult for ecommerce merchants to run a business. And yeah its going to get dumped on us, its time for merchants to fight back, go back to the old days of taking cash!
I agree 110% sounds like your in a business that was close to mine. I literally decided to do art and sell online instead of running an event planning company because of this. At least it was one of the top reasons!!!

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