“Square Merchant Processing Online”

Send invoices free from your Square Point of Sale and get paid faster. Customize your invoices, set up weekly or monthly recurring invoices from your Dashboard, and let customers pay online with a credit or debit card. Invoices are free to send and cost 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice paid online.
Other fees: None. This includes chargeback fees. Square even offers a chargeback protection program, which will cover the costs of eligible chargebacks, up to $250 per month, even if you don’t win the claim.
This provider has one of the most competitive pricing plans of any merchant account provider in the card processing industry. Fattmerchant also offers a month-to-month service agreement, no cancellation fees, no hidden fees, and processing options for virtually any business need.
Problem is Roger they are all the same and I mean all. I have had 3 different services in 15 years and they all go bad at some point, some after years of decent service. Up till now I haven’t had a problem with square. I had a customer make a mistaked charge back, with in hours he reversed the chargeback and had his credit card service contact square thet still took out the money Square said it would take 10 days for the funds to be deposited back into my account. OK fine but after 15 days I asked when I should expect the funds, I was told in 3-5 days more. That was almost a month ago. I received the :Good News: email stating that all was good but no money still and no answer, They stopped answering my emails. So now what do I do ?
Their lack of real-time customer support has cost me a government customer. The problem was theirs, could have been fixed quickly, finally was but not in time to prevent the loss of a customer. HINT: Always ask what merchant code they have applied to your business. The default of “GIFT STORE” will block many cards.
Square is not only a payment processor, it’s also a major player in the point-of-sale (POS) space as well as a fast-growing software company. Square differs from Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) like a Helcim and a Cayan in that Square doesn’t issue merchants a merchant account but instead aggregates its merchants under its account. Rather than charging cost-plus or interchange-plus pricing, it uses a flat fee structure (charging a 2.75-percent transaction fee for in-person swipes, taps, or dips). This way, every merchant pays the same regardless of size, though custom pricing is available by request for vendors that pull in more than $250,000 per year.
I am a consultant, so I don’t get to always swipe the card. I also have a contract on hand if there is ever a dispute and I keep meticulous records to show I’ve delivered a service. I’ve been charging cards like this for a 9 years.
Opening a small business is difficult enough without someone holding your funds for 90 days without reason, or explanation. I have written them 6 emails, tried to contact on Facebook and all I get back is a form letter saying our decision is final. They refuse to contact me via phone.
Each merchant service provider will have its own preferred credit card equipment and point of sale solutions, and your friendly payment processing specialist can guide you to the credit card machine best matched to your small business.
Square has no startup or monthly fees and supports both physical card swipes and keyed-in payments via its powerful mobile point-of-sale (POS) app. You get free mobile magstripe reader for swiping cards upon sign-up, but you must purchase a reader for processing EMV chip cards and contactless eWallet payments.
Omg every complaint on this message board applies to me. My customer’s credit card was swiped and the funds withdrawn. $2000 it says. I have been trying to contact someone for weeks. The transaction doesn’t even appear on my dash board yet I still have the receipt. What in the world is going on here???
I switch to Square hooked by the 2.75% no monthly fee. I happened to prepare for the biggest expo in central florida and happened to charge over $5,000 in transactions to coach on increasing scores on credit reports. Square deactivated my account because there transactions we got paid were mainly done with pre-paid cards. We focus on clients who mainly do not possess a credit card. No warning, $5115 held for six months. They are supossed to deposit my funds today. I will keep you posted.
If your client has a card on file you will be able to charge it using the payment add-on. Simply select “checkout” while viewing the desired appointment and proceed through the checkout process. You will be prompted to either use the card on file or a different card.
Here are a few of the most interesting Square statistics and Facts I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.
I promise you I am not employed by square and you can easily contact me, to prove it or do your research. I am a veteran of 13 years whom started a business and use square. I honestly would NEVER lie to anyone about something for a gain of any kind. I know there are those who would but I am NOT ONE OF THEM. I think it has to do with amounts of transactions, and types of businesses(as I assume most any merchant account would scrutinize). I do not do large transactions, I am a retail store so my transactions are average 60 dollars each and I have done refunds through them and ALL have worked. I was skeptical doing a refund after reading so many comments but the 3 I have done worked very well. I just wanted to give an honest opinion of my experience. I am working with square now to set up my second location and YES, there are bugs and YES I am a little frustrated but I have worked with financial industries in changing and square is handling their changes quite well compared to the fortune 500 company I worked for.

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