“Square Merchant Services Reviews Comparison”

This is the most awful company my husband and I have opened a plumbing company our first transaction was over 30000.00 they froze our account saying they had to do an account verification. This took over a week then they said I had to refund the money and now it’s been 3 weeks total and the customer still has not received his refund and we are a brand new business and this is drowning us. I would never use this company again
Its called .. reading the fine print people .. sheesh .. better yet do your homework before signing up or better yet … look at reviews and such …Ive had no problems so far and i made sure to read the user agreement before signing up .. If you would have read the agreement instead of skimming through and bypassing it ..then you would be well aware of the $1000 hold. I’m just saying .. do a little reading before jumping the gun. =0)
Same as everyone else. We started using Square when we opened our business. It was an affordable option and I had never had any issues with their service. Until recently when we actually needed HELP! As everyone states above, there is NO phone number you can talk to. There is no one you can call to help you solve an issue. We had a chargeback on our account and we were looking to dispute it since the customer did not follow our policy. Instead they would email us and tell us all the stupid stuff that is listed on their website. Then all of a sudden we weren’t getting our deposits. They said we had to reset our account, I did that and am in the process of billing our clients praying they will deposit our money since this is our we run our business – off of auto credit card payments. After not being able to reach a real person we will be moving to a new service. I’m very disappointed with they way they handle things. This is all of our lively hood and we survive off the money we bring in.
And second, “For your security, we have temporarily suspended deposits to your bank account. ” I have over $ 1,500.- in my Square account. For over a month, Square is profiting from the interests of my money, and causing a predicament for me, their customer whom they should serve instead of restrict. To me their statement not only sounds sarcastic – the only security risk to MY money is Square who has been withholding MY MONEY for months now!!!! – but like malversation.
Fast Company: “The result was the Square reader, which launched a year ago and which allows just about anyone to set themselves up to take credit card payments. Even you. Planning a garage sale and want to enable people to pay for your gerbil cages and Shawn Cassidy LPs by credit card? No problem. Square’s for you.”
Not realizing what a problem this might cause, I had paid off the credit card transaction three days after making it. Now American Express (an investor in Square, by the way) says that there is nothing that they can do for me because, by paying off the debited amount, I “authorized the transaction in full”.
They help ALL of our deposits. They flag an entire account, not just a certain transaction. This is detrimental to small companies that accept credit cards as a form of payment for their services. It’s illegal. They are trying to get around it with saying the terms and conditions that you accepts when you initially signed up for the account would protect them. But it is very broken…. This will come back around and bite them.
i started using square about 100 days ago, first transaction of about $500 went threw. i did another three transactions the next week after and i get an email about verification. they send me a code with a number that you cant find anywhere. i typed in the code and it takes you to a live customer support. they ask for some pics and receipts after sending them what they asked for. my acc got permanently deleted. and they have held $1500 of my money for over 90 days. i tried to call the same number and they ask for another code. i go back to my acc and it wont let me sign in. so basically im screwed i have no acc to retrieve a code from. i cant believe they havent been in a class law suit yet. this is total bs. how can you be a company dealing with businesses and only way to contact you is threw email or twitter. this company is a joke.
So here’s my problem. My account was hacked in December. Over $1000 processed through my business but sent to another account. Square confirmed the hack, closed my account on line and said no problems for me. I now get an email that one of the transactions is being disputed and my account will be billed. Hmm I say, I need to contact Square customer service and make sure this is not going to happen. And the merry chase begins for a customer code – which is the ONLY way you can get to the customer service line. BUT they closed my account, I cannot log in. So I cannot get said code. I try to re-establish account – but alas, my account already exists and I cannot get a new password. So my complaint – Square customer service sucks. I’m dropping any relationship with Square and no longer recommend them to anyone.
I have been using Square for several months and discovered that, with all of the half- and quarter-pennies they take per transaction I am paying more than their advertised 2.75% since they are rounding everything up to the nearest penny. This 2.75% is a per transaction fee so after a day of doing 150 charges Square is actually taking an additional $13.
What these companies are doing is hiding behind “ATT vs. Concepcion”, basically giving these big companies a “license to steal”. Who is actually going to go to Ca. from Ma. to an “Arbitration” hearing for $2, 3, $4 or even $6,000??? The problem is…..It’s not happening to consumers…..but business owners. What other card processing company has an “industry standard” of NO communication…..De-activating accounts with NO NOTICE……Holding funds from LEGALLY made transactions after getting ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT A BUSINESS THEY ASKED FOR????? NO DISPUTE PROCESS…….And ON AND ON AND ON………..They are committing credit card fraud themselves! They cannot just, make their own rules up as they go along. There are certain state and federal guidelines they have to follow. This company IS going to be “found out”, but NOT before many other small business owners, either suffer or go bankrupt. SQUARE is “bilking” THOUSANDS of dollars…..from THOUSANDS of small business owners! This isn’t just some small amount of money here. This HAS to be in the 10′s of millions. Move over “Bernie”…….You might have a new cell mate(s).
This company is a joke just like all the other ones. They all follow the same protocol. They will freeze your money with no explanation, close your account with no explanation, request personal information, then shut down your account afterwards, they all read the same script for liability issues. It’s like talking to a robot. They just repeat everything off 1 piece of paper to prevent any lawsuits he said vs she said scenarios. They don’t think outside the box, putting themselves in our shoes, because that would just make too much sense.
Of course I am not an expert in Massachusetts law, or any law for that matter, but I can tell you that Square’s practices are basically industry-standard – meaning that it’s the entire payment processing industry potentially breaking the law, not just Square. My opinion is that, while perhaps a case could be made in some states, Square’s legal team – based on legal precedents set within the industry at large – deemed it not a strong enough case to adjust their practices.
—Signing in to Square was often a nightmare. Often I would go to the sign in screen, enter the correct info, only to have it kicked back as incorrect. I went over this several times, to make sure I’d entered the correct information. It still kicked it back as incorrect. Eventually, it let me in, but the fact this happened was very significant. This is a site that will be holding my money. Can I trust a site that has problems just signing in?
Square Up does not charge any monthly, annual or start up fees. The only charges are the company’s processing rates listed below, which vary depending on whether a credit card is physically swiped or the card number is key-entered.
Absolutely the worst customer service and company I have dealt with. You should be aware that once you are set up, they can (at random) hold your money for up to 90 days (they do not disclose that during “the easy” sign up process).

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