“Square Mobile Payment Review Comparison”

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. If they decide not to release funds, they tell you they will get back to you within 24 hrs. B.S. They have my money, haven’t released it and it has been five days since this mess began. NO ONE EVER GETS BACK TO YOU and NO phone number!!!!
How would Square differentiate from other credit cards in the market? Anyone who has used a Citibank or other credit card knows what a hassle it is not only to keep track of purchases, but to keep up with statements and rewards. Square’s long-term aim was to simplify and clean this process up, with payments tracked through simple digital receipts, notifications, and so forth. What’s more, thanks to what the company knew from its data and risk team, Square felt that traditional metrics (such as FICO scores) were outmoded; if Square could tie a card directly to a bank account, it could essentially create a bank card with credit card-like benefits, but that would act as a debit card, to lower risk and liability. And unlike Square Wallet, Square’s plastic card would be accepted everywhere that takes debit cards, increasing the likelihood of consumer adoption. Members of the leadership team found the idea compelling, says one source, and “Jack decided to move forward with it.”
square is holding 1000.00 of my money. after we were told there were numerous chargeback on our account. we asked for proof. they sent one chargeback to us email. we sent them back invoices and proof and the customers signiture. this was not good enough. after many failed attemps to get info on other chargebacks. i emailed them 6 times. they never produced any other evidence. finally i received a email saying we are high risk. we will hold your funds for 180 days. until this is sorted out . and whatever is left we will send it to u. this is crazy. never experienced such a unprofessional company.
Square Register: The free Square Register software is required to use the Square Reader. It replaces the traditional cash register, and you can send invoices straight from the mobile device without payment on the front end.
I signed up for service with Intuit in about 5 minutes and after waiting a 24 hour period for American Express to approve and setup my merchant account, I was able to accomplish with Intuit what I couldn’t do with Square….NO assistance even needed. My transaction came back “declined” just as it had with Square, only this time with Intuit, I was able to key in the Manual authorization code American Express had provided.
I don’t even have a Square account and they claim they are going to take money out of my account. You can’t even call the company and resolve the matter. I have tried to e-mail them also. I guess if money comes out of my account, I will be talking to a lawyer.
So that’s the first disingenuity of Mr. Bergeron. People reading his statement probably think “oh, just one hour? then it must be really insecure”. Square was announced in early 2010, so VeriFone must have spent more than half a year on this stunt, figuring out the encoding is far from trivial, even if it’s not encrypted.
A one-time enthusiastic user of Square, I was forced to switch to an Intuit account today, and me and my customer are still out $13,200. Any business processing more than $1,000 per month or handling large transactions should be warned! Square accepted my large transaction only to later ask that I refund my customer’s money. Note: my customer did not request the refund. I’m out of product and Square has charged my customer $13,200 but has kept the money. Worst of all, they have not returned my phone calls or emails. This is the MOST disturbing aspect. Totally unacceptable and possibly illegal business practices. Anybody have a direct contact or know where complaints should be directed?
Square’s shortcomings in phone-based customer support are mitigated by its industry-leading (and I do mean it; I’m not just throwing that phrase around) knowledge base for self-service customer support. The vast majority of your questions regarding the Square system will be answered in this online user manual. It is truly extensive and contains helpful screen captures and walk-through for every single feature offered. This is, in my opinion, the gold standard for merchant services support pages.
They have horrible customer service. You can’t talk with anyone. All done by emails. They will admit most of the people working at Square are young and inexperienced. You can tell by the limited communication they offer and how they respond.
Purchased the Square device last week. Set up account. Took first payment from a customer on Saturday. Checked account Monday morning March 21, 2016 only to see no deposit. Checked Square account. Had a notification that they needed more information (government ID, receipts, invoice etc). Sent what I had. Called them at 12:00PM my time which is 9AM their time. Said they received the information. Got an email a few hours later that they needed bank statements. Sent them VIA fax. Called them back 45 minutes later. The guy (very rude) said once I hung up with him he would process the information. Here is the swift kick to the butt, they sent me an email saying they had cancelled my account due to suspicious activity. How the heck is their suspicious activity if I only made one transaction? I had done one Saturday but cancelled it because the device wasn’t working. Got it to finally work so their was only one transaction showing. Contacted the customer and let them know that I was issuing a refund. Then find out it takes 2-5 days to do that. So all in all, I have to wait over a week to get paid for work that has been done which was a residential repaint. So as far as I am concerned, if you want to waste your money on a Square device and only be able to contact someone IF you have a customer code, go for it. THIS WAS A BIG WASTE OF TIME AND $10 +TAX FOR A PIECE OF PLASTIC TO PLUG INTO MY PHONE. “SQUARE” CAN SHOVE IT AS FAR UP ITS BUTT AS IT WILL GO. WILL NEVER WASTE MY TIME OR MONEY ON THEIR CRAP AGAIN!!
Accepting credit cards will always come with some risk, but using a merchant account can help you to minimize the risk. If you only need the account to be active during certain months of the year, any of our preferred merchant account providers can help you to set up a seasonal account so you can avoid monthly fees during inactive months.
A main competitive advantage that has allowed Square to hold the top spot in the mobile processing market has been the company’s ability to offer a flat processing rate with no credit card transaction fee. Until PayPal Here, competing mobile solutions relied on traditional merchant accounts often paired a third-party mobile application like ROAMpay where transaction fees can range upwards of $0.25.
In my opinion, Square Up is a fraudulent company allowed to operate legally! I have a customer whose goods I shipped to Germany, he gave me a deposit via Square Up in September 2013. On December 15, I received an email from them that I have 15 days to prove my case to them. First, they deactivated my account so I cannot send them proof and today the 17th two days after receiving their email I noticed a debit in our account. I contacted my bank, on my way to them with all proof and to informed them that I need not order Square Up to debit my account and demanding they cancel the hold on my account. Everyone needs to do this. The bank on the phone told me that they will proceed with this once it is debited. I am on my way there to make sure that they hear it directly from me …. I did not authorized this debit and they need to cancel it NOW!
About the Pricing: This pricing is an estimate based on limited available information. In some cases, the Processors’ pricing information was provided directly by the company, in others, we obtained it from public information, through calls to the company, or through past or current clients of the company. Where, despite these efforts, we were unable to obtain any information about certain fees, we used estimates based on similar providers in the industry. While we’re working, in some cases, with the company directly to get more accurate pricing, even in those circumstances, we can’t guarantee the pricing’s accuracy. Complicating all of this, is that for some companies individual salespeople are given authority to modify terms on a deal by deal basis. In any case, if you know of an error, please let us know and we’ll fix it.
I am not a subscriber of Square nor have I signed up for Square and yet, when my credit card is swiped, all of my personal info is printed out for this shop to save or dispose of as they wish. It appears whether or not you are a subscriber or customer, they are collecting info.
I have a small business and switched to Square this year from Chase Paymentech. I wish I had done this years ago as I have saved so much money. However, I notice that they take money from my customers and hold on to it for a lot longer than Chase did.
Theory 3 “Inception Mindfuck”: just as easy as I came up with these two theories I now got you to ponder techniques what other exploits there might be. Even if none of these are easy to pull of or maybe even impossible, there are still doubts that have been implanted into your opinion.

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