If there is no activity in your Square Account (including access or payment transactions) for at least two years, consecutively, and you have a Balance, we will notify you by sending an email to the email address associated with your Square Account and give you the option of keeping your Square Account open and maintaining the Balance, withdrawing the Balance, or requesting a check. If you do not respond to our notice within thirty days, we will automatically close your Square Account and escheat your funds in accordance with applicable law, and if permitted, to Square.
In addition to making the small bucks as a science fiction writer, I have a day job. I run a game store which hosts events and serves the local community here in Brooklyn, but also sells games and collectibles online and at shows/conventions.
Square’s business model is dependent on being able to establish their solution (app+swiper+online) being seen as just as trusted as any other POS device. So the real nefarious intent of VeriFone is to discredit their way of input.
Since YOU REFUSED the full payment from the customer, I requested it to be refunded. YOU REFUSED to refund the payment. INSTEAD you REFUNDED ANOTHER CUSTOMER in the amount of $1100. What on earth??? You EVENTUALLY sent us $564.
I have for one by mail, never got it, I bought one can get it to down load because my e-mail has been used before by me trying to get the first devise, because my email and passwords have never worked together. I can’t talk to you, this is the first time I a have even found anyway in which to make some sort of contact. It seemed like a great idea, my friends device work, but no matter what I do, just can’t seem to get anywhere. So what’s a person to do?????? Got any ideas??? Or would it be better that I just return the device to the store??? Francis Howell
The Pod Time square was outstanding. The front desk helped me so much. Thank you for your outstanding service. The rooms where very clean. I want to personally thank Larry Penso for the help he gave my family, and making my stay wonderful. I recommend…More
So to be clear, it might be someone else’s fault, but if you get a chargeback, it is on YOU small business owner, to get that sorted out AND KEEP CASH ON RESERVE to cover Square’s profits, and to do all this within 15 days
If you’d prefer to receive funds more quickly, you should consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seeking alternate forms of payment. (Please note that we will refund all the fees, too.)
I love this service. I got my money right away and was able to do away with $45 buck a month plus fees on transactions. If you are a small business and handle a few transactions a month this is the service for you…hands down
Square wouldn’t line up with my bank tried to get customer service, the response was don’t expect a response, they were right I got no response. I spoke with my bank manager to see if it was something on my end, the banks end. Bank said Do Not Use Square. People lost money or held for super long time. And worst of ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I’m in a service type business, YOU NEED GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, IF NOT CUSTOMERS GO ELSEWHERE.
I have nothing good at all to say about this company, I should’ve just known better and went with PayPal from the start. The only reason I picked square is because they were running a promotion that had no fees attached for your first $1,000 received when you referred a new user. I used square to accept payment from customers that were using prepaid cards. Square instantly locked my account, stating my account was terminated, freezing all my funds saying I violated the Terms of Agreement by accepting prepaid cards. They said they were holding my funds up to 180 days (but not less than 150 days) or depending how they felt, they were holding my funds until farther notice. Really?! Funny thing is, the seller agreement literally contradicts itself, it makes absolutely no sense! Section 6a states prepaid cards are not a acceptable form a payment, yet section 11 says they are. Who writes these things?! I tried reaching out to them, which you are forced to do via email because their phone number requires a customer number, which is impossible to obtain (trust me, I requested one many times). I’m convinced their customer service department doesn’t even exist because they never both to even acknowledge their customers. After many emails to them over the course of almost 2 months with no reply, I threatened legal action in an email and got a reply stating my account termination decision was final. I replied back stating I didn’t care about my account termination, only my funds and wanted to know if they would be unfrozen within a realistic time frame and if they would still be fee free when they were released. Needless to say, they never replied back. Thankfully I was still within the refund period so I issued all my customers a refund so I could accept payment from them another way. Talk about a pain, you try chasing down 15 customers that you did business with nearly 2 months ago telling them you need a new form of payment. In the end, I’m thankful that square terminated my account, they were only doing me a favor, saving me from their complete lack of service!
I use GoPayment and really like it. They have a free headphone jack card reader but I bought a Mophie card reader case for my iPhone that works much better than the headphone jacks: more stable on the phone and swipes correctly each time. Rates are pretty comparable to Square and no contracts. They have 2 plans: one with $12.95 monthly fee and lower-than-Square swipe rates, one with no monthly fee and Square-comparable swipe rates. Call them, they have great customer service.
Square apparently does accept gift cards. Perhaps what customer service meant was that they don’t want you using your own gift card on your own device to effectively cash out your gift card. – Ben Miller Jul 24 ’14 at 13:07
Charles I disagree with you. I think you have the information backwards. The only thing I can do is a refund 100% percent which is correct if there was a void option then the customers would never be charged. That would allow me to erase the transaction and running the second time and no one would be charged for the initial incorrect transaction. The problem is the return requires somewhere between 3 to 7 business days to go back into the clients account so I usually end up having to give a cash difference on the spot if by accident I hit the wrong keys and over charged my client. it would not seem fair to have to make a client wait for refund when it was not their fault in the first place. And I agree Square has terrible to nonexistant customer service.
I have 30 years experience running a retail point of sale and dealing with banks and merchants. I have never seen a company that takes in 100’s of millions in revenue and has no phone support or decent client customer service. After using Square for 1 year without any issues, no charge-backs and no complaints, they suddenly shut down my account. When trying to obtain the reason for closing the account, they sent an email that reads:
They have held over $6,000 from our small business for two months even after we have submitted the requested documentation – they just keep asking for more. They are impossible to reach by phone and throw up barrier after barrier to obtaining payment. I wish I had read these comments before using them. A frustrating mess and terrible experience. We will never use them again and I would never recommend them to anyone. Not sure how we are going to get our money out of them. They have managed to make it extremely difficult to resolve issues.
After a year of successful use of Square we ran into our first issue with their equipment after a Square update. It has taken over 10 days and we have had zero solution. All I get from the technical department is a run-a-round. When they finally agreed to send us new printers they sent then ground so I had to wait a week to get them. When they did arrive they too did not work. This is not surprising since we knew the issue wasn’t with the equipment but with the app after it upgraded. Square has continued to charge me for every credit card processed and has offered no concrete solutions. One of the things that surprised me most was when a technical support person told me that they are not able to send anything overnight. So if you sign up with square and something breaks, plan to wait at least a week to get a replacement part and chances are that won’t be the fix. If you are contemplating getting square, contact me first. I am now looking for a new service provider and POS option.
I own a small retail store that does a high volume of credit card purchases. I recently signed up wIth Square. The first week of doing business with square they deposit all credit card funds the next day in my bank account. To date, August 23rd, they have not made any deposits into my account for over 1 week & are holding over $8300 of money. I need this money to pay rent, payroll, sales tax, etc. I gave tried to call Square over a dozen times & have never been able to reach anyone & all calls are cut off without taking any msgs. I have written at least 5 e-mails & none have been answered. I have received no letters, e-mail or notifications as to why they are withholding my funds. I will go out if business if they continue to hold my funds. A small business that does over 65 % in credit cards must be able to access their money to continue. They have no customer service at all & the guidelines they have on their website gives one a false representation of their true business practices. I cannot imagine anyone ever using Square that runs a busy retail business.
They took out their percent right away. I manually put credit card in but can’t understand why I would have to wait this long. They are slow and unresponsive to email support. When dealing with finances you should never have email support only.
After the long waited 30 days passed, i still had not received my funds. After numerous emails, i was contacted by someone requesting a government issued ID and invoices for my sales. FINE, i was pissed off that they didn’t request this information earlier but WHATEVER.