“Square Payment Reviews Summary”

I am a personal trainer. I used square 9-15 times a month for the first 2 months I had them then in January I opened my own gym. And started using square more often never having an issue. When we opened the gym the plan was to start auto billing the eft for march. Well the setup didn’t happen in time and I was in a bad spot so on Monday march 3rd I did the monthly gym charges manually so we could have the funds for rent ect. It ended up being 91 transactions so square notified me by email Tuesday of my account being under review and on temporary hold. I then submitted all the paper work they requested. Then I called them Tuesday just before close of business with my passcode and the gentleman was very weird and didn’t seem to want to talk to me. Then on that evening I recieved a call that I was deactivated due to being high risk and my $1716.20 was going to be held for 90 days until they would deposit in my account. I then spent all of Wednesday in between my busy day searching for a phone number. The email system they have wasn’t working. So on Thursday I decided to try the one number I found for them. And when u call in it loops you back to the message after every time it plays. So I started to play the extension game and after each time you press a button that starts to lead to am extension it would give u a pause. Well 2 hours later I got my first working extension and it went to tech support and I blew that extension up until they called me back and refused to help me. After hanging up on me twice. I then started my mission again. And this time I got to a live person name Shawn. Well after going back and forth he helped me. He worked for the IT department. He seemed impressed at how much effort I put in to getting a hold of a person. Within four minutes of hanging up I had a email that my funds were suddenly released. And then this morning march 7th the funds were in my acct. I would say that yes this was extreme but they had MY money and I needed it. I will never speak a positive word of square ever!! I would say if your in the same situation as me play the same angle I did. It worked. Any questions u can email me. Hope I helped someone.
I want to thank all those who’ve posted here and described the problems they’re suffering. It seems clear that I should avoid Square, if only because I can then provide better customer service to my customers than Square does for its’ customers.
We regret that, starting today, you will no longer be able to process transactions using Square. Any funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days before being released to your linked bank account.
So to be clear, it might be someone else’s fault, but if you get a chargeback, it is on YOU small business owner, to get that sorted out AND KEEP CASH ON RESERVE to cover Square’s profits, and to do all this within 15 days
Your other option is to use an iPad POS app that will integrate with your gateway/merchant account. Have you spoken with your merchant account provider to see if they have a recommended mobile solution? This might be a good place to start if you go this route. You should also consider that Authorize.Net actually offers a free mobile app, mPOS. I haven’t tested it, but it seems solid enough. You have to buy the card reader, but it’s only about $10.
Since Square itself is PCI compliant, we don’t require account holders to validate PCI compliance. Merchants who use Square for all storage, processing, and transmission of payment card data do not to validate PCI compliance for those transactions. 
No matter what you pick, be scrupulous in reading all the information available as there are various little limitations and special conditions that you might run into. For example, rewards cards, corporate cards, and certain other types may not qualify for the cheaper swiped processing rates. So, before you go with anything, read all the fine print.
If you are processing more than $15,000 per month in card sales we recommend ShopKeep. Because ShopKeep charges roughly 0.5% less than Square in credit card processing fees, the savings at this point begin to outweigh the $69/month cost of ShopKeep. In addition, you will now be at a scale where you can take advantage of the extra features ShopKeep provides, like raw materials management and employee management.
i to had problems with them they are holding 975.00 of my money for 90 days and will not answer my e mails or any questions on the phone they suck for custmer service if i ran my business this way i would be out of busniess they are a scam stay way
WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SQUARE SERVICES TO ANYONE. They are quick to inform you how easy it it to use until you do a transaction. Then they HOLD YOUR FUNDS up to half a year, are unreachable, take forever to reply, demand all information from you. And after you comply and provide all information that they requested. They simply CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT EXPLANATION and simply say its due to risk. Im not the only one that had this happen too. MANY OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAD THE EXACT SAME ISSUE. SQUARE IS A PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER.
I’ve reached out to Square for clarification on its security procedures and fraud protections, and will update this article once it responds. But right now it looks like using Square Cash at least opens people up to the possibility that a hacker could empty their checking account.
Advanced reporting: Square offers some of the best online reporting you’ll see in a pay-as-you-go provider (and even many monthly fee-based providers). You can generate real-time reports by the hour, day, week, month, or year from your online Square Dashboard, with many reports available in the iPad app. Reports can focus on specific item categories, mobile staff sales, sales by item, sales by payment method and more. Many of the reports are exportable by CSV. Speaking of data, though, Square also offers another gem:
Laurie, if you did card not present transactions (non swiped transaction) that is fully disclosed in the agreement. You can however apply for an increased transaction line. Just contact Square at (415) 375-3176
Processor: Square, Inc. defines its business as a “payment service provider” that facilitates payment processing. In other words, Square is a middle man, or aggregator, that acts between you and all the credit card companies and banks that you might do business with in your role as a business owner who uses Square. Their processor is Chase Paymentech and JP Morgan Chase is Paymentech’s acquiring bank.
If you’re willing to pay a bit extra, there are even more great things in store for you. For instance, you’ll find a very reasonably priced gift card solution, a solid booking system, customizable loyalty programs, and an absolutely gorgeous new register with a customer-facing display.
Without going into taxing details about my company’s problem with Square, let me just say that they are holding funds of over $500.00 that I was paid using Square over one month ago! As it turned out, there was a miscommunication with one of my biggest customers due to my company name not being recognized by their new employee, and therefore he disputed the charge after it was already paid. Square emailed me and told me how to get the chargeback reversed. Between my customer, their bank, and myself we followed all instructions – yet they are still holding my funds!! It’s obvious that their answers to any questions or frustrations that I’ve had are copy/pasted in all of their emails to me. (they don’t accept phone calls for customer service!) Horrible to do business with!! And completely unethical, since everything they’ve asked for has been sent to them. I don’t know how they get away with it, but there doesn’t seem to be a way around it unless I want to fly up to San Francisco to their office to get this worked out! But then I’m sure their doors are locked so that they don’t have to confront any of their customers. Does anyone have any suggestions???
That makes sense given the vendor is the chokepoint/leverage point closet to the transaction, going to the consumer is admirable but the automation of operations clearly cannot yet scale. Bitcoin’s promise is seductive in its idealistic efficiency that allows the value players to keep more of the value they provide. It will be great when all this stuff mature – great for the consumer, great for the vendor and the intermediary will…… will the writings on the wall. The only question is for how long the special interests of these powerful intermediaries can hold back the tide of technology through the artifice of regulation as technology remakes their business beneath them and they struggle to reinvent their business. They should not give up hope- after there is still a horse and buggy trade out there somewhere still 😉
Wow nice going!!! That’s fantastic… I can’t see why something can’t be done about square… They advertise it loads on tv. Too bad they don’t do it like commercials for medication with all the side effects…
Hi, Tom … our family has a seasonal income tax service. This year we have had several requests from our clients to pay with debit or credit cards. Since we don’t expect a large number or cards to be accepted, we are considering using Square for the simplicity. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You
I have used Square a little bit over the past year for small orders. I just decided to shut down my traditional Merchant Account and use Square full time. But now I regret it – I just took an order for a $4,000 painting. Square is holding half the money for a MONTH! Now, I can’t ship it until the funds are received. My customer is angry, and Square hasn’t responded to my email (48 hours ago).
Square automatically deposits funds to your linked bank account within 1-2 business days. Instant Deposit is available for a 1% fee of the deposit amount. Learn about your deposit options with Square.
Did you see the post with Sqaure’s attorney information? I would also go to their page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/square and let them know what you think. They rarely check it (SURPRISE) and I have posts warning people still up there!
I have commented before on Square and not been completely dissatisfied but certainly when it comes to customer support it definitely suxxxxxxx . Switching to payanywhere. Created an account, have talked to a real person on customer support and sent an email with a couple questions. Very quick and informative response. Was unable to use Square’s Register because it is not supported with Android. Payanywhere does seem to have an inventory/pos in it’s app so looking forward to using it. or not???
When plugged into your mobile device’s headphone jack and combined with an iOS or Android app (no Windows Phone support yet), the readers let you swipe your credit card to pay for purchases, effectively turning your phone or tablet into a point of sale terminal. Recently, Square has been branching out into other areas of the mobile payment space, too, releasing its Square Register iPad app to compete more directly with traditional cash registers. The company says that its readers are now available at 20,000 retailers across the US, but that number drops to zero abroad, while competitor PayPal has been going aggressively after the international market.
“We’ve been with Dharma Merchant Services for probably about seven years now. I liked all of the information they provided upfront and the fact that they had been in the business for a long time. I’ve gotten great customer care and support from them over the years. The fees are very reasonable. If a client doesn’t already have a merchant account provider chosen or is not using their bank, we will recommend Dharma.”
Out of so many hold funds they are keeping, I believe they are plundering using their policies to appear it is legitimate for them to hold our money. I think there should be a recourse we can take to hold them criminal liable for using our sales proceed as their own funds. I think they should have civil liability to us for disrupting our business flow, they should not only return of our sales proceed but also for pay damages for cost our money there are using.
I fiiiiinally got a hold of Upsquare on Tuesday (10/11/11) and they told me I had to verify my bank account which I did the same day. to this date Thursday 11/13/11 @ 11:30 a.m. there’s still NO funds deposited in my account!!!
I obtained a Square for business at tradeshows for our company. There are international tradeshows that occur over the weekends not allowing direct connection for credit card approvals via the home office. The device seemed easy to work with, spoke of direct access to depositing funds from the charges at these tradeshows into our company account and provided professional receipt correspondence to the customer on each transaction.
I recently made payment through this money request from a dealer using it for the first time…they told me the company wanted to hold her money for 6 months , so we are trying to refund me …it is not going very well so far with little to no customer support…if these crooks think there going to hold and steal my money they have another thing coming
I was very happy when i first got square about 6-7 months ago. I’ve only done 3 transactions using cc most of my business is done with cash. I’ve never had a problem until 2 days ago I recieved an email stating a withdraw was made and to contact customer support which is almost impossible after emailing them to find out why I was charged i received an email stating they will contact within 24 hours well 36 hours later and no response. Ive called the number and got a voicemail and emailed them again with no response. Ive contacted my bank to dispute this and when I get this situation taken care of I will be deleting my account. Square has no customer sevice so beware if theres a problem you will see NO results. And I do have proof as i have copied the emails ive sent. You’ve been warned.
P.S. I am greatful for the honest vendors who posted positive comments. My negative reaction to SquareUp is that there seems to be little or no interest in their part of ensuring the integrity of all their vendors matches your own. Until they mature as a company and clean up their business practices, legal agreements, and so on, then I would be disinclined to use them as either client or vendor. I am in agreement with the sentiment that credit card companies are often extremely hostile. But, as a consumer, using those companies, and paying off balance on time each billing cycle, I actually get paid by my credit card company. They will wipe you out of existence if not treated with respect and used wisely. But that’s a responsibility of each person to use their credit wisely.

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