Credit card processing is traditionally thought of as an at-the-counter transaction, where a merchant takes hold of a person’s credit card and swipes it at the register. The problem with this setup is that mobile merchants (those who rarely hang out…
I do about 15,000 a month using Square. We love the interface and the support hasn’t been bad via email. We have never had any transactions held and this is after 10 months worth and 500 of them a month.
I’m from Jordan in the middle east region, , i need to know where the square used in the middle east and if there are any square clients in Jordan ? i really like and love to have this technology in hand and i’m support it.
Yes you can limit your employees access so they will not be able to cancel a ticket unless they enter a code. Honestly, I have not tested this, and you may have to set up, and be charged, separate employee accounts.
This is one of the challenges of using Square. Most merchants have no idea when they will cross the invisible line and trigger an account suspension or investigation by Square. A busier-than-average month or a significantly larger-than-average ticket are good ways to attract unwanted attention from Square’s risk department, which might request additional information from you to verify.
Thank you so much. In a thread with a lot of haters it’s nice to hear something not awful about them. I know a few people who also use them and haven’t had a problem but it’s nice to hear other people elsewhere have had positive experiences.
I suggest a real merchant account with a rep who is your first point of contact. As long as the average ticket is more than $20 there are much lower fees available. Paypal rates are also higher, that is why there are no monthly fees.
I had a contractor do some work for me on my house. He billed me by sending me an invoice through square. I paid the bill in full (my mistake), and i don’t have a square account. I just paid the invoice. he did half the job, and hasn’t showed up in 2 weeks. I have called and emailed him, but he doesn’t respond. Is there a way to get a refund through square for this, or am i screwed because i don’t have a square account. reading reviews tells me they are terrible at customer support, so it sounds like im screwed
But of course on a $100 regulated debit transaction Square makes $2.75 and only pays $0.46. Square makes their money back on larger transactions. Merchants with an average ticket under $20 are likely to pay less with Square than with a traditional processor, all said and done. They give up a certain amount of flexibility and stability, but for low-volume merchants faced with paying $50+ just for POS software elsewhere, Square is hard to pass up.
DO NOT USE SQUARE!!! Nothing but horrible experiences with this company. You will run into a problem with them and when you do, there is no avenue for support. What happened in my case is they out of no where froze my accounts and to reactivate asked for every piece of information you could imagine. This included: all of my corporate documents, bank statements, LinkedIn information, scans of every document you could imaging, more than the government asks for.They may have had a good reason for asking for all of this, but who knows, they never told me and there are no avenues to find out. I have had to deactivate my account and get my clients to contact their credit card companies to remove the charges held in my account.Nothing but horrible experiences with this company, I would recommend using any other company before giving them a try,
Connect to the internet, log in to your account, and examine the entire feature menu. Check out your customers, see all your transactions, search and edit customer lists, send invoices, track sales reports, adjust your settings, and get quick answers to common questions.
Based on what you’ve seen from BBB complaints, if your account is suspended, you may be able to get reinstated if you provide the necessary documentation. This doesn’t always happen, however. Some merchants encounter holds, then provide the information Square requests for verification purposes only to receive a termination notice.
Square works just like a bandage. Its good for temporary events. It should not be considered a long term solutions for businesses. People can use it for yard sales and other fund raising events But if you are going to be in business everyday then get something permanent.
I began my business with Square because of the ease and simplicity of start up. After 2 $3,000 sales my account was deactivated and the funds held for 90 days. The problem with square is there is no explanation: “Due to security purposes, merchants are not informed which of the conditions they have violated.” – See more at:“. There is also no customer service and virtually no vehicle to contact a representative to discuss any situation whatsoever!
I’ve heard both success stories and horror stories with Square in a full-service restaurant. But the low price tag may justify the risk, at least for a trial. Otherwise, check out our restaurant POS information. The bottom line is that Square certainly does try to provide all the tools needed to run a small full-service restaurant, and sometimes it works well. But there are some features that just aren’t there. I’d say test it out before committing to a full switch.
the worst customer service ever there is no way to speak to a human as they dont publish their phone number .our funds are hold for 3 months and we are trying to change the banking information for over a month now . We did it only as the only option available after 20 days it is still showing the old account that . we sent several emails no answer there are several other companies cheaper and more customer friendly as Square does not care about their customer . we all the profit they making on small business owner they can afford to have someone answer the phone . i DO NOT recommend this company to any business owner
I have a square that I use one day a week for small transactions. I am currently using it om my husband’s iphone because I don’t have a smart phone, but I am having problems with the app. I was able to contact customer service and they recommended uninstalling the app and reinstalling. This fixed the problem for a couple of weeks and now I am having the same problem again. I am thinking about getting a pay-per-use smart phone with a data only plan to use just for the square. Do you recommend a specific model or know of any models that don’t work with the square?
I love square. For a small business like mine that does 99% of its business off line its perfect. Set up took some time for approvals but I was OK with that. I’ve also never had a problem with payments. I was a bit concerned that they use twitter for support but for the 2 minor problems I’ve had, it was fine. I was able to connect a printer barcode scanner and cash drawer and love that with a flip of a switch I can sell that item online with their market place or copy some side to my web site and sell it there. My only complaint is setting the shipping for the market. They say they are working on a shipping calculator so I can wait. There is no way I could get all the square offers for less money some where else. I am very grateful.
But if you are just starting out, your process payments infrequently, or you are still processing a low volume each month, Square could be an amazing tool. Even mid-sized to larger businesses can benefit from everything Square offers.
My wife had 5,000 “pending for over a month, 5 emails to square and not one reply. Pretty scarey with no recourse other than to file a complaint to the BBB in San Francisco Fortunately we had relationships with our customers were able to refund them and they paid up by other means. The only thing that see to work with square is the refund policy.
Not only are they holding $6,113.00 from me…..But State Sales Tax on LEGALLY sold goods in the Commonwealth of Ma. I think “their” legal team of “DEWEY, CHEATUM, and HOWE” , missed this little tidbit. My fiscal quarter ended 10/21/14. Sent my “Letter of Demand” in on 10/14/14. Was received by them on the 16th. We’ll see what they say. In the Commonwealth of Ma……If no response is received…….then “their” contract or “USER” agreement is, IN FACT…..null and void! Read the news people! The company is IN TROUBLE! With wide losses and a new round of $150 Million in funding from overseas investors. ALSO……this BIG pool of money being held from ALL of us being “duped” by Square, is supposedly held in an account. NOW……Is this LARGE pool of CASH, (OUR CASH), being used by SQUARE as leverage, to show a better cash position to investors than the company actually has??? My guess is it’s in the 10’s of millions…..judging by the complaints and amounts of money I think they are holding. Of course……That would be a SERIOUS violation of SEC rules. Anyone know what the daily interest rate is, on say…..$10 million dollars in cash!?? OH…..and by the way…….If the card transactions I made are considered “high risk” or fraudulent…..Then why did SQUARE extract their own fees….like IMMEDIATELY? Think about how Jack Dorsey portrays himself in interviews. This seemingly soft spoken…..meek…..6′ 4” gentle giant. Wolf in sheep’s clothing I say! We need to act fast here, as this has been going on for years. Only now, MORE AND MORE business owners are being taken by these devious tactics of this company! It seems to be a pattern. Most of what I see are the transactions between $1,000 and $10,000 are most at risk. I just cannot believe that “class action” hasn’t been filed yet? Think about the “trickle” effect of these funds being held for NO good reason…….Small businesses file bankruptcy…..THEIR employees are now out of work. Larger suppliers of these companies cannot get their funds… they take a loss. In my case…….which I was able to cover the funds being held, (but some businesses just cannot and NEVER recover), 4 other people would have lost their jobs! I provide a MUCH needed, and “highly specialized”, service to Western Massachusetts. If my business didn’t survive this “theft”, there would be literally hundreds of customers without use of their heating appliances this winter! Anyone who wants to go “CLASS ACTION”…. Contact me at TMS PELLET STOVE SERVICES….90 East Housatonic St. Dalton Ma. 01226 1-413-684-4590………..PS HEY SQUARE TEAM……..You can also call me, and actually see that “I” am a LEGALLY RECOGNIZED BUSINESS IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS. :-)>
Has anyone’s money ever been released or does anyone know how to get there money released? They’ve been holding my husband’s funds for almost 30 days now and stated that we have to wait for 90. He’s a mechanic and also sells cars, of course his transactions are going to be a bit on the high side. Even had the client attempting to contact square to verify proof of payment and so on… No customer service… This sucks.
If each stylist’s sales need to go to individual accounts, it can all be handled on one machine but each stylist will need to log in to their own account before the sale (and log out afterward, to avoid errors). No aggregate information will be collected; the separate accounts (including things like inventory and reports) will exist completely independently.
I have used Square for a year running my small coffee shop. I have never had any problems getting the money deposited on time, and the instant deposit function has been a lifesaver for me. I have had a couple of issues getting my debit card accepted on the instant deposit, but it is a Beta function so I understand they will have some bugs. Overall, Square has been great for my business and I wouldn’t go with anyone else.
The trickiest part of the situation you’re describing is the need for offline processing. Browser-based virtual terminals will required wifi or data, as will most mobile processing apps. Aside from Square, the only app I know of that can do this is the M+ Terminal from goEmerchant. (Maybe worth checking out.)
This company facilitates fraud. I received a 450 dollar fraudulent charge from a cab through the Square payment gateway. I am investigating this with the police because I have a name from the card payment that matches up with a taxi driver. Square gives me no information so I just have the name to go off of. The bank sided with him because he has a receipt after he manipulated the device to have a different number than the taxi meter. It is illegal to use Square in Boston said the police officer I spoke to. Square should be help more accountable for this. You should not be allowed to have a merchant account with no information… I bet a lot of their merchants commit fraud regularly.They literally gave me no information on this transaction after I emailed them a bunch of times.
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