“Square Reader Reviews Summary”

I opened my company in 2001.Had no customer complains ever. Even in this case my customer signed legal affidavits that he does not want the money back but they did not care. Close your account before they clean you out and push you to bankruptcy as they did with others. I was lucky acting fast on my attorneys advise. I went to a different bank where they had no access to my money anymore.
The main con is that Square’s transaction fees are very high compared to a traditional merchant processing company. You just have to remember that you are paying for convenience and ease-of-use. One trick is to contact square (after having a few months of transaction data) and ask them to lower your rate.
I am trying to get in touch with someone to discuss my account because it now appears that my payment card processing has been deactivated. I was never contacted and now you have all of my hard earned money from the weekend. Please contact me immediately!!!!!!!!! forevercheercanada@gmail.com
you will have devoloped better ways to please every one, it is to professional use these excuses at any given moment non the less especially doing it at the merchant’s expense. Let your merchant acknowledge and agree to your not so good policies before you tie up their money for months at a time, It’s bad enough you get a good chunk of it up front, if you suspect fraud or other wise, you should not eccept the charges made especially the larger amounts as I have experienced with you because
In addition to processing credit cards on mobile devices, Square offers additional services to help small merchants run and grow their businesses. These include a financing program and e-commerce capabilities.
If you’re successful envy invariantly follows. It’s up to you to reduce exposure of your weak spots but you better be prepared when your main competitor declares war on you. As an engineer you might think that an additional security layer might not gain you any additional safety. But costs of having to undo the bad publicity drummed up by your competitor might by far outweigh the engineering cost of securing your interfaces up front. Better safe than sorry.
I have been trying and trying to get a phone number, and to get in contact with the Square Up Company. I found nothing to even help me on line either. I have found no way in which to get in contact with any kind of verbal support. How are you to trust a product, or find out anything, when there is no one to talk to. I am taking this purchase back to the store, Good luck for the next person!!!! Francis Howell
I received an email receipt of FRAUDULENT charges on my credit card by one of their businesses, that does not exist. No customer service? This company needs to be shutdown!!! They are taking alot of money from merchants and customers!!!! Why is this company allowed to continue???? I’m appalled.
You can definitely go into Square’s online environment to see payment history. I just looked, and the individual transaction detail is there, and you can export it to a spreadsheet. Also, I get an email every time I do a payment, so I have my email history too.
However, if the staff is using your hardware i.e Ipad and printer then it might not be possible. Because he or she must have access to your square password and bank account in order to re-route the payment.
Paypal has NOT paid for accreditation. That is illegal and NOT how you gain accreditation. You may want to watch what you write.. Remember when you write something it is defamation of character, speaking it is slander.
However, if you opt for a merchant account, you typically get access to a free gateway that you can link to whatever eCommerce software you choose. Then you reap the benefits of well-done SEO and strategic paid advertising and can develop a long-term presence. If you do switch down the line, it’s simply a matter of connecting the new gateway. There’s no guarantee of 100% compatibility, but you do have a greater number of options.
Square waits to make sure that the ACH payment from your bank account goes through without an NSF before authorizing the payment to the customer. This is assuming that you don’t have anything in your Square balance, because that will be used first. This process takes time, which is why it can take up to 7 days to process the refund, and up to 14 days for the customer to be paid back. They don’t want to have to take you to collections to get their money.
“Square Feedback prompts customers to send feedback on their experience directly to the business owner through their digital receipt,” the company said in announcing the new service for which merchants will pay a monthly fee of $10. “Sellers can also respond directly to customers, resolve issues one on one, and protect their reputations.”
It might sound like I’m nitpicking, but a company that doesn’t know how to reach small businesses to market its services has no business providing its services to those small businesses. I am thrilled about how open, transparent, and helpful Square is on the marketing side of things.
I’m a health care provider. I try to use visa cards that are from health savings accounts. These cards have never been accepted by square and I can never get answers, or a live person for any help at all. I miss out on a lot of collections. This seems to be a serious fault in Squares services and i’m looking to jump ship to another company that can at least provide help via phone. I hate being left in the dark…
Android users beware of a PayPalHere glitch-snaffu. Apparently this is new. You need to get a PPH reader that has WHITE rings on its plug-in post so it will work on an Android phone. The black ringed ones are for iPhones. However, if you’re buying your reader at a store, the packaging all shows black rings, and the package is wrapped, so you know what you’ve got until you have bought and unwrapped it. PPH will send you a white-ringed reader for free, but… what a pain if you wanted to use it right away! While awaiting your white-ringed reader you can use the other one by typing in credit card numbers and paying the higher rate (3.5%+$0.15) per transaction. So you get to pay extra for PPH’s poor planning. At least they have phone customer service so a person can explain this bewildering situation to you.
C- is too good for Square. Here is the scoop …. A card was presented and swiped, it was a much larger than our usual dollar amount and the Square software asked for the # to be keyed-in, the clerk didn’t think anything about it and keyed it in with the expire date, etc, the customer signed it and drove away in their new used car. That should not be the case and I believe it was done on purpose by Square to attain the larger fee. Square did release 2k but I have to wait another month to receive the balance on the transaction. Can you say fraud? I’ll be looking for a new processor. I’m on the fence as to reporting to the FBI.
If we change our privacy policies and procedures, we will post those changes on our website to keep you aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we may disclose it. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.
I then sent them a copy of my 2010 government Tax return, a contract between one of my clients and myself and my government EIN authorization. I also included this text. “I’m finding it difficult to understand why “Square” would allow a payment to be approved and than not forward the funds after. Why not just disapprove in the first place. And Where does this interest go while in escrow or limbo? I’ve only used my square account twice. If there has been any additional activity other than the Bose transaction and the transaction done on 5/25/12 please let me know. Also, your customer service is questionable because of the inability the communicate with a human being. I can be reached at (212) (my number)”.
The other major drawback to the Square Online Store is the issue that plagues all of Square’s services: the lack of live customer support offered by the company. Square prefers to conduct its customer service almost exclusively through email and social media, although it does offer phone support to merchants who have active accounts. Hundreds of merchants have posted online about receiving responses from the company far too late or not at all, and the company has been very slow to adapt its customer support strategy to address this need. The possibility that a merchant might have issues with the Square Online Store and be unable to contact a customer support representative in a timely fashion makes it difficult to recommend Square Online Store and Square as an overall company.
Out of so many hold funds they are keeping, I believe they are plundering using their policies to appear it is legitimate for them to hold our money. I think there should be a recourse we can take to hold them criminal liable for using our sales proceed as their own funds. I think they should have civil liability to us for disrupting our business flow, they should not only return of our sales proceed but also for pay damages for cost our money there are using.
I’m glad the information is helpful to you. Square covers the credit card processing security issues for you, so there should be no legal headaches there. If you want to offer recurring payments, customers have to set that up themselves, so everything is correctly managed and maintained via their secure system. That’s one of the prime reasons that Square is such a popular mobile card processing options. Good luck!
I think if square is guilty of anything it is not being clear about how processing works. Go get a merchant account at your bank and key in all your transactions at high amounts, no card present and see how fast they start holding 50% of your funds and put you on a reserve system.
Another plus in PayPal Here’s column, you can issue partial refunds with PPH. Currently, this is not possible with Square. Something like giving a partial refund may not seem important or useful until you need to do it.
We are a growing company and were deactivated without any recourse today. We tried square last year and found that customer refunds are very slow, and switched back to PayPal. Additionally, it is virtually impossible to contact them by phone or email. Additionally, we have had 2 instances that we were supposed to get a refund on transactions where the money was held for over 120 days… still waiting for the funds to go back into out bank account. I recommend PayPal and Stripe or getting a retail merchant account with Heartland Payment Systems. Square sucks.
Square’s pricing is simple. While you can’t get interchange-plus pricing and volume discounts are only available for very large companies, you also won’t have to deal with pricing tiers. Nor will you have to navigate hidden fees. In fact, you won’t have to navigate anything beyond Square’s basic processing fees whatsoever, unless you opt for add-on services.
Terrible. My law firm has been using them for a few months, and while they do provide a useful service when it works, their FAQ is woefully uninformative, and in many circumstances is directly unhelpful, referring the user to supposed features that neither exist on the website or the app. I’ve spent over an hour today trying to figure out how to refund a payment that was made yesterday and has not been processed. No luck whatsoever, no possibility of speaking with someone or even chatting with a bot (which at this point I would take). The client is furious, and I will have to find an alternate means of refunding the fee. I will be terminating my relationship with SquareCash as soon as I can extract myself from this morass. STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND.
I am upset with all that say to be afraid of vendors using square as if all square using vendors are trying to rob the customers! As for the recipes I give all my customers a signed invoice with detailed info on what was purchased and how it was paid I also have a duplicate signed by them to keep in my files.
Square combines all of its user accounts under one umbrella account rather than giving you your own a merchant account. This is typical in this industry and helps limits your costs by eliminating typical credit card processing fees, such as the PCI-compliance fee.
How many people do they do this to and get away with it? For me, three thousand dollars is a lot of money. I want my money and I am not going to let up or go away. But at what amount do you write off a disputed transaction that Square has frozen, and not bother to jump through the hurdles they create, in order to get paid?
I recently started using “SquareUp” service and card reader. I provided all information and documentation required on initial application. My application was reviewed and approved. When I received my card reader, I tried a test transaction, which was successful. So, I felt comfortable completing my first transaction with a customer, for the services that my company provided. After completing the $2,500.00 transaction I received an e-mail from “SquareUp”, requesting that I provide additional information to verify my business, and that the $2,500.0 payment would be deferred till I provide this extensive list of documentation. It was very difficult to get live customer sevice, all of their phone numbers seem to lead to mailboxes. I provided all of the 40+pages of documentation for review, and was ultimately deemed “high risk” and service promptly revoked, without explanation. It is their,initially undisclosed, policy to hold the money for 180 days (six months!). Now my payroll checks are going to bounce, a week before Christmas! My complaint with “SquareUp” is that all information/documentation should have been verified prior to accepting my application and providing service. Also, they need to disclose all of their sketchy policies from the onset. Getting customer service or technical support is very difficult, and to hold my money for six months is outrageous. I feel I have been defrauded.
With Square’s offline mode, you can continue to process card transactions. All data from swiped payments completed in offline mode are encrypted and stored on your device. When you reconnect to the Internet, the payment data is transferred to Square servers and deleted from your device.

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