Thanks for the article. I ran across it while trying to verify info from a merchant services rep. He came in hawking his product and informed me that all the customer’s credit card info is stored in the phone or pad used with the Square swiper. Have you heard this or do you know it to be true. I cannot find any info from other sources. Thanks! Our experience with the Square system has been problem free so far.
My wife and I started a small business which helps treat pain in the body. Customers pay a flat rate of $200 for the service. It is a by appointment only service and typically we see 10-20 customers per day, 4 days a week. We have been doing cash or check only but would like to offer credit/debit cards as a form of payment. Which processor would you suggest? Thanks.
I have used Square for five years. It is difficult for me to give an overall rating. I will give Square 5 stars for being a cookie-cutter start-up to a business that ships products and merchandise. 1 star for use of a business in the service industry such as tourism, consulting or marketing. It is simple to set up an item as long as it is a basic item with nothing too complexed. Should you need moderate or advanced settings, the limited “modifier” becomes a convoluted run-on-sentence of items – all in one category. You cannot add fee’s or percentages unless you make a modifier for each and manually calculate the percentage for every possible dollar amount. (ergo the run-on-sentence) The online store is a separate program from the register, which is a separate program of the desktop version and they all have different settings and ways of doing the same function. (huge learning curve) All three talk to each other and not on a consistent, or real time basis, SO settings are lost, changes are deleted, and functions are missing. On a good day. NEVER open all three at once. You will have to close and reopen one at a time depending on the setting you wish to edit. Discounts only work on the entire transaction. If you want to add a discount to an item, (NO you cannot add to the run-on-sentence, it will not allow a negative amount) you have to make a NEW item with a reduced price. It was easy for me to start my merchant services and simple to make my first item and modifier. Thats it. I have been fighting the program ever since. I hope Square, or someone with the same basic features, will come up with an advanced version. The prices just increased this month. It was difficult to stay. It is barely worth the frustration now. The Square Register and reader are great, so is the Register program A+. Unfortunately, you have to take your cash register off-line to edit, if you are using it at a street-front location, this can be difficult and result in loss income. I have too much invested in Square to quit now. HOWEVER, if someone comes up with a better program, I am out-a-here. Overall rating, 2.99 stars.
I am starting a small online shoe business and I am trying to find the best route to take in finding a merchant to process credit card payments as most people use credit cards when buying online. I was told about paypal and now square up. Could you tell me what you would recommend?
Even larger processors with more resources have trouble executing customer support well. But we know it can be done. And, we have to give credit where credit is due: Square is actually putting in the effort to make consistent improvement. I have heard first-hand from merchants who use Square that they have had positive experiences, so I know it’s not all doom and gloom, and there are plenty of other testimonials around the web to the same effect.

3. Spark Pay: This is Capital One’s mobile processing service. They have affordable options and do support receipt printing. But you would have to buy the printer, and it could end up costing almost as much as the machine through Helcim. They have two monthly fee options, one of which is free.
Square is FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!If you are a seller that sells products, you are being warned. If a customer file a dispute for whatever reason. Square will automatically debit your bank account and refund the customer. Square doesn’t even request the customer, to return the product back to the seller, nor do they have any type of return process in place. I have sent endless emails asking about how they handle refunds / returns / proof of returns, and never get an answer. So in all, the customer can keep the product and get their money back, with no questions asked. Square says they offer seller protection, but that’s a joke. Square sells they will challenge your dispute to the customer, but if they can’t even pick up a phone, or return a simple email, what makes you think, they will actually go out of their way to challenge the dispute vs the customer for you? It’s a joke! Square committed FRAUD 3x vs me. Customer kept the product, and got their money back. I lost $1100There is a new app called e-mobile-pay. 25 cents per transaction fee, and 100% guaranteed, no chargebacks! This is what they say. NO i don’t work this company. Has anyone tried e-mobile-pay? 25 cents and 100% guaranteed no chargebacks is very very very tempting. I don’t see any reviews regarding this company. I seen reviews in the google store, but i think that’s coming from their investors
I used Square for personal and business reasons. I had been using Square faithfully for about 2 years. I recently did a transaction for a $1500 payment. I had all of the necessary documentation, Government Issued papers, Copy of the invoice and contact information from the insurance company issuing the payment, along with 3 different copies of my PRIVATE bank account statements. Square then told me my account was “High-Risk”. and they permanently shut down my account and told me I would have to wait 90 days to receive my $1500, after they used it and did whatever with it and gave me no Interest for holdig and using my funds. If you have Square get out while you can. Intuit too. Go With paypal. These Companies are crooks.
The good news is that I can almost definitely tell you that Square will give you your money back, or will refund it to your clients in order to have them pay you with a different method. The bad news is that it could take quite a while, between two and six months in some cases.
Webstore hosting: You can bring your own domain or purchase one through Square, and get free hosting plus your choice of Square Store templates. It’s mostly a plug-and-play site with no customization outside of the items and item groupings, but it has all of the core features you need and it integrates with Square Point of Sale seamlessly.
I am currently going through a hassle with Square myself. I am an attorney that has a nation-wide practice. I rarely accept credit cards — usually just checks. However, I have had several clients that asked to be able to pay with credit cards. And, like most people, do not want to tell my clients, “No, you can’t pay me.”To be flexible, I set-up a Square account and used their service. The particular client that I was working for had me handling 6 cases for his insurance company, and two of them were due payments on the accounts. So, I ran the 2 charges through — totaling about 3k. I have a ZBA (Zero Balance Account) for my business, which means that the account itself always has a zero balance, and there’s another account linked to that account. I authorize the payments, and when they come through, the money is transferred from the linked account to the ZBA account. It protects me from fraud, etc. (Great idea for any business owner, just so you know — and I won’t charge you for that advice 🙂 )Because of that, Square would not be able to link my Business Checking account with Square, so I opened up an account specifically for them. They did their transfer of .49 cents, and the account was linked. Despite having close to 3k waiting to be deposited, it took Square an ADDITIONAL 3 days, after all of the transfers were done, to “approve” my bank account.Square’s cut off for depositing funds is 8:00 pm EST. On Friday, at 8:32 pm EST, I was sent an e-mail saying that my account had been approved and that my deposits would start on their normal schedule. After looking at the deposit schedule, it appeared that it would be deposited Sunday night and be available on Monday morning — no problem.So, the rest of Friday passes — knowing that the 3k was pending deposit — Saturday, Sunday (when the deposit was supposed to be made) … Sunday at 8:01 pm EST, I receive a notice saying that I must provide them with documentation supporting the existence of my business. I am a licensed attorney in 6 States, and over 41 jurisdictions … I have a VERY real business, and it’s not hard to discovery that.At any rate, they asked for all of the documents that everyone else with complaints have been asking for. I sent it all to them, and still waiting to receive my money. AFTER the fact, I researched the company (in my defense, I had a friend that used Square back in 2011-2013 and never had a single problem with them, including processing a few transactions for me). I found all of these complaints and my first thought was “Screw them, I’m suing.” I don’t need to hire and attorney or seek legal advice. I had lunch with the Attorney General of my State less than a month ago. I worked for the United States Department of Justice as a prosecutor for almost 9 years. I know EXACTLY how to file Class Actions suits, get the Attorney General to write letters, etc.Then I fully read the Seller Agreement …First, you cannot sue Square. When you set up the account, you agreed to Arbitration. Arbitration is much faster than a lawsuit, and costs much less … However, the way it is worded in the Seller Agreement essentially confirms that they would make you fly out to San Francisco to have a hearing. Not really worth it for a few thousand dollars — hotel, rental car, food, etc. would cost more. They even generously agree to pay for the Arbitration Fees (typically less than $1000.00).Second, you cannot even join a Class Action lawsuit — should some trailblazing attorney even attempt one (very few would, because of the Arbitration Agreement and all of the litigation involved to get around that) … But, by using their service, you specifically agree to *NOT* be a member of a Class Action Suit. Specifically, Paragraph 51 contains the following language:”ANY ARBITRATION UNDER THIS AGREEMENT WILL BE ONLY BE ON A INDIVIDUAL BASIS; CLASS ARBITRATIONS, CLASS ACTIONS, PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTIONS, AND CONSOLIDATION WITH OTHER ARBITRATIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED, AND YOU ARE WAIVING YOUR RIGHTS TO HAVE YOUR CASE DECIDED BY A JURY AND TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION AGAINST SQUARE. “Finally, you’ll also notice that you agree to *NOT* participate in a Private Attorney General Action — which is where you contact the Attorney General, and they institute a suit to right whatever wrong Square decided to commit that day.So, my first though was “How to get around” all of that language. I thought of 2 options: First, I could, on my clients behalf, sue Square in their name (and just represent them in the suit) for not processing the payment as they requested, i.e. the money was taken off their credit card, they are now (typically) being charged interest on that money, and must make credit card payments. The way I thought about doing that was simply refusing to continue to do work on THOSE cases, until I was actually provided my money.There’s a lot of legal maneuvering involved, but nothing I haven’t got around before. However, the Seller Agreement essentially stops that: Paragraph 46 provides that you will indemnify Square, which means that you will support them in any lawsuit against them for, “any transaction submitted by you through the Services (including without limitation the accuracy of any Seller Content or product, service, or transaction information that you provide or any claim or dispute arising out of products or services offered or sold by you).” So, that option wouldn’t work.Then, I thought, well, I could sue my client for not receiving the payment, and then have the Client interplead Square(a civil maneuver that allows a defendant or plaintiff to bring a third-party into a suit, when the suit cannot be properly decided without having them present). I would essentially still be able to sue them, because *I* am not the one who brought them into the suit, my client would have. And while there would still be some issues with the Indemnity clause, I wouldn’t worry so much about that … because, again, *I* am not suing them, I am suing my client. And they are not being sued over a transaction that *I* processed, rather I am suing a client, and the client is upset that THEIR money was never released to me, per the agreement with THEIR credit card company.Then I found another nasty little clause: “You agree that our receipt of transaction proceeds satisfies the Buyer’s obligations to you.” This can be found in paragraph 8. So, even if I were to sue my client, and they interpleaded Square, both Square and the client (whom I really do not wish to sue) would get the suit dismissed (Square would file the Motion to Dismiss on their behalf).In short, the only possible way to be able to get at Square is if some Attorney General instituted a suit against them for some type of fraud. The interesting part about that, however, is that Square is not violating ANY laws — yet. The Sellers Agreement specifically states that they can hold your money: “At any time and from time to time, we may temporarily suspend or delay payments to you and/or designate an amount of funds that you must maintain in your Square Account or in a separate reserve account (a “Reserve”) to secure the performance of your payment obligations under this Agreement. We may require a Reserve for any reason.”The problem with screaming fraud, and getting someone in power to listen to ANYONE (even me, who worked with and for a lot of these guys for YEARS), is that you AGREE to this. And Reserve’s are not outside of normal business practice. A customer and challenge a charge to a credit card for up to 180 days. So, most merchant services either, a) are credit based, and waive the reserve because of credit worthiness; or b) require 10% or more of whatever you charge to be placed in reserve … It unfortunately is not fraud.It sucks. Square SUCKS. And from someone that knows the *FULL* ramifications of liable actions, will say that they are EXTREMELY unethically and have VERY bad business practices from their clients point of view. I tried to call 3 times today, nothing. Put in for a Call Back, nothing.Maybe I’ll get my money, maybe I won’t. But, I can assure you, after reading the Seller Agreement — which I should have done to start with (but, again, didn’t foresee any issues, and knew I wouldn’t be using it too much) — my account will be promptly cancelled. Horrible company. Luckily, 3k is not that big of a deal to me, but for a WHOLE lot of America, it is. ESPECIALLY small businesses. And it sucks that they have gotten away with so much. But, my STRONG suggestion would be to continue posting complaints, continue filing with the Better Business Bureau. File Complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, specifically, based upon False or Misleading Advertising. In their Support section, Square states, “With Square, you can choose when to receive your funds through one of our three deposit options. Square doesn’t have deposit limits with our standard or custom schedules. We won’t hold funds based on the amount, frequency, or type of transaction.” See statement “We won’t hold funds …” is actually untrue. Because if you first open an account and run a large amount of money (I don’t know what it is, but say $500 or more), they do hold … because they want you to send them reams of paperwork to “verify” your business. That’s False or Misleading.I’m filing a complaint with the FTC, and FULLY encourage everyone else to, as well. It may not SEEM like much at first, but the FTC will sue them QUICKLY. “When the FTC finds a case of fraud perpetrated on consumers, the agency files actions in federal district court for immediate and permanent orders to stop scams; prevent fraudsters from perpetrating scams in the future; freeze their assets; and get compensation for victims.” See how they’d feel if THEIR assets were frozen.Something to think about.
Of course I am not an expert in Massachusetts law, or any law for that matter, but I can tell you that Square’s practices are basically industry-standard – meaning that it’s the entire payment processing industry potentially breaking the law, not just Square. My opinion is that, while perhaps a case could be made in some states, Square’s legal team – based on legal precedents set within the industry at large – deemed it not a strong enough case to adjust their practices.
I am currently setup with Square for my credit card transactions. I joined the beginning of April and did a total of $2650.00 in transactions for the day of April 10,2012 and have yet to receive it in my bank account. Their customer service is very poor and I email daily sometimes 3 times a day and I have received 2 responses, neither giving me a solution to my problem. I sent in required documents they requested and notified them in application process of my particular situation and how I would be processing each month with dollar amounts. I assume they did not read notes in application process or ecnored it. I am sitting as on April 16,2012 now with no solution to my problem or a timeframe on when I will be getting my funds. I would like any suggestions or a company you could refer that I could switch to. I have more transactions to process for this particular company but I am afraid to process anything else with SQUARE because of the response time and holds. By the way no one answers the phone when you call, just a recording. I also had to get the phone number from complaint blogs because it is not posted on Square website anywhere.
POS App: The Square Point of Sale app is just about the most powerful app you can get for free, and it rivals many subscription options, too. While the app is remarkably easy to use, it’s also incredibly feature-rich and lets you, the merchant, decide how to run things. You can set tips and discounts, record cash and check transactions, handle split tenders, and much, much more. App features include:
Someone recently tried to order one of my products online using a stolen credit card. The payment was not accepted, the funds were returned and Square still felt the need to review my business. So I provided all of the information they requested, I told them to feel free to request more information, and within hours, square deactivated my account, permanently and irreversibly. The email from square said they found a pattern of high risk activity. That “patern” was one transaction, which got reversed anyway. After using them for a year they just threw me in the trash and left me without a card processing solution.
Thought a star was necessary post a review. When a company doing your processing can shut you down at midnight with no warning and you need to open in 9 hours without a CC processor you’re basically out of business or you open “cash only”, not a good look. We heard SQ was shutting down Vape shops and called twice to make sure we were in compliance and was assured we had nothing to worry about. We do not sell on line nor do we sell CBD and as stated above SQ does not give you a reason for termination. In any case when a company has the power to shut you down with no warning it’s a power I would never give any processor. third party or not. So if you’re considering SQ and all the great options they provide take in consideration you may wake up in the morning with no way to process CC’s.
I agree 100% with you Jimmie. I’ve been using Square for about 2 years. Had a couple of issues such as going over my limit and having one shady guy file a chargeback. I could have avoided the chargeback by not accepting a c.c. payment over the phone. The guy was having a fit over the most minute of service charges and I had a bad feeling he was going to pull a Chg.Bck. I tried to have him fax me a declaration signed and witnessed of his approval of the final charges along with a picture id but he claimed he didn’t have access to a hotel fax? I should have just stuck to my guns and said no way–Get me the fax or it’s a no go. The over the limit issue was a transaction of over 2k done with a phone authorization. No big deal, Square said I had to fax them a copy of the bill and once they verified everything was legit, I had my funds within 90 days or so. They requested a bank statement to verify I was a legit business. No big deal, You live and learn. I love Square and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Their fee structure is a no brainer. I appreciate their commitment to fraud prevention and staying away from risky businesses. In the end, It means lower fees for everyone–It’s a win-win in my book!
Square is presently holding $1276.00 of our funds. They don’t respond to email and the phone number is a joke. I have contacted the State Attorney General in an effort to get our funds released. Square is a real joke.
They terminate my contract in one min and I can’t receive my money almost 6 month and I’m not sure that I’ll recive it at all. $5800. Also they charge me twice for one transaction. When they terminate the contract I even can’t call them, only email. And they don’t answer emails. There is no points in contract about it at all. For my question what part of the agreement has the information they can hold my money for any time I receive no answer. So they use my money as they want not asking me and violate contract. Terrible experience.
I just had the most unpleasant experience with Square. I charged an amount totaled $3100 to a customer for sale of equipment on 11/11/2015. They started by asking me to fill out a verification form and provide them with an Invoice, my ID and 3 bank statements which I did immediately. I get an email back asking me to provide more information about my relationship with the customer, which I found pretty strange, but yet, I provided them with that. Today 11/16 and after 6 days of holding my funds, they decided to reject my transactions and asked me to refund the money to the customer. The reason they say is that I am violating the terms of service agreement. here is the email I received “Under our Terms of Service, you cannot process prepaid cards, gift cards, or your own credit card using your Square account. The Square Terms of Service also prohibit using Square as a money transfer system. You must provide a legitimate good or service in exchange for every payment processed with Square.” ,So I read the terms of service agreement section by section and did not find that my transactions violate any of the sections in the agreement. My sale was for equipment and an invoice was provided. I did not charge a gift card, prepaid card, nor it was my own credit card!!! and definitely that was not a money transfer!!! Asked to speak to a manager, they refused!!
(I have an employee I suspect is canceling open tickets & pocketing the cash. It shows up as “no sale” on the activity report. Also, do you know if there is a way to turn off the ability to cancel tickets or set it up where the employee has to have a manager override in order to cancel an open ticket?)
The ability to charge for unreturned rental merchandise may have more to do with the structure of your Terms of Use or other contractual obligations agreed upon by the renting party than it does with the service provider you choose. There are a few ways you could handle this. What you will definitely need is a payment gateway that allows for card info storage. This way, you will be able to charge the card for unreturned merchandise in accordance with your rental agreement without needing the customer to resubmit the payment information. This will also protect you in case of chargebacks. I’m not aware of any payment systems that create this infrastructure, but with a little creativity and perhaps a freelance developer you could do this without too much difficulty using a service like Braintree Payments or Stripe.
To undock the customer display, hold in the release latch located on the bottom of Register and lift the display out to move it closer to your customers. Grab the included customer display cable. Plug one end into the bottom of the customer display and the other end into Register. A simple unplug and replug will also restart your customer display.
We have been with Square for seven weeks. After the Square fee has been deducted we have never received the correct amount. When contacted the excuse was that we were over the $2002, not $1000, for the weeks. This condition only existed for one of the seven weeks. Why have we been shorted the other six weeks? The next excuse given was that the cards were not swiped. Most, if not all, the cards were swiped. Currently Square is behind $842.01 in payments to us. Back to the second excuse, if we were charged 3.5$ plus 15cents, for all of the 80 transactions this would not come near to the shorted amount. We are being given the run around for our money. Contacting this website is part of the run around. If this is not resolved by Monday, 6/25/2012, I will spend the day contacting people, organizations.
in question yet was expecting a full refund. I am a patient person and was understanding about the chargeback, all I wanted them to do was deposit our money minus the chargeback cost and once that was resolved expect the funds to be handled properly.
We operate a retail bakery and cafe and although we’ve only been using Square for about a month, we have no complaints. The POS (register app) is not perfect, but the price (no additional charge) makes up for a lot.
Folks if you need a similar service with GOOD customer support and rates as low as 2 percent try GoPayment. They don’t screw around with your money and it’s a pleasure to talk with a real representative.
Very frustrating, first transaction went on hold, can’t call anyone to resolve the matter they have their money and I can’t even find out how long it going to take to have funds available in my account. I will never use square again !!!! Such a pain
You can also quickly edit your device and business settings. This is where you connect to Wi-Fi, adjust display brightness, and set up employee timecard settings. Pro tip: turn this on and employees can clock in and clock out right on the register. Learn more about managing employees in our timecard video.
We use square in a sit-down Bistro environment, about to add a full bar. Square has been nothing but responsive, we were added to their Beta program after inquiring about much needed features absolutely mandatory for a sit-down situation. Square capital is another amazing feature, they helped and continue to help grow our business.
But of course on a $100 regulated debit transaction Square makes $2.75 and only pays $0.46. Square makes their money back on larger transactions. Merchants with an average ticket under $20 are likely to pay less with Square than with a traditional processor, all said and done. They give up a certain amount of flexibility and stability, but for low-volume merchants faced with paying $50+ just for POS software elsewhere, Square is hard to pass up.
I have a small business I was with them for over a year, and all of a sudden a couple of transactions said on my end that were approved, customer signed for them square issued a receipt and 2 days later they were declined. I emailed there customer support to obtain a code and said they would call me. I emailed them again and said that they had tried to call me and that I didn’t pick up the phone. I email them again and no response. Customer support sucks I would never do business with them again. I am still waiting for my money. ???? How could it say it was approved customer signed for it and 2 days later you get no money in to your account. People beware you might think you will get paid and you don’t. I rather take checks if they bounce you have the District Attorney go after them or CASH only.
Payment gateway for ecommerce sites: If you have a website built already, and it’s powered by BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Weebly, Ecwid, Magento, or a handful of others, you can integrate Square directly to process payments.
I am having the same problem right now. I have their 855-700-6000 number but they wanted a number to sign in. I did that and it says the new number that I put in is not a valid number and the phone hangs up. I have 3 different case numbers and they have not replied to any of them. They have had my money since January 25th.
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