“Square Register Review for Restaurants”

I will never do business with Square again. In fact, at this point I will do whatever it takes to make sure no one does. Sure, it’s convenient, but there are other companies offering the same convenience and they couldn’t possibly have the utterly dismal customer service that Square has.
Smartphone payment systems are the next step in the evolution of credit card processing. Business Insider estimates that by 2020, sales made via smartphone apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay will account for over $500 billion in revenue (versus 2016’s $75 billion). Brian Chen of the New York Times suggests that the adoption of chip-enabled cards may serve to speed up the digital wallet trend, since apps like Apple Pay offer near-instantaneous order processing.
My account was deactivated after I took several payments. Now they’re saying my money will be in reserve. No way to contact them without a code and they requested me to use email. No way to get a live person!
I did a Twitter blast abt (hashtag) #SquareUp & #JackDorsey…I was sure 2 make note their BBB rating is an F….the only reason it’s better other places is because of the manipulative sales tactics they use. We found the cust srv number here…THANK GOODNESS! And after 2 VM & another call that was rerouted many times until my husband just guessed an extension…And when they answered they were obviously surprised to have a consumer on the line! But after 2 wks of steadily keeping after them thru phone calls & SOCIAL MEDIA our funds were released!!! These are things that HAVE to be brought to social media’s attn…that’s what it’s for; and I firmly believe you reap what you sow in all facets of life! Thanks to this outlet and review from Philip Parker or I would still be ill-informed!
Innovative startup Square continues to make waves with their app and reader combo that enables small-time businesses to access payment with credit cards. Imagine somebody with a camping table and self-made T-Shirts selling these on the street. For example I would have loved a T-Shirt to commemorate 2 weeks of iPad2 queues saying “I queued for iPad 2, but all I got is this lousy T-Shirt”. Without hesitation my Mastercard would have jumped out of my wallet to make love to a Square reader and app.
The optimistic view is that Square will pursue money on your behalf no matter what their terms of service say, because a few high-profile cases of fraud would ruin the reputation of this nascent service. But the way Square makes it explicit, at least in its legalese, that it’s not liable for fraud, suggests company is prepared to defend itself from unforeseen circumstances.
Does anyone know if it is legal for me to take photos of people’s ID’s so I have this info to contact them if there is a problem and so I can run the charge again if needed. Of course I would delete the photos as soon as the charge cleared. I’m opened for suggestions . What company can I use ? Help
The real freak-out came when I got home and looked at my account to see how much the charge would actually come to, and saw that my funds would not be released until 2/14/12. So I dig through the website, and find the clause about the 30-day hold on transactions over $1,000 within a 7-day period.
I love Square! The money is in my BANK ACCOUNT the next day! PayPal takes forever and ever to transfer funds to your bank account, especially when you first start using their swiper. They tell you right up front that funds will not be available for a week or more, until you’ve used their system for long enough to prove you’re trustworthy I guess.
Exactly, same BS they did to me after my SECOND transaction. I had given them in DETAIL the nature of my business and that I would have frequent charges of $1000 and others ranging from $300- $2200 MAX and after my 2nd charge I get an email saying I am high risk and have been deactivated AND the are holding MY money for 90 days. NO reply to my four emails that followed. Amazing how “Steve” was responding to all my set up q &a’s within 10 mins a week ago and now nothing. Don’t use SQUARE UP, scammers, they like to hold OUR money and collect interest on it for 90 days. Just imagine how much they are banking across the world doing this. But of course they were sure to take their CUT from my $1050 charge Before cutting off my acct for no reason. And beware users, their terms say they have “the right to deactivate and hold your funds for no reason at all”. Genius. No one reads that shit first. Scammers.
If you’re even thinking about using Square Up – DON’T. This is possibly the most frustrating service I have ever used. They have held my money for 7 days and there is no number to call. When you write them they will send you an email saying they will respond within 24 hours. It’s just a robot response. The support staff doesn’t even read your question. I wish I had done my research sooner on the internet ,Square Up is absolutely the worst company ever. Out of frustration i signed up with Intuit GoPayment – there is a NUMBER you can call and talk to someone. GoPayment is .1 percent higher in transaction fees and guess what, that is well worth the money to me to be able to talk to someone when there’s a problem.
I’m from Jordan in the middle east region, , i need to know where the square used in the middle east and if there are any square clients in Jordan ? i really like and love to have this technology in hand and i’m support it.
His latest book, The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It, will be published on March 5. An excerpt adapted from the book ran in The Atlantic’s March issue. I spoke with Mounk earlier this month about his research, the meaning of populism, and the question of how democratic societies cope with immigration, among other things. What follows is a transcript of our conversation, edited for length and clarity.
I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Square. Unfortunately for Square, your frustration with the company is not at all uncommon. I would recommend that you look toward PayPal Here instead of Intuit GoPayment. Take a moment to read our comprehensive profiles of PayPal Here and GoPayment.
For other business owners/individuals out there that are looking for an application to help them process credit cards — you can do better than Square. I’m sure there are alternatives that are better. I will say that the application interface is nice and the reader is small and compact, but the customer service needs a whole lot of work.

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