“Square Review for Farmers Markets”

Square is the most (and only?) name-recognized processor out there, with a full line of proprietary equipment that looks designed by Apple diehards: sleek and hip. While its services can accommodate more robust businesses, it’s especially attractive to newer, smaller merchants that may not have the credit history and assets to get started with other processors.
Great business! Almost bankrupting mine by randomly deactivating my account and freezing over $ 25 thousand dollars in payments. “High-risk” activity, but thats all the information I get. Then when you are deactivated, they deactivate your account number so you can’t call them anymore!! I have to wait 2 months (already waiting for 2 weeks) to get well over $ 25K. Absolutely unacceptable
It might sound like I’m nitpicking, but a company that doesn’t know how to reach small businesses to market its services has no business providing its services to those small businesses. I am thrilled about how open, transparent, and helpful Square is on the marketing side of things.
I am small business owner. My customer wanted to pay by credit card,i used Square,this company asked me to send my bank information,my bank statements,cardholder’s authorization form and etc…I sent all information,they don’t answer the phone,they sent me letter,the same letter which they are sending to 1000 of people .Here is the letter:
Get your free Square Reader at sign-up or pick one up at a store near you. Pay 2.75% per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Swipe $100, see $97.25 in your bank account in one to two business days. No monthly fees, no commitments, no surprises.
But Square has shifted its identity in the last year. In May, the company introduced Square Capital, a money lending program for small businesses that use Square. The company has promoted Square Cash, the smartphone app that lets users freely send money to one another’s debit accounts. And on Monday, the company will introduce two services — instant deposits and protection for disputed purchases — that Square says will make life easier for small businesses.
I tried them both and they both don’t have a good customer integration system Square has but not good you can’t look up an order by customer etc. I found Shopify POS for $9 a month with just about the same fees 2.7% customer integration is great the only disadvantage is if you have two location you can’t separate the inventory
Launched on Wednesday, Square Market features items from local businesses across the U.S. that accept Square, ranging from handmade jewelry and housewares to yoga lessons and beauty services. Any seller can open a store in the Square Market for free with items, photos, and a profile of their business. The company charges a fee of 2.75 percent per item sold, and there is no charge to list items, unlike Amazon, which charges sellers 99 cents per listing.
I have been using SquareUp in all my small business and have no problem at all. I am very happy with the 2.75% charges compare to what I was paying with all the charges around 4.65% and above. I have calculated very carefully what I was paying with Bank Of America, PNC merchant services. Even though there is no customer service to speak with I am happy to save money with no problem with deposits which I see in my account the very next morning.
Full sales summaries, fees paid, and individual payment details are available from the Sales tab of your online Square Dashboard. If you attempted a payment and aren’t seeing it in your activity, check the Transaction Status Report. 
We went with Square on the iPad with the Square stand, the cash drawer and the Bluetooth receipt printer. After the initial learning curve (maybe it’s intuitive for Apple die-hards but for the rest of us the app was not logically arranged) we managed to get it going but… the power cord/adapter unit kept breaking. Again and again and again.
I totally agree! I know for a retail merchant store Square is awesome! I think that using square for non swipe is a HUGE part of the issue and the amounts are very high from what I am reading. I am same as you, Trudie, less than 1% is keyed card transactions and I HAVE NEVER HAD AN Issue. I have had to key some cards and still NO ISSUE.
Hi Melissa I like your review of Square. I own a small art gallery. Two-ish years ago we adopted Square as a POS system. We operate basically, like a co-op. We do not have a recorded inventory. It’s basically just POS. With respect to Square I know it records more data than I access. I would like to be able to isolate and print the data/sales specific to each artist for each payment period. Their personal sales data could then accompany their check. I am not a techie but I’m guessing this is probably very simple but I don’t know what to “call” it! Any thoughts? Thanks, Julie http://www.localcolorchatham.com
Hello people and businesses. Square is becoming a thieve big time. Square is holding merchants funds without any detailed explanation, they stating that account is under review for a weeks. This is most likely a big scam I ve ever seen. I had couple invoices paid by my customers and square placed on hold those funds for unknown time period, they lie over the phone that your funds will be released by end of the day. It never happened. I m very confident that square is steeling money and. This is big scale scam. BE AWARE!!!
Note that it doesn’t matter who you bank with, it only matter who your merchant account is from. Clover required a First Data or BofA Merchant Services account (Dharma and Payment Depot also issue First Data accounts). Most other POS systems work with just about any merchant account.
Ripped me off $462 of my disability money. I sent two transaction which they told me went through successfully. Days went by neither account received their money. So I signed onto my Square account and they had deactivated my account for no reason. This money is my social security income!
But then there are the established companies which feel threatened by Square. First and foremost VeriFone, a company that apparently seems to see themselves as the sole owner of the market for processing payment information. This is evidenced by the statements made on their website. Take for example their SEO-friendly site title: “VeriFone Official Site | Secure payment solutions for credit & debit cards, EMV, contactless, & NFC”. They have vested interests in technologies that require you to purchase their products.
I had tried this before with same results. I have been trying to contact them for two weeks now. They have deactivated my account but are still taking credit card payments from my customers. Problem is, they are not forwarding the payments to me. I send them emails, get no response and as you say without that account number the phone call is a waste.
Bottom line: I like the idea of Square and its counterparts. Anything that makes it easier and adds utility should be considered. The possibility of having electronic access to a sufficiently detailed version of my receipts instead of having to stuff things in the wallet, etc., is utility. But Square isn’t sufficiently there yet and, as you suggest, it’s caveat emptor. That was the point of my post. Thanks for reinforcing it.
One time someone at Square accidentally answered the phone and had to deal with my complaint directly. Guess what they did…put me on hold for 15 minutes then came back to say that someone would call me back shortly. What is shortly to Square? It’s been weeks.
We are a non-profit mental health services organization that did minimal business with Square (<$1000) per month. However, for some of our clients, this is their preferred payment method. I received a "account deactivated notice" and upon querying the poor client service folks, they said "we cannot disclose the details". DISCLOSURE: Ads, Affiliates and Conflicts Merchant Negotiators accepts advertising via the Google Adsense platform, directly from advertisers, and has common parent ownership interests with other payments related companies leading to potential conflicts of interest. Read our Affiliate / Conflicts / Advertising Disclosure for a more detailed disclosure. *Another Best thing to do, is ask your customers to send check or Money order, we might have to start doing this again, as these fraud companies ARE ALL SCAM ARTIST; they don't want the small potatoes to even have a chance. I have been using square since May of 2012, mostly small sales but somewhere along the way my money stopped being deposited in my account. It turns out it was being sent to another person’s account at the same bank (Chase). Now they say they can’t get the money back because the other person does not have the money in it to reverse the charges. My business had been increasing with several large orders, but now I am out over $2,000. How it was verified and worked and now is going into someone elses bank account (who spent it) has not been answered. I was able to get in contact via e-mail with someone who did forward it to the engineers but they still can’t fix it. Well, I am going back to my bank to sign up for their more expensive yet secure Merchant account. I can’t risk not getting paid for merchandise; it will put me out of business quickly! Sign me up for the class action lawsut if I can’t get my money back! I bought a headphone extender and it works fine with Square and PayPal Here with my Otterbox. But it can’t be just any extender, it has to specifically say that it’s for credit card readers and that it’s compatible with your case. I consider this a terrible disservice to us followed by no resolution. In face we lost much more than this $500 due to you pulling the money out of our account with NO warning. You didn’t even hold the money in an escrow account pending resolution. Thank you, Laurel. I called the number but was told he couldn’t help me and he’d pass my request to someone in “customer service” LAUGHABLE!!! There is no customer service! I am leaving SQUAREUP as soon as possible and am spreading the word about their lack of professionalism. I have been emailing them for 4 days now and all I got was what seemed like an automatically generated email saying “someone will respond to you soon!” HA! “Many merchants don’t know the prices vary so widely,” says Rieva Lesonsky, a small business consultant. “And a lot of the fees are hidden so what looks like good pricing up front turns out to be not so great once you read the fine print, or get surprised by what you’re really paying. This is about doing your homework and not trusting the marketing.” My business is seasonal. I used Square to process credit cards in the field. I worked seven days a week in a remote area. All the proceeds were to be deposited in a separate bank account. When I returned at the end of the season, I went to the bank. Only about 1/4 of the transactions were deposited. I have called Square/ emailed Square several times. No one from Square has even tried to solve the problem or acknowledge that I exist. It’s like the money evaporated. I guess the next step is to initiate an investigation of fraud. I will not use Square again and recommend to anyone to find an alternate credit card processor. I really wish I could get someone on the phone with this company…… this was my first and last transaction with them. I just home it does cost me $3,000 that it appears it will at this point to try them out. I have posted many comments on this site regarding this horrible ponzi company. They have driven my business into bankruptcy, ruined my 22 year career and not to mention the financial burden it has taken on my family. I have been fighting them for almost 2 years now and have been charged with a Felony 3 because I was unable to recover the funds that Square withdrew from my account and held without returning to my client or myself. I urge anyone using this device to stop immediately and contact the FTC and FBI with open complaints. I have contacted several attorneys and none are able to take the company on due to their contract. In a nutshell, they can take money out of your account without notice and not return it EVER. I have been reading all these messages, and I too do not know what to do. We have had a landscaping company since 1991, and this is the first time we have had anyone (including banks) hol our money for 30 days. It is causing a great hardship for our business, and five families that were counting on this check. A lawsuit sounds like the only way to get some attention from this so called business. If anyone starts a class action lawsuit please post something, I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m sure the love to target honest people, that work hard to end meet.. Merchant accounts vary more in their pricing structures. Interchange-plus is the most transparent and often lowest-cost model, but some processors rely on tiered pricing. Factors such as the age of your business, the type of industry you’re in, and even the type of cards you process all factor into the rates your merchant account provider will offer you. For high-ticket sales — think auto repair shop or art gallery — a percentage of the swipe is likely going to be more expensive in the long run than a small transaction fee. Vice versa for low-priced transactions, like in a coffee shop. [redirect url='https://gopayforit.com//bump' sec='7']

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