The trickiest part of the situation you’re describing is the need for offline processing. Browser-based virtual terminals will required wifi or data, as will most mobile processing apps. Aside from Square, the only app I know of that can do this is the M+ Terminal from goEmerchant. (Maybe worth checking out.)
Peoples Wireless of Ohio provides the best customer service to all its customers ranging from consumers and businesses. We sell up to date products that are new on the market. We also provide you with accessories to go with your wireless products. We hold a ” A ” rating with the BBB.
Square Register: Square Register is the company’s newest hardware solution, and definitely the slickest. But at $999, that’s not surprising. Square Register is a customized piece of hardware designed to run Square Point of Sale, with some of the advanced back-end features of the Retail app thrown in. For example, you get employee timecards, multi-location inventory and purchase order management, plus advanced reports.
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Square would not work with me even though I provided all the information possible to accept cards THE FIRST TIME. They had TERRIBLE customer service and I am completely appalled at the way they handle their business. Absolutely no one to call when you need help. They need a better system on many accounts
We have been with Square for seven weeks. After the Square fee has been deducted we have never received the correct amount. When contacted the excuse was that we were over the $2002, not $1000, for the weeks. This condition only existed for one the seven weeks. Why have we been shorted the other six weeks? The next excuse given was that the cards were not swiped. Most, if not all, the cards were swiped. Currently Square is behind $842.01 in payments to us. Back to the second excuse, if we were charged 3.5$ plus 15cents, for all of the 80 transactions this would not come near to the shorted amount. We are being given the run around for our money. Contacting this website is part of the run around. If this is not resolved by Monday, 6/25/2012, I will spend the day contacting people, organizations.
After a week of taking orders and processing cards without a problem, I thought everything was working okay. On October 31 I got an e-mail message from Square Compliance telling me that high risk activity was detected on my account, and as a result, my account has been deactivated. I was then told to visit the Square website for more information.
I applied and was originally told my bank account had been approved but when the reader did not show up I tried to contact Square customer service WHAT A DISASTER that is. No phone support for people who are not existing customers, you have to use email. Basically I was told FU by square for some unknown reason and when I repeatedly asked why Square never returned an email. I have never bounced a check, gone bankrupt or had anything that would exclude me from any other CC processor or financial institution.
For high-ticket businesses, a merchant account is going to be the more reliable option; when you get a merchant account, you have an agreed upon high-ticket limit. If you need to process a transaction higher than that limit, you can call the processor ahead of time to get approval. With Square, on the other hand, no individual limits are disclosed – and unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the limits don’t exist. Square does state in its customer support portal that each account technically has a $50,000 transaction limit upon signing up, but I’m understandably skeptical. Try running a $50K transaction through Square as your first sale and let us know how it goes…
Most retailers require point of sale (POS) software in addition to credit card processing in order to do things like scan barcodes, manage inventory and process refunds/coupons. One of the major perks to Square is that this software is provided for free, and it has the added benefit of e-commerce: You can create an online store and accept payments using your same Square account. With ShopKeep, POS software costs $69/month per register, and there’s no native e-commerce support.
However, all Square products do have two major shortcomings: their lack of live customer support and the company’s fund holding policies. These two aspects of Square’s service are not fully addressed in its promotional materials, and thousands of merchants have reported that they were blindsided by problems related to these two specific issues. This can be described as either a marketing issue or a service issue. Since customer support and fund holds are generally unrelated to the Square Online Store product itself, they will not count against the company in this review.
…one of our clients needed ~$12,000 in equipment yesterday (December 4) to recover from a fire that has shut their business down until this equipment is replaced, and after approving the transactions where they intended to hold the funds could be held for three days even if we decided to reverse the charges, SquareUp sent us a permanent cancellation email with no explanation. [otp_overlay]

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