“Square Stand Review for Restaurants”

If you need more than Square has to offer, it’s time to look at merchant accounts. Don’t worry! The process is not as complicated, expensive, or intimidating as it seems. If you sign up with one of our high-rated providers, you’re guaranteed a fair rate without any negotiation necessary. If you want to look elsewhere, just review our simple guide to negotiating the best contract possible. Likewise, you can find all the information you’d ever want to know about credit card fees in an easily digestible package here. For many businesses, even low volume ones, opening a merchant account will cost the same as Square would. For higher volume businesses, a merchant account will usually be far less expensive and much more reliable.
In fact, much of what Square has produced so far has been targeted at the small-business owner. From payments offerings like the initial card reader and the Square Stand to business financing through Square Capital, the company has been on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow and thrive. Chief executive Jack Dorsey staunchly supports this mission and has pledged to give more than half of his equity to his newly created Start Small Foundation, which is aimed at helping small-business owners and others in underserved communities, starting with those in Ferguson, Missouri.
I recently started using “SquareUp” service and card reader. I provided all information and documentation required on initial application. My application was reviewed and approved. When I received my card reader, I tried a test transaction, which was successful. So, I felt comfortable completing my first transaction with a customer, for the services that my company provided. After completing the $2,500.00 transaction I received an e-mail from “SquareUp”, requesting that I provide additional information to verify my business, and that the $2,500.0 payment would be deferred till I provide this extensive list of documentation. It was very difficult to get live customer sevice, all of their phone numbers seem to lead to mailboxes. I provided all of the 40+pages of documentation for review, and was ultimately deemed “high risk” and service promptly revoked, without explanation. It is their,initially undisclosed, policy to hold the money for 180 days (six months!). Now my payroll checks are going to bounce, a week before Christmas! My complaint with “SquareUp” is that all information/documentation should have been verified prior to accepting my application and providing service. Also, they need to disclose all of their sketchy policies from the onset. Getting customer service or technical support is very difficult, and to hold my money for six months is outrageous. I feel I have been defrauded.
The card reader does not seem to be reading during the swipes, I must have tried 30 times with one of my cards to test it, then tried another card and after the 14th swipe it read the strip. I tried the second reader that I had ordered to give to my daughter for her little business, to see if a different reader would work better. Nope, not really.
They are holding a LOT of money in my case and they are not even a bank. I have a merchant ID from my bank and these were bonafide purchases. Same story as the rest of you. I filed a claim with LA county courthouse. You can only do small claims or arbitration according to the contract you “sign” when you use Square, but I’m doing it for the principle. Furious! What are they doing with all this money? Seems like adding to their bottom line for the fiscal year end, earning interest, etc. I’m calling business reporters today as well. These holds are just absurd. Return the funds to either my buyers or to me – if you drop me, you have no right to the money for any length of time.
Pretty bummed out…..Took the kids to the Robot Garage across the street and this place is now a salon of some kind.  Didn’t even see it change….and I am on this street all the time.  Like I said, really pissed….I had to go to Cottage Inn up the street to stave off the psycho-ravenous children after a few hours of tireless Lego building and believe me it was a big drop in quality compared to the market….plus I was looking forward to picking up some libations…..hopes dashed!
Oh I almost forgot. The seven day hold over a thousand and no card deal. What really tips you off to the issue is when you try to use a card for over a thousand it usually won’t take the card, forcing you to enter the no-card-present game. So I started making little charges first, like $20.00, then trying to use the very same card to take the payments over $4,000.00 since most of mine are over that amount. Guess what? Do you think it can read the same card it just read? I am not just doing what I am doing because I’m mad, it is because of those type of experiences. I am a business man and I expect people to follow through with their claims and not scam me with little tricks like the no-card-present game. I suggest those of you who take large amounts like me start the same tactics to help create a case for the DOJ.
Last October I looked into the avenue of taking credit card payments and was immediately solicted by Square. over several months of being reminded if you will that i had not yet “Activated my account” the opportunity arrose to use the service and since i had received two card readers by this time figured why not? I on the spot listed my info a bank account ,did the test deposit that was ssupposed to take 2-3 days and accepted my first payment within 15 minutes… problem this is great right…. not so fast… My next project and client are here on business of the late mothers estate and we negotiate a fair and acceptable deal… I then call square to ask abount deposits and turn around times etc. and informed we are good to go as stated in the agreement. plus i have indded used the service prior… Now my client is back in Texas where he resides and gives me written signed authorization to use his card as he wishes to finance this work, great option, and so i do and his card monitoring kicks it back and calls him before i could even dial…when i do he tells me run it again i just ok’d it with them… perfect and its done… since the work to be done is on a time sensitive schedule I again contact Square whos account rep informs me yes it went through 1-2 days and no problem this is on Jan 6th, Jan 8th i see no payment or deposit and go to the Square site where I find the Astris saying that a review is needed prior to releasing funds…just routine get some info and we will release the deposit… I inform them of all the details including my clients phone number the documentation and the time sensitive nature and the fall out that would happen should it be a problem… and again am told there was not even an issue and it wont happen again just a one time thing…. 4 days later I recieve an email 5 minutes before the close of their service hour informing me that I represent a fraud risk and they are permanantly and irrevocably closing my account, forcing a refund that will tie up the very funds needed to honor my contractual agreement and that they regret this but thats it thats all… They have no held my personal finances and the work due my client hostasge for 5 days and then inform me that im to issue a refund that will take anothe 10 to 14 days to process… Really? I have never in all my days been so blatantly humiliated and so shabily treated by a company that perform a service for monitary gain… I will indeed follow the words of advice and as it seems will have plenty of time to dedicate to the cause of making sure Im heard… Very diappointed and hopefully not ruined by bad practices and lack of fair dealings with Square…
Had similar experience with PPH froze my new account because we Swiped 8k and 2k manual. Jumped through their hoops and got it cleared up. Looking at others I was HIT WITH AN ADDITIONAL 1% in fees due to Clients Card not being a USA Credit card
The other problem I see people having problems with are due to large purchases. Perhaps then Square is not your option. As you know they haven’t been in business too long and need to also protect themselves. Lets face it, a large transaction manually keyed in can be a fraud problem. I, don’t do a large amount in each transaction, I own a variety store and usually the charges are lower compared to what I have read others are doing, who are having problems.
TERRIBLE COMPANY…their cardreader never works which makes it nessesary to type in number. They charge more and then…. last week we used it for $2300.00 and they emailed to say the money would be held for 30 days. Now they are saying $2002.00 will be put in our account in the next 3 business days. This will be the last time we will use this company.
First of all, if you’re going to have a “brick & mortar” based business, as you indicated by saying “my store”, you will NOT want to use Square since it is designed more for mobile business owners, consultants, hair stylists, etc.
Square reported my 2012 taxes as personal taxes and not business taxes. I emailed them 8/13/14 several times and called them. Except for once there is no response to emails. They don’t answer calls, they hang up. Just now I was speaking to RYAN Ryan who said he was getting in touch with the tax team and he basically COULD NOT HELP ME . He said he didn’t know when they would get back to me. DOES SQUARE even HAVE A TAX TEAM?

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