“Square Stand Reviews for Restaurants”

So… emailed them with an urgent request to get our accounts up and running asap and to contact me via phone so we could get it all figured out soon. NEVER received a phone call, only sporadic emails over the course of 3 days that were of absolutely no help. Actually, we finally received our test deposits and had set up our account to receive credit card payments the day of our fundraiser and then I get an email back from the “customer service” person that he found something wrong with the information I gave him and so he DEACTIVATED OUR ACCOUNT on the day of our fundraiser and said he could try again within 7-10 business days!! Are you kidding me?? He never tried to verify or confirm any of the information I gave him. He probably inputed it wrong since we were able to do it on the website ourselves. Yet, he took the liberty to deactivate our account and make it impossible for us to receive credit card payments on the day of our fundraiser.
I even went to their main office in San Francisco downtown to speak to someone about my account, I got turned down by security downstairs (they also have security upstairs) and threatened with trespassing charges.
2) Incomplete receipt. That’s a problem with the vendor’s accounting practices, not with the Square, and it’s certainly not a tech problem. I have many, many paper cab receipts that have NOTHING printed on them at all or a scrawl that says 5 (or maybe S) let alone a nice, readable record of my purchase.
That is 100% not accurate. No credit card information is stored in the device. The info is encrypted (ie, turned into a basically indecipherable coded format) by the reader and sent to Square for processing. In the Square reporting system they do allow you to track new versus returning customers by way of the card they used, but all of this data is handled and encrypted by Square. You don’t store or have access to credit card info when you use Square.
I can’t began to express the cross-over childish and unprofessional tactics Square has exhibited in collusion and cartelish retaliation with info coming from step-sister company Twitter as part of their social algorithm in discriminating against Customers. BEWARE! 95 DAYS to get my Money! A Quarter of a Year! Horrible Business principles of fairness and equality masked in a shroud of non transparency and murky language that I’m seriously so upset about I’m thinking it deserves a Federal Case Number in violation of Commerce Clauses crossing State Lines.
Merchant account providers such as Helcim can give you an EMV-compliant terminal with a built-in receipt printer for as little as $200. That again doesn’t cover a cash drawer or any other equipment, such as a scanner — nor does it include a POS. But you can save some money by opting for a merchant account that has a great deal on an EMV terminal/receipt printer.
Run a more complex business? Square for Retail is a brand-new set of intelligent, intuitive, and integrated tools purpose-built for retail businesses. Get access to all our free Square Point of Sale features, plus a package of even more powerful tools.
Also, the “Guest” feature was accidentally turned on when I was exploring adding payroll/employees to Square. Once it’s activated, it can’t be removed. So we now have to hit Guest each time instead of it automatically opening up the Square Register.
Home Depot does give you the option of emailing a receipt. I don’t use it, so I’m not sure if it uses Square to handle that sending. However, if you have used another merchant that does use Square, you might have entered an email and not realized it. Square then will automatically associate that email with that card every time you use it. I’m unaware of any list of businesses that share info with Square.
Folks if you need a similar service with GOOD customer support and rates as low as 2 percent try GoPayment. They don’t screw around with your money and it’s a pleasure to talk with a real representative.
I too am a writer, and have been using Square for over a year with occasional sales of books at fairs, etc. The only problem I had was a problem with the reader, which Square replaced at no cost – everything works fine now, my funds transfer within a day or two.
BEWARE! Square is a predatory scam conducting unethical business practices and profiting while incurring serious losses to businesses and their customers who do business with them. They refunded a customer of mine over a misunderstanding in the amount of $2100. My sales rep immediately called the customer and he apologized for having buyers remorse. He signed a contract for advertising in Feb. 15, 2017 and paid by credit card, which I ran through a Square account for (not my normal Worldpay merchant services provider). He had not reached out to the sales rep to discuss any issues, just charge backed the amount on March 9, 2017, and was “Unhappy” according to one of Square’s reasons to get your money back. They chargebacked without contacting me first. When the sales rep called the client, he shared the transmission went out of his car. The rep reminded him he is in contract and we were running his ad. He apologized and gave her another credit card payment. I called Square (at that point I had access to customer service) and the Square rep assured me that if I ran the new card through that my account would balance out and my linked bank account would not be debited. I then ran through the card in Square in good faith. They immediately emailed me telling the account was under review. I then received another email, and after uploading their requested info in compliance, they told me they deactivated my account, were holding the $2100 (and another $200 transaction) for 90 days and I had no access to customer service, nor are they required to explain any further due to their “card partners”. They proceeded to debit the bank account linked to Square for $2100, which affected other bank transactions and incurred fees, in that particular account. This ultimately affects my credit with my bank and the businesses whose transactions of mine were affected. Square double dipped, secured the new payment and then also stole money out of my bank account. The breached their terms of service by charging for a service they didn’t deliver, seizing funds from both my business bank account and Square account at the same time, (without a court order-normally required in any other circumstance), and then had the nerve to recommend I refund my client again and accept yet another payment and payment method, WHILE they also hold his money for 60 days. We resolved this problem immediately and had never in 5 years had a charge back or complaint from a client wanting a refund – ever. I have read thousands of reviews with these exact same complaints. I am also initiating a class action lawsuit and have started a social media following to unite fellow business owners who have had ten of thousands seized without cause, until legal action and legislation can be enacted against this predatory scam. Square is a sophisticated scam, and apparently for now, legal practice that is at best fraudulent. They are enriched and profiting from interest earned on our money and our customer’s money in a parasitic way . Square needs to be stopped form ripping off business owners with bait and switch, who are not protected by consumer protection laws and they obviously do not have to adhere to standard banking practices or even provide customer support. This is predatory, unacceptable and reprehensible. If we can stop this from happening to other small business owners, I am glad to have spent the time, effort and this measure of principle.
If there is additional information about your transactions or your business that you would like us to take into consideration of an early funds release or a full reactivation of your account, please submit that information here. Our Account Services team will review your request and you should receive a response within 2 – 3 business days.
So why did Square refund the money? Because the client said they did not recognize the charge. When I finally threatened to take the client to court by sending them a collections letter.. what did they say? They did not recognize the charge because it came through from the vendor NAMED SQUARE. Now, why in the hell did Square refund based on the fact that the vendor named SQUARE was unrecognized??? Completely ridiculous.
1 week ago had a large transaction from a customer, a little over $14k, I get an email from square asking for verification to make sure it’s not fraudulent translation, asking for a copy of the invoice and a few questions.
You raise the possibility of building a site using WordPress with embedded content from Square Marketplace. While that can be done, it seems like a strange approach to me. I say this because the ecommerce tools available to a WordPress site offer so much more power and flexibility than anything you could do by embedding content from Square Marketplace. To put this in perspective, the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress, which is WooCommerce, is the most popular ecommerce solution across all websites, according to a 2015 survey.
But next come dread. After poking around the Square (see our review) site and sufficiently fantasizing about a long, prosperous future with the service, the business owner decides to read some reviews, perhaps on our site. At this point, the business owner is confronted with hundreds of devastated and infuriated fellow business owners, all crying SCAM!, cursing Square’s name, and pleading for someone, anyone, to help them get their money back from the evil clutches of that pernicious polygon.
TERRIBLE COMPANY…their cardreader never works which makes it nessesary to type in number. They charge more and then…. last week we used it for $2300.00 and they emailed to say the money would be held for 30 days. Now they are saying $2002.00 will be put in our account in the next 3 business days. This will be the last time we will use this company.

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