“Square Up Complaints for Small Businesses”

I fired Shopkeep a few months ago. Frankly, their customer support is bottom of the barrel. They are not working to improve their software or customer service. They are literally riding with the existing customer base. If you have many, many products in categories, the Square register is much easier to streamline into categories. Doing this in Shopkeep is clunky and unruly. In Canada, Shopkeep will not integrate their software with Quickbooks. Honestly, Shopkeep is absolutely NOT worthwhile. Square ALL the way!!!
Note: Because ShopKeep does not have a standard card processing rate, we used an approximate rate of 2.2%. Your own rate from ShopKeep will vary depending on your revenue, industry, and average order value, among other factors.
I have also had issues with customers who go into the square market from their mobile device and can’t get their shopping cart to go through. All of my customers have had to use a PC to process their orders. I don’t know why mobile devices have trouble placing orders.
I am giving you a real persons experience with square. It has not been good. I recently took a payment that was in the neighborhood of 2900.00. What we found out after we took the payment, in fact days after we took the payment, is that we would be credited with 2000.00 in days. We would be credited with the rest of the money within 20 or 30 days. We were not aware of this policy but it is definetely a deal breaker for us. We will no longer take payments of this amount with square. If you want to talk to someone at square, this is not even possible. They only deal with humans by email. When we initially started taking payments we had a significant amount of trouble and our client finally just sent a check because we could not get his payment. We are going to use a different service because we have not been at all happy with square, also known as square up, I think. That is another issue. Why do they give themselves a bunch of different names. This just creates identity issues. I give them a half a point for being a viable business and that is about it. They have a lot off issues to overcome if they are going to be rated any higher by someone who is trusting a company to get us money into our account through a credit card transaction.
Any kind of reader is basically a way to get numbers into the device without having to enter them manually. Even the square app allows for manual input if the magnetic strip fails. That’s not the real weak link and therefore I am calling this misdirection. The real weak link is what happens to your card once it leaves your sight. Because then anybody with criminal intentions can note down the card’s details only to sell it later via a shady newsgroup.
We will never use Square for credit card transactions again. Not only is it expensive, but recently a customer erroneously initiated a dispute and Square immediately took back $900 for the transaction. The customer realized his error, called American Express (his CC) and cancelled the transaction (providing me with an email from Amex verifying that conversation), and Square STILL will not release my funds. I forwarded the email from the customer and Amex to Square and they maintain that American Express communicates to them that the dispute has not been cancelled. Well the customer said the charge remained on his bill, which means he paid the $900 that my business was owed. But Square refuses to release money that doesn’t belong to them, even after being provided with proof. Their support is the worst I’ve ever experienced in this industry. Phone support is useless and email is inefficient and it’s as though you get an entry level employee that could care less whether to resolve your issue or not. Do your business a favor and throw away your Square reader immediately. We switched to the Clover Mini and it’s been a fantastic experience so far.
After many years 100% problem free, out of the blue Square falsely accused our business of running personal cash advances and summarily deactivated our account. We attempted to resolve the issue numerous times. Their responses were boiler plate if they responded at all. They lock you out of customer service and their forum too. Enough to make your blood boil!
Anyone who would like to come together and go after SQUARE for our money hold with them, please get in touched with me, I am now coordinating with a lawyer. My own claim $1200 is very small, if we can come together and share with a lawyer’s fee, talk to many bloggers to call other attention, then perhaps our odds against this financial giant would be better.
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Square does a great job covering all of the bases when it comes to mobile and, frankly, all possible needs for credit card processing. But, there are a few areas where Square falls short when compared to other mobile credit card processing options. These are:
P.S. I am greatful for the honest vendors who posted positive comments. My negative reaction to SquareUp is that there seems to be little or no interest in their part of ensuring the integrity of all their vendors matches your own. Until they mature as a company and clean up their business practices, legal agreements, and so on, then I would be disinclined to use them as either client or vendor. I am in agreement with the sentiment that credit card companies are often extremely hostile. But, as a consumer, using those companies, and paying off balance on time each billing cycle, I actually get paid by my credit card company. They will wipe you out of existence if not treated with respect and used wisely. But that’s a responsibility of each person to use their credit wisely.
I don’t want you to hate me either, I did so much research on a merchant service provider before I selected Square. I had read all the negatives, but had a friend who had used it in the same venue without a problem of any sort. So I took the plunge. So far, so good. Here is what I think makes it smooth for us….we are a private physical therapy practice, 90% of our patients pay with cash or checks and 90% are in the range of $100-160 per swipe. So for the 10% who do use a card there are no charges nearing the $1000 mark that appears to be causing so much havoc for folks. Additionally, for us, we had a low volume of people wanting to use their cards Square worked for us because we did not have to have a minimum amount volume per month and thus avoided the monthly fees. We also tag the 2.75% on to the client and therefore it is merely a vehicle of convenience for them. I simply have not had any issues…….. (yet !??#@!) I did email them regarding a status for FSA (flex spending accounts) and have not heard back from them, however, it hasn’t even been 24 hours. Who knows I may be back on here with a different story in a day or two. As a small business owner I hate to see folks in this predicament, lack of cash flow can kill you.
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