“Square Up Review Comparison”

I am pleased with the lack of additional fees such as statement fees, batch fees, and I like the fact that ALL cards are the same rate whereas with most merchant services it costs far higher percentage to take Amex, Discover or any rewards cards.
If you do not want to wait 90 days to receive these funds, you may consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seek an alternate form of payment. To learn more about processing a refund, please see: How to refund a payment. Thank you for understanding. Square Account Services.
Historically this has generated customer complaints. To avoid this, it’s worth reading Square’s T&Cs and list of excluded high risk enterprises. If you are not a high risk enterprise and you follow their terms, you should be delighted with Square’s service like the vast majority of Square’s customers. What their customers most value is; useful free software, predictable processing rates, affordable service, well-designed hardware and affordable service add-ons.
1. File a small claims lawsuit and let Square know you’ve done so (you can do a bigger one but it’s a big hassle and much more expensive) Do it in your area so they have to come to you. Their legal counsel is Hillary B Smith. This can usually be done on line quite easily.
Square is holding over $1,000 dollars of mine since April 11th. I own a small tree business and a customer paid $1,200 on her visa. They held funds questioning my account. They asked for further info. I gave it to them. Still no money. I have been back and forth with Better Business Bureau who just act as mediators with nothing solved . Now they have closed my account so when I log on they show the money there but they have blocked my account so I can no longer email support. I don’t know what else to do.
Absolutly hands down the worst company I have ever done business with. Opened me up, did my first transaction no problem. Took a 15k order from one of my really good customers then got requests for all sorts of documentation. Customer service, or lack there of says they will take 2-3 days to get back to you. not an option in my business. Square cost me an order and a customer. Beware of Square, they are what they say they are!
Just to clear this up, neither PayPal nor Square can be used for firearms. This is (likely) not due to PayPal or Square’s political beliefs, but rather the fact that firearm sales are considered a “high risk” business. There are multiple “high risk” categories, including travel services, debt collection, adult entertainment, etc. and the reasons high risk industries are classed as such vary.
Walk, don’t run as fast as you can away from this company. Not sure how they stay in business. Basically I finally found a live person to talk to and they said, we really don’t care about you or your business. They would rather walk away from a $700 profit to them on a $20,000 transaction than to deposit the money to my account as they should. I have been working with them for a couple of years without any problems. Obviously things have changed there. BYW…..There are other professional businesses out there that do the same thing for half the fee. I believed long term relationships were important. Square doesn’t feel the same. Horrible, HORIBLE customer service is what you can expect in 2016.
If there is some reason why a payment cannot be made immediately, please respond so that we can make arrangements that will be mutually agreeable. Perhaps we can work out a payment schedule that would be realistic for your present circumstances.
60 MINUTES or 20/20 needs to do a story and expose these criminals. They closed my account with $6,113 in it. My business does transactions between $3-$5,000. I sell pellet stoves. (heating appliances). They were pretty “SLICK” about it though. First they took their fees at 3.5%. Swiping the card NEVER worked at 2.75%, so I always had to key punch in at the higher rate. THEN…..when I saw 2 transactions had not cleared….they sent me an E-Mail , LITTERALLY 2 minutes before they closed, and AFTER the transactions had been put in, saying they needed to “UPDATE” my account with more information. I needed to fax them a copy of my DBA….a customer invoice…..and 3 recent bank statements tied to my checking account. After ALL this was sent I confirmed that they received the information. Through a phone conversation to verify this….(along with a passcode #)….They said it was going to be reviewed and my funds should be available that evening. less than a half hour later my account was closed with $6,113 in it! I explained to “VICTOR”, that I was at one of my distributers to give them a check for $8,000, and needed the funds cleared. NOW I have to cover that amount of money by the end of the week. SO…..money from MY transactions has been sitting in THIER ACCOUNT….MY MONEY FROM SALES OF PRODUCT…..until THEY decide to release it to me in 90 days! Now I cannot even get ahold of them for the passcode they gave me no longer works. What are they doing with all this money they are SCAMMING out of people and holding ?? These people are KILLING small business owners with these tactics. The US Attorney General should put a stop to this NOW!!!!!!!!!! NO investigation is needed…….Just read some of these reviews. These “PONZI” scammers should be IN JAIL!
With Square, you’re locked into using the Square Register app and Square-supported integrations. There’s some big names on the list of available apps, but the selection is still limited. Merchant account providers give you far more flexibility in what equipment and software you choose.
Also, the “Guest” feature was accidentally turned on when I was exploring adding payroll/employees to Square. Once it’s activated, it can’t be removed. So we now have to hit Guest each time instead of it automatically opening up the Square Register.
I posted previously that I had the same type issue with Square back in May. I called several times a day for a week, I left messages, I sent numerous emails. It has been over 4 months and I have still not received an answer, or for that matter any reply at all from Square. Consequently, I do not use Square any more but I did learn about InTuit’s GoPayment option on this site. I use both QuickBooks and Quicken so I called to ask about the service. GoPayment customer service is actually real. Not a voice message, email or (worse yet) a Twitter. An actual person politely answer all my questions to my complete satisfaction. I signed up and have been using it without ANY issues. GoPayment sent me a swiper for my iPhone, plus I can enter transactions on my Mac screen. GoPayment works better than Square and they even have a Risk Management Department. My first transaction was $2,400 on a corporate card. GoPayment called me to confirm the transaction (they said they only call on the first transaction) and it went right through without holding any funds. The fees are the same as Square but GoPayment actually answers their customer service phone, albeit after spending a minute on their phone tree to reach customer service. Great service! No problems! And GoPayment does not hold on to your money for 30 days to get the interest income. InTuit is a real company. My advice, dump Square and use GoPayment.
Absolutely stay away from this horrible company. They have no customer service if you are not a merchant,so if there is ever a problem with a transaction you have no recourse other than emailing them and waiting several days to possibly get a responce and then the responce is inadequate to solve the problem. They are holding money for days and days when there is no reason to do so. I just got burnt by buying something for a friend who was going to pay me back right away. they did but squarecash decided to hold the transaction. I dont have a lot of money I cant afford to have my money floating in space and unable to do anyth8ng about it. its only $160.00 but still if they are doing this to thousands of people daily they are making some big bucks by making there networth seem larger than it is. for all I know they might never give me my money and I have no way to contact them and no recourse whatsoever. very stressful for no reason. they need a customer service number available to anyone who uses there service. I have used them for a while now and have had too many problems like this. I will never use them again.
I believe square is so full of “crap” as of 1 yr. And 2 weeks today 9/18/2014. Square has yet to deposit my 13,600.00 and or refund to my customer .they give numerous excuses to my customer of why they can release the funds to either he of my self the business owner ..bull crap..I’ve contacted the district atty. Social media and television to bring these scam artist down …clicks ticking …they have passed so many of by deactivating our accts. And say high risk fraud bullshit to use our money to make money …bull crap …The man upstairs watches all things and karma .Don’t be giving me crap that it is a good company to do business with because it’s not ….
The company I work for is looking into cheaper options for processing. We travel throughout the midwest and sell clothing at multiple events per weekend. Up to four separate locations, however we would be based all from one main location. Could we have multiple squares running at once? Is the tax withholding service adjustable so we can tune it to separate states tax laws for selling. I’ve noticed you said a few things about security. Some of our events sell about $2,000 total for three days. However, other events will sell up to $25,000 in three days. I was hoping maybe you could suggest a cheap option for us if square can’t fill our needs. Since our sales occur at odd location we really need the offline option. The system we have now is large and outdated so we are in desperate need of a new system that can keep our inventory updated regularly and handle our sales capacity. Sales are seasonal as well so we don’t need a year round service but could do leasing based monthly.
I lived 3 days here. I like it. Rooms are not large, but absolutely enough for living. Everything is new and modern. All rooms are en-suite. The prices are good for this part of NY. Including light breakfast- coffee/tea+ snacks . Thus make sure that…More
Late last week, I received another chargeback. It wasn’t for a recent transaction, but for another order that took place back in November and was, no doubt, part of the same problem as the three others. When I came into work on Monday, one of the first things I did was to fill out their chargeback response form again. Less than two hours later, I received the following e-mail:
Square ??? Stay AWAY !!!! They just show the founder on the 60 minutes (I was allmost breaking the TV) how he created and how smart and how unsocial. This is exactly what this company is. They are ve unsocial and ignorant. They are holding my allmost $12,000 which were all signed and swiped transactions. It really hurts my cash flow and quality of my business services. It has been more than 2 months I only get pre-written e-mails to my questions. They rated me high risk ? I really dont get it, how can you be high risk when your customers sign and give thier card to swipe ? I think this is the way for them to make money. ABC- 60 minutes was just the cover their stealings. I am really considering flying up to San Fransisco and going their office with the police or FBI. This is unacceptable.
The worst and most complicated software to reconcile your books at the end of the month. I don’t know how they came up with such a complicated system.. Does my head in every time. Hours and Hours of work just to reconcile one month’s sales. What The….? Have to find something else. Shame…because the reader works quite well. Can’t believe I’ve waste my money on this system. Frustrated and Crying….:(
i used square for about six months & everything was going well. on two occasions i made deposits from my account to another account & although they withdrew the money form my account, it never deposited the money in the other account. for 2 weeks ive been trying to find out whats the problem & even by leaving email ive yet to talk to anyone. i ended up having to pay this person with my own money. they have no way of contact. once i find a way to get the withdrawn money back, i will throw the square card reader in the trash where it belongs. would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

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