“Square Up Review for Restaurants”

I think if square is guilty of anything it is not being clear about how processing works. Go get a merchant account at your bank and key in all your transactions at high amounts, no card present and see how fast they start holding 50% of your funds and put you on a reserve system.
Exactly, same BS they did to me after my SECOND transaction. I had given them in DETAIL the nature of my business and that I would have frequent charges of $1000 and others ranging from $300- $2200 MAX and after my 2nd charge I get an email saying I am high risk and have been deactivated AND the are holding MY money for 90 days. NO reply to my four emails that followed. Amazing how “Steve” was responding to all my set up q &a’s within 10 mins a week ago and now nothing. Don’t use SQUARE UP, scammers, they like to hold OUR money and collect interest on it for 90 days. Just imagine how much they are banking across the world doing this. But of course they were sure to take their CUT from my $1050 charge Before cutting off my acct for no reason. And beware users, their terms say they have “the right to deactivate and hold your funds for no reason at all”. Genius. No one reads that shit first. Scammers.
I would recommend that you go this route for at least the first six months. At that point, you’ll have a better idea of your average transaction size and monthly volume and you can reassess your needs.
This company is a total joke. I suspect the extent of their so called customer service staff is an answering machine on the floor of some abondonded building. Someone needs to report this scam to the authorities they are absolute theives. I can’t beleive they are still in business. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY you will regrete it, I promise you. They are completely aware of the issues and just dont care, period!!!! If you want to piss off your cutomers and have these people sit on your money as long as they want go for it otherwise choose ANYONE else because square is the absolute worst CC processing company EVER!!
I am at a lost for words at the lack of follow up from square. I had a client lie to them after claiming they never received serices they paid for and money was removed from my account. When I was asked on January 3, 2013 to provide proff of which I did. I have yet to get my money returned from them or even a real rresponse. I’m Really pissed off and I dont feel like my money that they get on a weekly basis is even appreciated. Im really considering taking my business elsewere an letting my fellow designers know to do the same.
I was just informed by a client that his credit card had been charged twice for the same amount that appears on an invoice. This prompted me to ACTUALLY look at my Square account and I an SHOCKED to find they are holding over $25,000.00 in “Pending Deposits” since the 30th 0f March and it is nor May 25th. I have tried every number I could find on various forums and all I get is a recorded message telling me I need a CODE to talk to a human. I enter all the crap on thier help page to request a code but I never get it. Only an email with a case number which is NOT the code. How am I supposed to pay my vendors, if I can’t collect funds that were payment for product I purchased!!!! This A HUGE SCAM> NO idea how Square could stay in business. I just wish I knew WHO to CALL. I need to get this resolved. ASAP
After 14 months of using Square I continue to love it and have not had one issue. I own a store and swipe cards everyday it is a blessing to me to only pay 2.75% with no additional fees. I love the way my sales are tracked on the web site. In the past I have used 4 other credit card processors and felt nothing but RIPPED OFF by each one. They all promised a great rate and then add additional fees depending on the credit card, fees, statement fee… Square is the only company that doesn’t do this.
No phone number to call, no main address, no main email address. I have had it, and now I cannot tell my customers that I have to recharge their credit card because square did not release their funds to my account. This is Bullsh..
I’m not going to tell you that there is any provider who can make you immune to having funds held in reserve, or even to suspension and terminations, but you greatly improve your chances of a having a long-term, stable account when you open a traditional merchant account.
Square, which some call “an operating system for small business,” has made available a myriad of tools and devices to help a fledgling one-person business expand without compromising on personalized customer experience.
But there is a giant caveat to Square Cash that the company is going to have to deal with in its communications to the public if it wants the service to take off: There is no limit to your liability for fraud from the use of Square Cash. So what happens if someone hacks into your email account? Sending cash with Square is as easy as emailing someone with a dollar amount in the subject line and CC-ing “cash@square.com”. Square replies to the email and sets the transaction in motion, transferring from one debit card to another, directly.
•They limited my account with no reason, like I said I have been in business successfully with no refunds or chargebacks and DID NOT BREAK Their User Agreement, there is no way of reaching them when this happens, they leave you out in the cold with no solution or way to correct what they have done wrong.
If you are considering accepting credit and debit card payments your dilemma may be to pick between a merchant account or Square. Upon first glance, Square is the more simple of the two but comes with its own risks and costs. Merchant accounts are slightly more complicated but come with strong customer support and security. Traditional merchant service accounts provide more flexibility and customization to fit the individual needs of a business.
But then there are the established companies which feel threatened by Square. First and foremost VeriFone, a company that apparently seems to see themselves as the sole owner of the market for processing payment information. This is evidenced by the statements made on their website. Take for example their SEO-friendly site title: “VeriFone Official Site | Secure payment solutions for credit & debit cards, EMV, contactless, & NFC”. They have vested interests in technologies that require you to purchase their products.
Merchant account providers such as Helcim can give you an EMV-compliant terminal with a built-in receipt printer for as little as $200. That again doesn’t cover a cash drawer or any other equipment, such as a scanner — nor does it include a POS. But you can save some money by opting for a merchant account that has a great deal on an EMV terminal/receipt printer.
I have been trying and trying to get a phone number, and to get in contact with the Square Up Company. I found nothing to even help me on line either. I have found no way in which to get in contact with any kind of verbal support. How are you to trust a product, or find out anything, when there is no one to talk to. I am taking this purchase back to the store, Good luck for the next person!!!! Francis Howell
Also, Square cannot replace a merchant account for online payment processing or for recurring billing situations, since Square doesn’t yet produce an API that can be used to integrate with your website to accept payments directly on your website, nor does it offer automated recurring billing at this time.
7 days ago Square received a payment from my customer of $12,000.00 This being my first transaction with them I was hopeful for a quick turn around as promised in all of their marketing. The idea of starting to take credit cards was to increase cash flow and broaden our customer base. This is not the case. It is not until you are wondering where your money is that you find out their real business plan. I have not seen any account activity, I have been unable to contact anyone via their phone # that you have to track down or their auto reply BS from Michale K. They have basically taken my $12,000 dollars and disappeared leaving my company in a big mess. If I do not hear back from them today my lawyer and I are going to file a police report in San Francisco. This is not good business, it is thievery.
The best mobile processors are transparent and consistent with the information they provide about their processing costs and fees. Square received the maximum on our transparency and consistency score, providing our reviewers with accurate information that matched what was posted on its website.

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