“Squareup.Com Reviews for Small Businesses”

I couldn’t help but be interested in what has happened to you, Alex. I use square and fortunately as of today have not had any issues with them. I do have issues with bank initiated processors though. I do not appreciate being lied to, as I’m sure no one does, but that’s what happens once you sign on the dotted line. In brief, after my assistant limited the number of hours she was available to get into the office, I started taking a closer look at bank statements. I had to sit down once I realized that the 2.25% (which was a pretty good rate, so I thought) was actually more like 10 to 18% depending on the amount of sales, once all of the fees were added to the bill. I was stunned to say the least. I’m not naive about service charges, but I certainly had never taken a closer look at all the nickle and dimes and sometimes $3 and $4 or $8 fees on the bank statement.
CROOKS ! a donor donated $2200.00 to help a family in need,, now the family didnt get the money ! donor out his $2200.00 we cant get the money, and weve been canceled….. noone answers phone , emails are a joke too ! may GOD GET THESE CROOKS ! one day they will see the piper….. what can we do next ?
So you see, Square brings a lot of functionality to the table and many valuable features are included at no cost in your free Square account. Since everything integrates seamlessly, you can easily add services as your growth demands. Best of all, every feature ties into your existing data the minute you turn it on.
I called the phone # posted on this article, but the recording asks for some “number” – there is NO SUCH number to be found any where. So the automatic answering system just hung up on you. What a sleazy way to avoid merchants and business owners?!
8:45 a.m. Cat & Cloud’s house roast “The Answer” has become one of my local favorites since they opened last year, and their custom ceramic cups elevate a simple iced coffee ($3) to something really special. Companion’s brown butter cornbread with Padrón pepper and honey butter ($3.50) blew me away. There were a couple of tense moments between my friend and I as we attempted to share the generous slice, slathered in sweet and smoky butter.
Square’s termination policies are flexible, with no charges and with month-to-month terms. You can terminate at any time as long as you don”t terminate your contract to avoid payout fees for services you purchase. You also need to wait to terminate once all your orders are filled, otherwise Square will terminate those pending orders. I felt this was a very simple and reasonable termination policy, but it works both ways with Square…
Square reported my 2012 taxes as personal taxes and not business taxes. I emailed them 8/13/14 several times and called them. Except for once there is no response to emails. They don’t answer calls, they hang up. Just now I was speaking to RYAN Ryan who said he was getting in touch with the tax team and he basically COULD NOT HELP ME . He said he didn’t know when they would get back to me. DOES SQUARE even HAVE A TAX TEAM?
There were a number of times when cards were declined–probably because the project manager was trying to use a company card in his name (that they use for business expenses) and there was no room on the card. Or whatever. I was later paid by check.
I’m really anxious to hear if anyone’s gotten a resolution from Square regarding an issue like this. Will they release the funds if there was a mechanical problem, or am I potentially screwed out of thousands here? Does anyone know how they’re handling faulty swipers?
i was also flaged a high risk after many transactions my account was all in line and in good standing and they are holding $3,000 from me i received a e mail stateing they would be released in 30 days then 1 hour later i received another e mail stateing they would be held 180 days they said i could seek other optiuons to receive my funds to go about doing a refund i did the first one and informed the customer why i received a check from my customer. i tried to do the other refunds to seek other payment options then square blocked me from doing that . i shouold of been a more educated consumer a read the hundreds and hundreds of negative reveiws one reveiw said they are holding $19,000 im temepted to show up at there door!!! to get there full attention in addition it says this is your case number and you will receive a return reply!! i have several case numbers and no returns they completly shut me out!!
A chargeback like this happened to our little bike shop in CO recently. Here’s the thing: Product has gone out the door and no one has paid for it. That’s called theft, not fraud. Contact your insurance company and file a claim. We did, and it took a couple of months, but a check is in the mail.
I have been in business for close to 10 years and Square succeeded where even other Merchant Service Crooks had failed… They caused me to stop taking credit cards. I had the unfortunate need to give good customer service and issue a refund to a client whose dog was unable to stay with us after he had already made payment. Square took the refund money out of my bank the next day. I noticed a couple of days later I wasn’t getting a deposit but it was a Friday night I though maybe just a policy change well by Tuesday morning and still no deposit even though they had a $1000.00 of my money I started to try to find answers. I have a VERY busy dog care business so it’s not exactly conducive to exhaustive Internet searches so I start looking for a contact on squares website… I was unable to even find a contact email I had to enlist my geek husband who found this website and a customer service email for me. I sent an email and the next day I got a response that square put a hold on all funds for 7-10 days after a refund Doesn’t matter the size of the refund or the amount you have in credit card sales…with absolutely no notification they hold all your funds for 10 days. This shouldn’t even be legal. I fortunately figured it out about 3 days in so they only had $1000.00 not several thousand of my money but I’m through I’m just not accepting credit cards anymore. They’re all crooks and Square claimed to be different and they are different just not in a good way they’re Worse! Beware
Can anyone tell me if they’ve used Square successfully when they had more than $1,000 in “SWIPED” transactions within a 7 day period? Meaning, did all of your $1,000+ funds get deposited in the 12-36 hours?
Just read your review of Square and have had identical experience, although I haven’t had to go out of business yet. Today was 90 days and i just got an email from them stating that they are holding my money for another 90 days! Just curious – did you ever get your money? I am considering getting a lawyer – did you try that? Thanks, Cindy
SQUARE has NO customer service. I have had funds on hold for over a month. I have sent emails with no response and phone calls with no response. Seems fraudulent to me. I have dealt with our merchants and you can always get someone on the phone. NOT SQUARE. NEVER using them again.
Not currently, but they do offer lower percentages if you process high-volume transactions. PayPal does offer a lower rate for non-profits, so perhaps Square will do so in the future. You can learn more about Square’s nonprofit uses here. Thanks for reading! Cheers, Krista
Inexpensive: I know I just said some merchants are wishing the fees were lower. That’s true, but plenty of other merchants like the costs. Because Square does not charge a per-transaction fee on swiped transactions, low-ticket businesses stand to save a significant percentage. This is because a $0.10 transaction fee on a $5 ticket is actually 2% added on. When you look at it that way, the 2.75% flat rate starts to look really good. Also, many American Express transactions are actually processed below cost by Square, which might not be sustainable long-term but is great for businesses that process a lot of Amex cards. Even add-on services that cost a monthly fee are comparable to third-party options. Not only that, but Square’s EMV readers are the most inexpensive options available — $29 for an EMV-only reader, and $49 for an EMV/NFC-enabled device. You pay nothing extra for a full-fledged virtual terminal, recurring billing, or a customer database and PCI compliant card vault to store card numbers.
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Like any merchant service provider, Square has a team of people that monitor transactions looking for fraud and other misuse. If suspicious activity is found, Square will freeze the user’s account and hold any unreleased funds for the “entire time it takes” for a thorough risk investigation. Funds are often held without notice, and Square is notorious for providing little, if any, customer service to keep people informed about the progress of a fraud investigation. As I said earlier, Square’s lack of underwriting makes the company especially sensitive to any changes in a business’s processing history, volume, or average ticket size. If your company experiences swings in volume, ticket size, or you’re expecting rapid growth, Square is not the processing solution for you.
Square up is not all it’s cracked up to be. When things don’t go well, tell your customer you’ll get back with them in 24 hrs after square up is in touch with you! See how that goes over. It didn’t work on my android, as they claimed, even though it’s listed as. Kudos to those that claim it works well for them. I’ll seek a better, effective alternative.
I’ve only been using Square for a month. I’m not a large company with a hella lot of sales at this time. However, I do hope I can build this relationship over time because you couldn’t pay me enough money to use the real scammers and corporate scumbags when transacting credit card sales: Corporate Banks.
Square is a great idea and very convenient for small business owners like myself. However, they have NO customer help line and little explanation as to how it all works. They withheld ALL my income from my summer seasonal business. It took me weeks to find out where the money went. They finally sent me an email saying that all my money was finally deposited in my bank account. I still am not sure it has been deposited.
Absolutely THE WORST Customer Support. Terrible service provider. We have transactions that range between $5000 and $25,000 and we had funds held on the second transaction pending additional verification, which we provided. With no response from the verification team, I called Support THREE TIMES in one day from 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM PST with hold times up to 45 minutes per call. I finally got ahold of a human being on my third call only to have him not answer one of my questions, rudely and forcefully talk over me without listening, then hang up on me.
But about 3k did get paid through Square. The money accrued in my Square account and the web site indicated it was it was available pending set up of the automatic deposit, which was nothing more than setting a time to be the end of the business day. Done. Square seemed a little slow but I had no reason to believe that I would have a problem.
I used to have a lot of problems with the card reader. I bought 3 of them and after a little while they would stop working. I would have to run it 6-10 times to get it read. Recently I purchased one at Rite Aid and have no issues now. The card is read on usually the first try which makes it much easier for me and my customers. Try purchasing a new reader. If you contact square, they will give you the 10.00 back. I’m also a very small business and had no issues in two years. Love the flat fee and the fact that I don’t have to pay the 100.00 + compliance fee every year. I had another company who was robbing me blind.
To get your customer code, sign in to your Square account and follow the prompts so we can direct you to the right resources. If you couldn’t find a solution to your issue, click I Still Need Help and select Call Support.
How long does it usually take for them to respond to emails, twitter, facebook, phone calls? I’ve done all three hoping to get a call ASAP. They are holding several deposits of mine…I had NOOOO idea when I signed up that they held deposits if you did more than $1,000 a week and didn’t swipe the cards. I do photography and 90% of my customers pay by credit card by phone. Being that this is Christmas time, it’s my busy season…and now I”m learning that they are going to hold my money till JANUARY! I was hoping to use some of that money for Christmas shopping and would love to get it deposited asap! But after reading everything I’ve read…I’m worried I’ll never get a reply and just have to wait 30 days to get my deposits.
Want to know the secret behind Square’s payment processing? It’s a rarely discussed bit of industry knowledge. When I started reviewing mobile processors, I had to wonder how the heck services like Square could possibly set up merchant accounts…
Chargebacks: Don’t single out Square for not backing you. In business, you must follow the money. The money is from a credit card customer to their bank. The exchange of data is a dust storm to make you think there is impartiality in adjudicating disputes. There is not. The customer will, next to ALWAYS, win and not have to pay. Even if they fail to return merchandise, you have a slim chance, and unless the dollar amount is high, you will find it not profitable to pursue the problem. For potentially problematic cases, I send the customer a contract (via EchoSign) which guarantees collection costs in the event that the sale is not completed in cash within x days. You will need their complete physical address, preferably the employer, perhaps a checking account number — some asset you can attach when you win the small court case by default.
That makes sense given the vendor is the chokepoint/leverage point closet to the transaction, going to the consumer is admirable but the automation of operations clearly cannot yet scale. Bitcoin’s promise is seductive in its idealistic efficiency that allows the value players to keep more of the value they provide. It will be great when all this stuff mature – great for the consumer, great for the vendor and the intermediary will…… will the writings on the wall. The only question is for how long the special interests of these powerful intermediaries can hold back the tide of technology through the artifice of regulation as technology remakes their business beneath them and they struggle to reinvent their business. They should not give up hope- after there is still a horse and buggy trade out there somewhere still 😉
As far as “charge-backs” I haven’t had one in say 10 years. Prior to the wireless hand-held, we used to use the old “knuckle-buster” system and would key punch the numbers after a show. Back then, once in a blue moon would i get a decline, but i’d run the numbers again a few days later and receive an authorization. Back then, I’d also periodically get a charge-back, (especially for an out-of-state transaction) from a customer who would see my state listed on their statement (thinking, “i’ve never been to NJ!”). An easy fix to that (suggested by my carrier) was to add into the business listing on the customer’s CC statement, “craft shows” or “Ornmts” (which is my medium). Since then, i honestly say that i haven’t had a charge-back since (and we’re talking over 10 yrs)

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