“Squareup Reviews for Small Businesses”

I am aware of the stories that surfaced in August about Square’s dongle being used for fraud, but I’m not overly concerned about it. First, I believe much of the concern is over-hyped just because of Square’s huge popularity and buzz right now. Secondly, nearly any device (even the terminals at your grocery store) is hackable if the right people want to hack it. The difference is that when a security hole is found with Square, it turns into a firestorm of press simply because it’s Square – which is a company that also happens to be founded by the same person who founded Twitter. See what I mean?
Check with the hotel. Like most they may be able to check you in early if they have your room available. At the very least you can check in and they will store your bags so you can get out and about. Enjoy!
Square has no customer support. No one replied to email over the weekend. I am now waiting for the West Coast to wake up and start business in hopes I can actually hear back and they will resolve this problem.
Square support over the phone with me changed my e-mail address back, I changed and greatly increased my password and I increased all of the Square security settings to my account. Square then told me that they would reimburse me by mailing me a check. After this I was scrolling through my Square account tabs and click on the “list” tab. I do NOT sell anything through Square. I only use it for customer payment transactions. Well in my square list was several big screen curved TV models for sale!!
My wife and I may do 3-6 trade/business expos per year. Sale dental related products/services/gift certicates. Feel like we lose “impulse” purchases without a POS system in place. Transactions could range from $10’s to $100’s per. Some shows are 2 day events. Have iphones and ipads but currently no wifi on ipads.
Yes Create Account with a Corporate Email Use your corporate email when creating your account to keep your business and personal info organized. Important alerts and updates are sent to this email address.
I am unfamiliar with the functions of viruses on an Apple or Android app device, but I am familiar with worms, trojans and keyloggers and I assume code is code, they can be written on any operating system. That is my main concern: if my safety measures do not uncover a security breach and my device is infected without my knowing, is my customer’s information at risk?
Weeks without prior dosclosure. Your review is dead on. I would have been charging upwards of $200,000 a year with square. Now Iam thinking of a law suit. NO SIZEABLE SMALL BUSINESS SHOULD USE SQUARE AS THEY CURRENTLY DO BUSINESS
I was very happy when i first got square about 6-7 months ago. I’ve only done 3 transactions using cc most of my business is done with cash. I’ve never had a problem until 2 days ago I recieved an email a withdraw was made and to contact customer support which is almost impossible after emailing them to find out why I was charged i received an email stating they will contact within 24 hours well 36 hours later and no response. Ive called the number and got a voicemail and emailed them again with no response. Ive contacted my bank to dispute this and when I get this situation taken care of I will be deleting my account. Square has no customer sevice so beware if theres a problem you will see NO results. And I do have proof as i have copied the emails ive sent. You’ve been warned.
Total fraud! DO NOT USE THEM! We had been using them but anytime we get payments over $1000, they froze they account . The final straw was they told us they had to do a total customer verification and asked us for all types of personal information. We sent them everything they needed, then they deactivated the account with over $9000 in pending transactions. Then to make it worst you cannot contact anyone there without a pin code to get through, no customer service line at all. Meanwhile or money is stuck in limbo. And there charges are outrages!
I could not agree more. I am going through your scenario right now. Unfortunately for me, this is my first transaction for my new business and it was rather large in my world. I have no answers, I do not have my funds, do not know when I will see them. I have unloaded everything you can think of to them, and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way to get in touch with them. My first and LAST transaction with these people.
I have the same issue this week with a sale being suspended, pending submittal of bank statements. Square suggested I do a refund to customer since I would not provide the bank statements. I issued the refund. And now need to look for another processor.
This provider has one of the most competitive pricing plans of any merchant account provider in the card processing industry. Fattmerchant also offers a month-to-month service agreement, no cancellation fees, no hidden fees, and processing options for virtually any business need.
NEVER use Square. They will vaguely review your business and hold your money without reasoning given. When you try to inquire about your hard earned money they will block you from contacting them like children even if your inquires are informative and professional.
I initially emailed the people at squareup.com to explain the situation to them, in detail, as I was aware that there is a hold on payouts over $1, 000. My inquiry was responded to quickly and enthusiastically to increase my payout as long as I swiped the card with my Square reader.
Hello, wife and i own a convinience store and have about 2000 skus. Tested VendHQ, squareup, and Shopkeep. VendHQ was the best reports wise, although high monthly fee turned off off. Their cc company (Vantiv) quoted us Interchange + .07 swipe +.07% rate, no monthly fee servicing fee. However even with this low effective rate, considerably lower than squreup, but higher than shopkeep’s quote, we decided not to use vendhq because barcode scanners are not as streamlined and there is no tipping. Plus its $79 per a month if you pay yearly, $99 month to month.
I just called Square at 415-375-3176 and got right through to a customer service rep who was very knowledgable. This is the second time I have called and have gotten through both times. I have had no problems with their service, I just wanted to ask questions to be sure that I understood what I have read.
Square has the worst customer service ever. There is no phone contact. The only way to contact them is via email. They have deactivated my account with no warning in the middle of my business day. Left me with huge chaos with client check out. I’ve emailed them several times and they send the same email back to me every time. Not answering any of my questions. THE WORST CUstomer SUPPORT EVER!!
It’s really good. Window cleaner in UK and customers don’t always have cash and aren’t always in so sending invoices saves me having to go back out every night to collect money. Payments process fast every time. I took a payment on the Friday before Christmas on a Monday and the payment was in my bank account on Boxing Day. I was very impressed by that. It allows a customer database with all contact details and can show how often they are using my services. I like the fact I can see if the invoice has been viewed or not before I send any reminders. The monthly and daily reports are really handy when it comes to planning for when I’m likely to be busier the following month, like the fact I can customise receipts and invoices and several customers like the fact I can save card details for automatic payments. The only addition I would like is that when you add a customer to a cash sale the email address is automatically put in so a receipt can be sent. It is a tiny inconvenience to have to copy and paste every time, especially for my business which relies on a lot of doorstep transactions with repeat customers. Other than that no complaints. Have never had any trouble getting through to customer service and the worst thing that happened was I once had to wait 2 days for a payment to clear instead of 1. I would recommend this for any micro business/sole trader as it makes life so much easier.
Today after I told them I would stay on the phone until they finished my review, that was suppose to be done 3 days ago, I was hung up on, and than received an email that my account has been deactivated. I had the choice of refunding my clients, or waiting 90 days to get them.
Square is continuing to bill me automatically after I have canceled my service with them, and i can’t reach them to resolve the situation because i am no longer a customer with a customer code!!!!!!!!!
Take Kristin Maddox, for example. The owner of Red Chair Salon in San Francisco once shared with me how she switched to Square after getting fed up with her traditional credit card terminal provider charging exorbitant fees. She also talked about time wasted on the phone with her pre-Square provider. Jaber seconded that complaint, telling us that he once used a manual payment system which required his team to physically scroll through the receipts to reconcile transactions — tedious work to say the least. What’s more, he said, “There was a system that we used before Square and at least twice a day, we were on the phone with support (e.g. the screen was frozen, items kept disappearing, etc.). Every day, every location. In our home office, there were collectively 10 hours regularly spent on POS issues. Today, it’s maybe an hour a week. Square is focused on the team, making it easy for them to spend more time with customers.”
With many small businesses apparently favoring Square, what do incumbents and big payment providers like American Express feel about the changing commerce landscape? An American Express spokesperson wrote in an email that the more choices small businesses have, the better it is for their company: “We are very focused on remaining competitive in a highly dynamic industry, including aggressive competition provided by traditional and emerging payments industry participants … while [Square and PayPal] compete with American Express, at the same time they also have expanded American Express Card acceptance among small merchants whom we might not otherwise have reached.”
“Wouldn’t it be great,” I mused, “if Square added a way to accept credit cards online, so I could use them for e-commerce, too.” And, sure enough, they did. It was easy to use, and I eagerly set up their service as the way to process all orders on my store’s web site. This was in July of 2013, and for a few months everything was good. Then the trouble began.
Please be carefully processing credit cards with this company. They keep your money for 6 months. My best advise is to contact your bank and not let them debit your business account or personal account. Beware!
Has anyone told their clients/customers to dispute the charge with their credit card, and that way, they get there money back? That way the credit card company disputes with the merchant, square. I was suppose to get our money today, and no luck from it being deposited by Square. I can’t believe I didn’t read enough information.
Shopkeep: ShopKeep’s employee management also includes all of the above features: Employees can clock-in and out, and managers can view reports on their sales performance, and track who was working the register at any given time. ShopKeep does not have an integrated payroll system, but you can export time sheets as a CSV. Employee management is included in ShopKeep’s base price ($69/month) for an unlimited number of employees.
Square is the WORST company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! I started using them for the convenience, and everything went great for the first three months. Then, one day, my funds weren’t deposited. I emailed them (because you can’t call them, and even if you do they don’t answer and there is on voicemail) to find out what was going on. After almost a week, I got this weird email asking me to “verify” information, such as “reason for having multiple accounts.” I didn’t have multiple accounts, and emails asking for clarification went unanswered. After another 2 weeks, I got an email that they had deemed my account “high risk” (despite ZERO problems or chargebacks) and were closing it, and that they would be holding the money in my account for 60 days! Not knowing what else to do, I waited. Well, the 60 days came and went, no deposit. They had about $4K. I attempted to refund my customers so I could collect the money through another gateway…nope, couldn’t do that either. Just last week I filed formal complaints against Square to the California Attorney General and the State Attorney General of my home state, and emailed Square letting them know that I had done so. Finally today, after 3-1/2 months, I got my money.

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