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So with each new product, Square must consider how it might affect its relationship with its financial partners. Will it rankle them? It’s clear the Square credit card would likely ruffle feathers. The banking source breaks down the problem: “When the payment company starts to take over the consumer relationship, that’s where the networks would be like, ‘Wait a minute, your business was built on the back of our credit and debit cards, and now you’re trying to get people to not use our cards but rather link their checking account to yours?’ The way to think about it is, what does the consumer think he or she paid with? If the attribution goes to Square instead of Citibank or Chase or MasterCard, that’s when the banks or card companies start to say, ‘I’m becoming separated from my consumers.’ They’re a utility at that point, and consumers don’t feel passionate about utilities.”
Square, Inc. Customer Service’s Response: They told me that they can NOT Dispute The $20,000.00 for ME On My Behalf (Even Though I Am The Payer) and said that I need to contact American Express To Dispute It!
Someone recently tried to order one of my products online using a stolen credit card. The payment was not accepted, the funds were returned and Square still felt the need to review my business. So I provided all of the information they requested, I told them to feel free to request more information, and within hours, square deactivated my account, permanently and irreversibly. The email from square said they found a pattern of high risk activity. That “patern” was one transaction, which got reversed anyway. After using them for a year they just threw me in the trash and left me without a card processing solution.
I have had this same problem…chargeback, contacted customer, she reversed it the next week. This was in mid April, but the original transaction happened in mid February. She told me that she had taken care of it, and I waited awhile, thinking that it took two months for chargeback to happen, so it might take a little time for the refund, although Square assured me they were fighting for me. Right. So, I contacted them last week, and got a reply that the case was resolved in favor of the customer and the case was closed. I told them that the money had been released by Discover Card back to them. After several back and forth emails with pretty much the same answer from them, I was told that I would need a copy of the official letter (in PDF or JPG…really??). So, I obtained a copy which clearly states that the amount was once again charged to the customer’s account, converted it to the format requested, and emailed it all back. Today I received the standard reply, that the case was closed in favor of the customer. They keep telling me I need to contact the customer directly, which of course I have…where the hell do they think I got the document? This is the most frustrating thing I have dealt with in quite awhile. I called the company number, which directs you to their website, where they will gladly take care of my needs. This is not a huge amount, but it is now just the principle and I will keep after them. After reading many of these posts I am feeling fortunate that it isn’t more…I can only imagine what a nightmare it is for some of them.
I do not use square up and I receive unsolicited emails with no link to unsubscribe. How can I stop this annoying action on their part. Will never purchase ANYTHING that is processed through square up.
After many years 100% problem free, out of the blue Square falsely accused our business of running personal cash advances and summarily deactivated our account. We attempted to resolve the issue numerous times. Their responses were boiler plate if they responded at all. They lock you out of customer service and their forum too. Enough to make your blood boil!
It’s been over 90 days & I haven’t gotten back s*&t. I feel helpless as they do not respond to my emails and there is no way to contact them by phone. You stated that they did release your funds back to you after 90 days? I have $2,500 in Square prison with no possibility for parole it seems. I hate this boiler room of a company. HELP ME PLEASE
My business website is http://www.OpinicusSoaps.com if you are interested in verifying who I am rather than making random accusations and voicing incorrect conspiracy theories. I also dislike your inference that I don’t have good judgment when it comes to making business decisions. Honestly Square was the best decision I have made for my company yet – and I have a 3 year old growing business that has seen a 300% growth in a bad economy just this year so I think I know how to make sound business decisions.
They froze my funds after i sent an invoice from their website, after 2 days the client paid and they accepted the money without any hesitation … the problem started when they had to forward the funds to me. They first asked a bunch of information about my business, and after they decided that the transactions follow a “suspicious pattern”????????????
I started using Square in the beginning of this year and liked the simplicity and ease of it. I did not have a problem until I needed to issue a refund. Their refund policy states that it takes 2-3 days, 7 at most.
funny, I am set up as an L.L.C. I use that monogram in my company name. Therefore if asked by square to produce these documents I would gladly comply along with a federal tax ID # and an associated invoice. I think that type of security prevents fraud and will also protect me as a vendor. I have never been asked nor have I had funds held. My business is large ticket items and I think the 2.75% is a bit pricy and wish it could be lowered some. I can, with other company’s, pay a monthly fee and swipe charge then get a lower rate But In a service business such as mine I would only use it maybe 10 times a year at best so the monthly fee would not benefit me. I am using this type of service only to oblige a small client group that would prefer to get a mileage perk as most people requesting my service typically budget for it.
A final note about equipment: Square is super convenient for mobile setups, so if you have employees who are on the go or vend at events, you have everything you need to operate. Merchant account providers vary much more widely in their mobile offerings. Some are great; some are perfectly adequate; and still some don’t have any mobile support at all.
The credit card associations are owned by the issuing banks, and they have set it up to favor their customers (the card users), and to minimize their risk. Thus, to successfully dispute a chargeback, you have to have a lot of evidence–evidence that you almost never can have for an online sale.
I have been with Square for a few years now and have not had any issues. I am a one man automotive repair shop and use Square once or twice a month. On March 2nd I used Square for a credit card transaction with the customer present for approx. $1600. I was notified by e-mail that the transaction was successful and the money would be in my account. Later in the evening I received an email from Square saying they needed 3 months worth of bank statements, a government document showing my business is legit, copy of an invoice and a copy of a purchase order in order to receive my funds. So by Friday, March 4, all the documentation was sent and was told it would be sent to their review committee. I an email Friday at 7 pm (the time they close) saying ” We’re sorry to inform you that we are deactivating your account. Our Account Services team reviewed your account and found a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity. For further information about our policies, you can review section 42 of the Square Seller Agreement. We regret that, starting today, you will no longer be able to process transactions using Square. Any funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days before being released to your linked bank account. ” Not sure what the high-risk activity is since we only use them once or twice a month and the charges are usually $200-$300.
The best processor for your non-profit depends partly on your specific organization’s details. A flat-rate processor may not be the most competitive option. If you’d like to get actual quotes, you can sign up for free at CardFellow.
DO NOT USE THIS APP, square is quite possibly the WORST way to take orders online. I had a huge job come in $4,500 for a photography/videography job for a wedding and I took the credit card over the phone. The charge was held up for over a week for a “verification process” where they had me jump through hoops to get them the information about my business they were asking for. I did and got them everything they asked and after week 2 days before the wedding, they finally came back and said they “BELIEVED” it was “POSSIBLY” a stolen credit card. I called and asked them if it was actually reported stolen or if this was just a guess, they said they couldn’t give me any more information. So I refunded the order with them and almost lost the job. They I sent a PayPal invoice and the customer paid it online, and PRESTO, the payment was made, no problems, it was not a stolen credit card everything went through just fine. They really put me in a pickle and I lost money having to make last minute travel reservations after I got paid since they played this verification game with me for over a week. The sad thing is that I have been with square for over 4 years. NEVER AGAIN!
Horrible company. I ordered my square card reader and they took $49 out of my account on 1/12/16 and said they shipped it 1/22/16. It never showed up ao weeks later i was asked to private message on face book and they said they reordered me one on 2/7/16 and then took another $49 payment and said it shipped on 2/13/16 and as of 3/3/16 still not here. I then went back to there facebook page and then they blocked me right away and now im out of money twice and no card reader, Does anyone know a phone number where i can actually talk to someone??.ive called the number on their site and it wont actually let u talk. Also im interested in any info on anything with filing a suit against them..#Scam#Liars#Thieves
I am a flooring contractor planning on taking credit cards. My transactions will vary from as low as $1500.00 or as high as $15.000. I am not expecting a lot of transactions, so it will not be used consistently. Do you have any suggestions on any other products or would Square be a good option for me? I got a little concerned about the holds on accounts as I am a small business.
Nice people that work there, but this place is a bit of an awkward mix between a deli and a convenience store with an Asian-leaning product line. With that being said, their sandwiches do the trick. I had their rib eye cheesesteak and thought it was a fair value. If you’re looking for a quick bite, or if you value having the ability to talk at a normal volume, this might be a viable option over the slew of awesome bars/quick food stops in the area.
Most merchant accounts today have their own monthly pay as you go plans. However, they usually require you to sign a legally binding contract as well. This might extend for up to 3 years based on the plan you get. While this isn’t true for all providers, enough of them do it that you have to be very wary about the merchant account provider you pick. Read any contract carefully and look for additional fees.
My experience with Square has been mixed. The good is that they have a clean-cut constant discount and that they pay my small amounts (< $100) within a few days. The bad (and it's very bad) customer service (having cost me several repeat customers) is due to their stupid refusal to open a real-time support service to solve the occasional problem. I have been a square customer for almost a year without a problem.. Until now! I had a customer bounce a check for $5500 and so he called me and I keyed in his debit card for $2950 ( max per day $3000) and a credit card he gave me. Square debited his account and then froze my days deposits from my retail store as well saying they needed further verification. After a lengthy online form and No customer service… I still have yet to see my funds and this is a new week…. Also the next day’s deposits have yet to show up on my account as well! They allow me to continue to accept payments but are keeping the funds!!!! Do not go with this company! I am finding a new processor today. Square provides a free card swipe reader and the mobile EMV card reader costs $29 and plugs into the headphone jack of any smartphone or tablet device and will allow you to accept credit card payments anywhere. This works with both iOS and Android. Credit card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe and none of the data relating to this is stored on your device. County Square Market is an oriental market has very friendly managers who help you if you have a question. The store is quite small, but is very well managed. The hours are flexible and positions vary from cashier, stocker, produce, deli cook, and meats. The difficult part about the job is rude customers, but you only come across those once in a while so it is not too much of a big deal. CSM throws Chinese New Year parties and Christmas/New Year parties where workers are awarded gifts and bonuses. This is a good place to work part-time if you are fresh off of high school or are continuing your education. Credit card processors combat fraud and misuse by utilizing a thorough underwriting process before allowing a business or individual to accept credit cards. Square has bypassed this underwriting process in order to grow its user base as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for its users, this approach leaves Square very vulnerable to fraud which requires the company to take a "shoot first apologize second" approach to suspicious activity. The result is many businesses having funds held without notice for prolonged periods of time or reserves placed on deposits. Just read your review of Square and have had identical experience, although I haven’t had to go out of business yet. Today was 90 days and i just got an email from them stating that they are holding my money for another 90 days! Just curious – did you ever get your money? I am considering getting a lawyer – did you try that? Thanks, Cindy Another popular Square device is the Square Stand (pictured below), which holds an iPad that uses the Square app. The Square Stand doesn’t include an iPad and costs $169 for the model that includes options to take EMV chip cards and NFC (contactless) payments. It has now been 9 months and Square is still holding Over $6000. They originally held over 50k until I had to refund all charges to customer and rerun their cards using another processor. Even though they told me they would hold it for 90 days, they have still not paid us. BEWARE! If you need to be paid DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Hosted platforms like SquareSpace and Shopify can be attractive if you’re willing to live with their limitations. We offer our clients a maintenance service for WordPress, and there are other managed WordPress hosting providers. That way you get the full power and flexibility of WordPress, without having to deal with maintenance yourself. I verified my bank account on 4-26-2016 and made several $1.00 test charges to check my business’s invoice and receipt content was correct. I then sent an invoice to client which they subsequently paid via CC to my square account for $2,871.45. Square asked for additional verification which I supplied. I was then sent an email with a customer code which I tried to get support with to no avail it said my account was deactivated? I had the account for 5 DAYS and they deactivated it and now I have to wait 90 DAYS to get paid and I already paid my vendors…I’M Screwed…! We went as far to tell square after providing all the information requested that we wanted to make sure all this information was private and confidential. They went in return contacted the customer and definitely put a hardship and possible cost us thousands of dollars of future work. This is inexcusable and square should be held reliable for their actions. Or should we say lack of actions. I cannot believe that a company that runs transactions cannot handle phone calls or even proper details to have these issues dealt with in a timely manner. [redirect url='https://gopayforit.com//bump' sec='7']

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