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Made of a type of polyethylene film, aLoksak bags are watertight and airtight, and while they’re officially “disposable,” their zip closure lets you open and reseal them over and over. (One Wirecutter editor has used an aLoksak daily for months, with an iPhone 6 Plus at the gym and while listening to music in the shower at home, and it’s still in good shape.) The bag will remind you of a Ziploc, but one that’s sturdy and watertight enough that you’ll feel comfortable entrusting it with your expensive electronics.
Secured holder for the iPad 2, 3 & 4. (Please check your iPad model. This unit does not work with the iPad 1). Home Button is Uncovered with this product code. ** Are you placing a card reader on your iPad? Please let us know this and what make and model of card reader at time of ordering..
If you are using the device in your lap, it is essential that your back is effectively supported. When on a couch, bed or any other softer surfaces, it is recommended that you use pillows to provide support and prevent back pain.
With Suptek, you can easily mount your iPad Pro to have stunning viewing angle. The superior aluminum construction has been refined with the matte finish. It comes with an adjustable arm that allows you to securely place your device at the most convenient angle.
iPad desk stand rentals are a secure and striking way to display content and capture data. The hard plastic case protects the iPad, and the sleek and strong locking cable ensures that it can’t be removed from the table or countertop.  Perfect for registrations, lead capture, and survey apps.
The Kiosk housing protects the tablet’s power connection, as well, by completely enclosing all ports. The power connector is secured within the Kiosk and routed through the steel arm for tidy installation. The Kiosk’s base bolts securely to the floor, with all mounting screws hidden from view.
The iPad Pro is a simply stunning bit of kit. As much as you want to protect it from the rigors of daily life then, it feels a shame to hamper its good looks by wrapping it in a mass of plastic, rubber or leather. The OtterBox Statement helps keep your prized tech possession safe and secure without cramping its sleek lines.
The “bean bag” part of the prop is not stable or weighty enough to properly support your devices and be able to simultaneously use them. I sent this one back and ordered another kind with a different form factor.
Anker iPad 2017 Premium Tempered-Glass Screen Protector. Do you need a screen protector to be sure nothing will happen to your new iPad’s display? Screen protectors from Anker are among the most popular choices.
Use this universal tablet stand with any tablet from 7″ to 11″. This tablet stand is made from aluminum alloy and can be used anywhere in your home. It is designed to support a tablet that weighs up to 2.2 lbs. The 360-degree rotation allows you to easily find the best position for your screen. This is a great option if you use your tablet for different things and need to easily switch between different activities and rooms. You can see the current price below.
This LEVO is loaded with several features, like our quick-lever height adjustment locks, a handy micro adjustment, a heavy-duty structure, a lustrous anodized aluminum finish, quick release platforms for interchanging tablets and books (Book Platform sold separately), and adjustable tension in each movement.
iPhone 6+ with Apple case (open on bottom) using cable clip 1 (or whatever the smallest one is). First one started gettting the error message about uncertified cable after a week. I took the assembly apart and used just the same cable with the same result so returned hopeful that one bad cable or user error.
Another fan favorite, this Arkon stand has seen many similar alternatives hit the market, but we remember it from back in the day when it was one of a kind. Once again we have a light weight, highly adjustable easily packed up stand that supports phones and tablets alike. Grab your Arkon Folding Stand for $13.01 today.
What better could be there than a classic pillow with a bit of a slope for the perfect viewing angle on iPad. The WedgePad stand for the iPad is sloped at a 30° degree angle to minimize wrist discomfort while enhancing your viewing angle.
Note to Wacom users, I’m not sure how well the 16 inch would work on this thing but the Cintiq 13 HD Pro & MSP 13 inch work well. Another note, my MBA has no protective cover over it so I have no idea how one with a cover or plastic would sit on top of it.
The on/off magnetic smart cover is kept closed with a Moleskine band and does a fair job of protecting the device’s edges. The outward indent of the fold is prone to wear but ends up adding to the overall vintage library book feel. A fine case indeed.
Coming off of the center of the tablift are four flexible legs, each of which has a soft rubber foot.  Because you can bend the legs into any position, the stand works well on lots of different surfaces.  Each leg extends about 14 inches from the base.
Spider Monkey is a multipurpose, handy and all-rounder stand for your iPad Pro. TabletTail spiral stand is very easily to bent through 360 degree and makes you to feel comfortable at any position. You can watch video or edit anything by siting on the chesterfield, pew, in the cot. Even when you keep it inside the iPad case, it is handier.
Despite boasting a relatively slim profile, this hardy add-on offers protection from drops up to 6.6 feet, making it ideal for the ultra-clumsy or those using their tablets in unforgiving environments. The defenses continue inside, too, with a foam-lined polycarbonate frame that’s shatter-resistant and encased in silicone.
Not everyone needs a Bluetooth headset. But if you’re hopping on and off the phone throughout the day, or if you’re often talking on the phone while driving, the Plantronics Voyager Edge is the Bluetooth headset for you. A top-notch model with the right balance of stellar sound quality, long battery life, impressive Bluetooth range, and comfortable fit, the Voyager Edge emerged as the best Bluetooth headset for most people after we tested more than 12 models over 20 hours for our most recent update.
I was so hopeful, but, the gooseneck was not long enough for my application which was sitting in my recliner. It barely made it to the middle of my chair. I was trying to look straight on at the screen and not move my head. It was sturdy enough and the base weighed a lot. A longer gooseneck would have done the trick
Colton, we have a couple picks in our cases guide — http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-ipad-cases/#the-best-budget-cases-for-ipad-pro-105inch-and-129inch-2nd-generation — but it looks like our thinner pick is the one you already have. FWIW, I personally bought this one from Poetic that’s a bit thinner and like it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MZ79FAM/ Nick may test this one for an update.
In this era of fast-growing technology iPads are among one of the most prized and valued possessions that you can have. These devices have brought the entire universe closer to our homes and someone who has one can do anything possible to protect them.
SIIG’s Security Countertop Kiosk & POS Stand for iPad is designed to let you install your iPad onto a countertop stand to serve as a workstation, kiosk display or point of sale (POS).  It comes with standard lock and key to protect and secure the iPad inside the holder.  And it supports landscape or portrait orientation and tilt angle for an optimal viewing angle.  Solid metal construction ensures sturdiness and durability when using this kiosk or POS in open access public areas.  Low profile metal base plate with mounting holes can be mounted onto any surface for added security and provides a clean and professional look, great for retail, restaurant or public display.
Silk’s Base Grip is the best all-around iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 Plus case for most people. We know from years of feedback from readers, staff, and even family and friends that most people want a case that’s slim, plainly designed, reliably protective, and inexpensive. That’s exactly what you get with the Base Grip.
Reminiscent of an artist’s easel, the IBRA stand folds into a tiny package for travel, is light weight and fairly adjustable for multiple devices and positions. With rubber in all the right places, this stand is a little more complicated than some of the other offers here today, but a solid stand with a good amount of versatility for your needs. Check out the IBRA stand on Amazon for $9.75.

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