“The Square Card Reader Review for Farmers Markets”

I am a jewelry designer and I receive most of my orders over the phone after people have seen my work. My business is based onnthe word of mouth. I am small and I can easily go two months without a sale but when I do have a sale the sale amount can run between $300 to over $2000. My work is handmade. I had usually processed orders of $300 without problems but all of a sudden when I had 2 transactions after a month selling nothing Square put a 45 day hold on the totality of my sale. They then asked me for information such as invoices and purchase order. I am a very small business. I processed the sales and all that matters to me is that the customer has the funds as most of them are referrals. Despite all the information provided to square they deactivated my account and put a 45 day hold on the funds. Impossible to reach them by phone. The only option I was given was to reimburse the customer but what do I do when the customer is already in possession of the merchandise? For a simple and small business like mine Square has been a disaster!
GET YOUR BANK INVOLVED. Dispute it. Do not let these losers play with your c v v number and take what doesn’t belong to them. they will not give you your money back, get your bank involved. Square is a fraud. It’s imperative to me that Apple and other retailers need to get Square readers out of their stores. Innocent people don’t deserve to go through this and have to pay them for it.
Payment Depot has a number of big-name, national clients under its belt, like Subway and Arco. It backs up its range of pricing plans with solid customer support and transparent pricing, making it a great choice — especially for companies dealing with larger transactions.
My funds usually deposit Monday morning when a transaction is made on the weekends. This time no funds, I sent an email the customer service support and received a reference number this morning and no reply. I think that was the last time I will ever use the square. Searching online now for another reader that has a live customer service contact number
Note that Square Appointments costs extra. It will run you $30/month for a single practictioner, $50/month for businesses with 2-5 staff members, and $90/month for unlimited staff. These prices are for 1-3 locations; additional locations adds another $50/month.
The app is a duplicate copy of the dashboard on your PC. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. The app is free, but you do have the option to pay for third-party apps to work side-by-side with Square.
VERY Poor company! For absolutely no reason they “Deactivated” my account! And there is nobody to talk to, no customer service to call..they don’t have ANY phone number on their website then I Googled their # and got a recording that says you need to go back to the website to ask for a “CODE” to talk to someone ( who puts their “Customers” through this crap?!?) so I do this, and the website says “Your account isn’t “eligible” for a code”! I’m like “REALLY?!?!?”
I am a personal trainer. I used square 9-15 times a month for the first 2 months I had them then in January I opened my own gym. And started using square more often never having an issue. When we opened the gym the plan was to start auto billing the eft for march. Well the setup didn’t happen in time and I was in a bad spot so on Monday march 3rd I did the monthly gym charges manually so we could have the funds for rent ect. It ended up being 91 transactions so square notified me by email Tuesday of my account being under review and on temporary hold. I then submitted all the paper work they requested. Then I called them Tuesday just before close of business with my passcode and the gentleman was very weird and didn’t seem to want to talk to me. Then on that evening I recieved a call that I was deactivated due to being high risk and my $1716.20 was going to be held for 90 days until they would deposit in my account. I then spent all of Wednesday in between my busy day searching for a phone number. The email system they have wasn’t working. So on Thursday I decided to try the one number I found for them. And when u call in it loops you back to the message after every time it plays. So I started to play the extension game and after each time you press a button that starts to lead to am extension it would give u a pause. Well 2 hours later I got my first working extension and it went to tech support and I blew that extension up until they called me back and refused to help me. After hanging up on me twice. I then started my mission again. And this time I got to a live person name Shawn. Well after going back and forth he helped me. He worked for the IT department. He seemed impressed at how much effort I put in to getting a hold of a person. Within four minutes of hanging up I had a email that my funds were suddenly released. And then this morning march 7th the funds were in my acct. I would say that yes this was extreme but they had MY money and I needed it. I will never speak a positive word of square ever!! I would say if your in the same situation as me play the same angle I did. It worked. Any questions u can email me. Hope I helped someone.
I have been using square since it was in beta. Previously I used a company called Approval Payment Solutions which proceeded to jack my rate up after I told them (after having just 3 months left) that I would no longer need their services once my contract was over. Square is great for a small business and unless you run credit cards without swiping or you process large transactions $1000 and up per transaction. However since I run small $40-$50 transactions here and there this has worked great! I have been running my own small business for 5 years now and using square for about 3 years without any problems.
We can’t stress enough how important it is to read a contract carefully before you sign. Ask questions before you agree to anything, and make sure you get any statements about waiving the ETF or auto-renewing clause included in the contract. You do have negotiating power, even as a new business.
I have a small seasonal mobile rental business ave sale $70. Sales take place in several areas that have no cell service. On my prior card reader service, I had the option of running cards “offline” and then once in service range, “batching” the sales (which also helped for per transaction costs). Does the square have that option?
I also ran into another problem with trying to use their tools to define a multi-pricing structure. I didn’t here it get addressed in the other comments, so could you read the note I sent Square to see if there is another way to address this the problems noted? They didn’t give a good response on my question btw. If you or anyone else have addressed this problem, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!
Its extremely unprofessional and only reflects upon you and your business (which i linked onto). If your not associated with the Square, why do you have nothing better to do then to “swipe” at any legit complaint. Let people speak and let others make decisions. Your priorities should be focused on marketing soaps.
C- is too good for Square. Here is the scoop …. A card was presented and swiped, it was a much larger than our usual dollar amount and the Square software asked for the # to be keyed-in, the clerk didn’t think anything about it and keyed it in with the expire date, etc, the customer signed it and drove away in their new used car. That should not be the case and I believe it was done on purpose by Square to attain the larger fee. Square did release 2k but I have to wait another month to receive the balance on the transaction. Can you say fraud? I’ll be looking for a new processor. I’m on the fence as to reporting to the FBI.
The Square marketplace is limited to the kind of businesses where you place an order and have to go pick it up within 120 minutes. there is no way around that. It also gives you 5 minutes to accept the order before it cancels it. No way around that either. Customers cannot place an order outside of your business hours, so you have to specify that posted business hours are only for the online store, not the actual brick and mortar shop. so, I wanted our customers to place orders for bread to be picked up on Wednesday before Thanksgiving day and that was nearly impossible. If a customer places an order outside of our business hours, we may not be able to accept within 5 minutes and it will therefore be cancelled. There is a shipping option but it is useless for my purposes. I am amazed at the lack of configuration that is provided. This marketplace is good for sellers of fresh and prepared foods. The order has to be accepted promptly and the customer has to pick it up within 120 minutes.
I have only run 2 transactions through Square in the last 2 weeks. I was really excited to be able to offer my clients the credit card option and now after only my second time using the Square, I receive an email Alert telling me the funds are being held and I need to fill out further forms, send proof of business…etc. WHY did they not require this before sending the square and enrolling me as a customer???? It all seems very suspicious! I guess they wouldn’t be able to hold my money or collect fees from me if Square had a selection process in place up front. When I did call the number they provided, I actually did get a live person on the phone, though she was clearly reading and STICKING to the script and was utterly incapable of having a conversation about what was happening to my money. The client signed for the transaction, it’s the same credit card I used the first time and the charged amounts are similar and well under $1,000. The email Alert said that “due to unusual activity…” I asked for examples of “unusual activity” to which her response was to hang up on me. As this is only the second time I’ve used the Square, I’m confused as to how they were able to establish “unusual activity” on my account. After the customer service rep hung up on me, I jumped on line to look into this matter and see if there are other complaints about Square. Obviously there is a large number of people with serious complaints and issues with Square. As soon as I collect these funds, I am moving on and looking to my bank to provide me more reliable financial service. And you can be sure, I will SPREAD THE WORD about the headaches of doing business through Square.
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