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When plugged into your mobile device’s headphone jack and combined with an iOS or Android app (no Windows Phone support yet), the readers let you swipe your credit card to pay for purchases, effectively turning your phone or tablet into a point of sale terminal. Recently, Square has been branching out into other areas of the mobile payment space, too, releasing its Square Register iPad app to compete more directly with traditional cash registers. The company says that its readers are now available at 20,000 retailers across the US, but that number drops to zero abroad, while competitor PayPal has been going aggressively after the international market.
HINT: Find a bank which will email you each time your account is accessed: When you find a barrage of queries within a few days, time to pull out all the money as it was probably Square compiling data.
I have used Squareup for over a year now, totally replacing Paypal for my businesses. I have never had any problems, I always get my money on time and I was eligible for Square Capital, which the terms are more than fair. Square has helped me to take my business to the next level. I have never had an issue with getting in touch with them during business hours.
While Dorsey’s celebrity helped gain early tech press and investor notice, Square was designed to unlock credit card payments for the average small business–not the avid TechCrunch reader. To that end, Jack Dorsey’s celebrity is less important to lasting growth, compared to the obvious early benefits. Dorsey also promoted his product through demonstrations held with potential vendors and investors of the company showing just how easy it was to use the product. By following the Apple iTunes/iPod model of developing an integrated hardware and software solution, Square was able to create a system that was easy to use, elegant in its design and completely new and remarkable from the other solutions on the market. By reimagining what it meant to take credit card payments, Square was able to catalyze word of mouth while unlocking untapped markets for new customers. Despite early challenges, including questions about security, Square began to build credibility and momentum through partnerships with industry leaders and glowing reviews from users and reviewers alike. With high profile partnerships from Apple—where the company stocked and sold its reader for $10 in every store—to a strategic investment from Visa, Square showed their audience and the market that they were a serious new entrant with a product that brands they already trusted believed in. This gave Square the bonafides needed to make the leap from techset darling to a must-have for small businesses hungry for a solution to a long-unmet need. Looking back at early traction it’s clear that there were 4 factors that drove growth:
Square does collect a lot of data, and you can do a lot with it. I know that you can leave notes on quick sale transaction, and you can sort through sales data on a per-transaction level. But honestly? You’ll have a much easier time sorting through the data and putting together the reports if you start taking advantage of the inventory tools. Pulling the reports will be just a matter of a few clicks.
We will see if that happens….. Mean while my business is suffering and my account became over drawn thinking I had threatened to sue and ask for court costs and punitive damages. I also reported to BBB and attorney general in my state and California. I believe if we can join together get a facebook going against them we will find so many people with same stories
Square has debited my account $1,000 because a customer falsely notified them that they were entitled to a $1,000 refund for a hotel stay. Squares response after 90 days was that this was an airline ticket and the ticket was not used. Square is confused, engaged in overt fraud or simply a defrauding entity engaged in fraud. You cannot speak to anyone, you cannot get anyones’ name, there is no recourse to this firm stealing your money other than arbitration.
hmmm i’m charged about 17-20 in fees from either vagaro or authorize.net, on top of the percentage taken out from each transaction. the transaction fee for american express is higher than the others and so is manual entering, which you fail to mention here (but of course you mention it about square)
I decided use Square after my last credit card processing company(which had been good for about seven years) lately deceded to keep all transaction for itself instead of letting me and other business owners cash them. Many of the business owners in this crisis made formal petion againt this company to the appropriate government body but I have not been notified of any formal action been taken against it. following its agressive advertizing,I resorted to using Square without not being sure how it is going to be better my last one.
Perhaps you should consider either eliminating this balance completely or drastically reducing it before I will even consider settling with you and am prepared to take this matter to a local small claims court
Four and a half weeks ago a $500.00 purchase was “approved” by Square. I did not received an update to my account record and my bank account was not credited. I checked my transaction record and found that the transaction was “cancelled” without notification. I finally talked to a service representative who gave me some gobblygook instructions on how to allow Square to check into it. I tried 3 times with no success.
This Square 8085036 card reader lets you accept credit card payments on your compatible Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch or Android device at rates as low as 2.75% per swipe. A headphone jack allows easy installation.
The gentleman who took my order was very friendly and made me feel at home.  The place is a little cluttered but I suppose due to the fact it’s a market as well as a food joint. I think it could use a good cleaning- everywhere!
Square says they charge 2.75%for swiped transaction and 3% fee for manually input transactions but charged well over that amount. Our company has been trying to contact them regarding this matter but has not gotten a response as of yet. We disapprove of the fact that there is no customer service telephone number to resolve this matter.

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