“The Square Credit Card 2018”

Ironically, since writing up these contracts, my chargeback rate has disappeared completely (I don’t get chargebacks at all anymore), and the majority of my clients do business with me over and over again.
While many credit card processors have complex pricing structures with different rates for different types of cards, Square offers a simple, flat-rate pricing plan, with a 2.75 percent processing cost for every swiped card. This processor doesn’t distinguish between different card types, so whether it’s a debit, credit, rewards or corporate card, your rate is 2.75 percent. If you have to enter a card’s number manually, however, you’re charged 3.50 percent plus a $0.15 per-transaction fee.
“Back in the rainy season, we cover our credit card machine with plastic, but the wind blew the plastic off and the rain hit the credit card machine and we were out a credit card machine,” Overturf said. “We were in the process of ordering one and we went to the Farmer’s market of all places and all the guys there were using them.”
A month ago I noticed that our daily summary hadn’t included a huge tab from the night before meaning, we looked short. I called Square and they apologized profusely saying the transaction wasn’t “captured” and they “will push it through now.” Had I not called, we would’ve been short thousands of dollars. Fast forward 30 days, and here I am today – this time for over 8K in funds from last night. “I’m so sorry – the transaction wasn’t captured. This NEVER happens.”
I have already added custom text to my Square receipt, but that text does not appear on the digital receipt my customers receive after making a purchase at my online store. Any ideas for solving this? Thanks.
I have 3 square card readers including 1 chip reader and most of the time they do not work. It takes 7 to 20 tries. I get it to work on 2 out of 10 credit cards. My customers are not happy. The chip reader has never worked at all.
My specific problem? We rent out a beach condo. We take all orders over the phone, so we manually key the credit card numbers. There is no risk because customers have to pay weeks in advance. so if there were a problem with the charge we would know before they arrive. We’ve not had a problem in 12 years. EXCEPT WITH SQUARE – Ifyou do too much buisiness in a short period of time, then Square arbitrarily holds up funds for over 30 days. Huh???? This is the nature of a seasonal rental.
Great set up and easy to use. But should you ever need some support or an actual person to help you, GOOD LUCK!!! I have never experienced such HORRIBLE customer service from anyone let alone a large company I have been trusting with my money. Seriously, take your business ANY WHERE BUT SQUARE!
As you read the negative reviews, please keep in mind what they are not telling you. New Businesses, unrealistic expectations of a company, that will always favor the customer and remember you are not the customer, you are a conduit or portal for the transaction, inconsistent transactions, high volume of not swiped transactions, and My favorites, COMPLETELY Incorrect type of business for the service. 4 years and never one questioned transaction, with transactions from $1 to $100 processing 100’s of thousand of dollars. I thinks is more of the 20/80 rule, 80% of the negative reviews coming for the 20% that didn’t have a clue or read carefully. Just my opinion. Sorry!
For a one person business that only does sporadic transactions it’s fantastic. They’ve never withheld a transaction, but then I’ve never charged more than about $200 at a time. Considering how inexpensive it can be, and how much they’ve done to break open the industry, I’m glad to have them.
Because it was going to take 1 to 3 days, we freaked out and tried to contact them directly. As mentioned in the review, they have no customer service number where you can actually talk to someone. All they have is a number with an automated message telling you to contact their customer service email and you’ll receive an email back within a “prompt” 24 HOURS!!
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If it was a product, you’ll have to provide proof the customer received it (delivery receipt signed by customer) — I hope you didn’t give the item to the customer in person without signing a receipt that says they received the item — in this case you’ll lose and lose the money as well.
Contact info VERY difficult to locate on website, phone number is useless–msg goes in circles “Check our website…”. Website requires an account (I don’t have–and they are NOT getting my personal info). This is as close to a scam as one can get while staying on the inside of law.
Square sent me a malfunctioning reader, found out at the end of the monthly billing that over 200$ did not process correctly despite the app stating “transaction complete”, my donut shop rarely sees charge customers but it would be nice if I didn’t get ripped off! It’s square who is responsible for the loss, I did my part. Can’t get a hold of the “customer code”either… any luck, anybody?
Square Cash is even easier. I used Square Register (phone) to purchase $5.00 from myself, swiping my credit card, then I got 2 other people to let me do a test using their cards. I then quickly and painlessly signed up for Square Cash, connected my banking info and promptly issued $5.00 refunds to the two other people, who received it in their accounts in a few hours, same for the credit card purchases. The deposits were then made first thing the following morning. No way on this planet PayPal can top that.
Overall, I am happy with Square’s service. So far, I have had no problems with funds being held. In general, the program works wonderfully, and I really like the register. However, the one time I needed help because the answer wasn’t available on their help page, I couldn’t find any way to contact Square. I had a customer call about a charge that showed up on his credit card statement but didn’t show up on our transaction history, so I couldn’t refund it. Square’s shoddy customer service makes mine look poor when I can’t do anything about it.
I am extremely disappointed in Square’s service also. A customer wanted to pay a big ticket item by credit card so we thought we would try square. What a mistake. We were approved and told to begin using the reader. They are holding several thousand dollars of my money now. They have ask for way more personal information than needed and drug it out over several days saying “they need more information”. They are slow or unresponsive to any email support. I finally received an email in which they have decided to hold my money for another 180 days. They offered the option that I could refund the amount if I didn’t want to wait the 180 days they will take the funds from my account in addition to the funds they are holding. Then I would be out double the thousands of dollars and that will still take several days/weeks. Is this even legal?
As a former owner of an online TCG selling company, do yourself a favor and get an actual merchant processor and gateway. Your business’s bank most likely offers one. There are methods using them off site via smartphone and tablet that while not as sleek as paypal’s reader, are most definitely worth the hassle.
I clicked on these items listed in my Square list and it took me to an Amazon sale listing selling these TV’s. My name was listed as the seller with some TV show’s photo shown as my profile photo. So on this Amazon listing I clicked on this fake sellers name and a FREAKING street map with my business location where I used Square from pops up on this fake sellers listing!! On this fake Amazon sale listing was a phone number for information so I searched the phone number and it came back as a phone number from Colima, Mexico!!!
Creepy stalking company! Stay away. They will not take you off their database without making YOU jump through a million hoops. I am so angry with the vendor I used who did not tell me that I was signing up to be purchase followed! I am going to request a new credit card and then block their emails. READ THEIR JOKE OF A “PRIVACY’ POLICY.
We have read this about your company, no merits on this decision at all, but it is okay. You received the documents and you know the transaction was legal and legitimate. Please Refund the clients money today! You guys should verify account before setting up account not after pending transactions. This will help both merchants and customers. This tenant maybe homeless because of how your company conduct business. We will make the necessary steps we need to help prevent this from occurring again to another merchant that decides to use your services.
But trying to monopolize the small business market is anything but easy. There’s a lot of competition in the POS space, including from rivals PayPal and First Data, two companies that are now public. And when it comes to transactional volume, Square falls far short of both. PayPal handled $235 billion in 2014, while First Data did $1.7 trillion in the same time frame, just in the U.S.; Square processed $23.8 billion.
I am in the same boat. I set up my account beggining of February, they verified it, let me believe it was all set up, I even did two small transactions for $5.00 just to be sure it was working, no problem, the money was in my account. Later, when I swiped 2800.00 is, I’m getting emails they need more information to verify my account. So they wanted three months of bank statements, all my signed receipts, (they can’t verify signatures with the signature you capture on their app) credit card agreement for my customers, my business information. But they advertise” NO Surprises!”. Of course you can’t reach anyone by phone to talk to them. Then, this is the best, after I send all this information, they send me an email and tell me my account has been deactivated for too much activity. I can return everybody’s money or wait three months and they will refund mine. So the billionaire Jack Dorsey is keeping my money for three months because he doesn’t make enough with Twitter. Search the internet, exact same thing they have done to numerous other people. This money was for a friend dying of Cancer, real nice Square, you need money that bad. Scandalous and sickening.

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