“The Square Credit Card for Small Businesses”

Wells Fargo Underwriting approved Virtual Terminal as my new credit card provider and other of my vendors that were using my American Express as payment for services to them, but Square deactivated services.
Of course I am not an expert in Massachusetts law, or any law for that matter, but I can tell you that Square’s practices are basically industry-standard – meaning that it’s the entire payment processing industry potentially breaking the law, not just Square. My opinion is that, while perhaps a case could be made in some states, Square’s legal team – based on legal precedents set within the industry at large – deemed it not a strong enough case to adjust their practices.
Square inc. is a PUBLIC company it is traded at NYSE under the stock symbol SQ with a recent valuation of 5.4 Billion Dollars. A Company at that size should be held liable for making the life of small business owner a living nightmare, deactivation of account and holding funds with no reason could be devastating to some business owners, specially when the payment was for service, not a tangible product. With so many complaints, it is time to file a class action lawsuit against Square inc.
About a month ago I was hurting for cash and needed a short term fix while I was waiting for some money that I was expecting. My girlfriend was nice enough to help me out by letting me swipe $1500 and it was in my account the next day.
SQUARE has NO customer service what-so-ever. So, things may happen, and if for example your money get lost, good luck. Square support is nowhere to be found and neither is your money. Their customer support is literally non existent / zero / none.
Square Online Store (see review) is an online store directory for Square merchants. Merchants with an existing Square account can create an online profile for their store within the Square marketplace for free. They may then sell their products through their Square online store for 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.
We spent several years using a competitor’s machines – and when we finally switched to Square, we loved it (and still do) – a great way for us to collect payments from our customers, whether it be in person or over the phone, or paying online with an invoice.
Square has the money part covered: To date, it has raised more than half a billion dollars in venture capital. And it has had some success signing up merchants, too. Square says it serves “millions” of small and midsize business, and it processed over $30 billion in payments in 2014, growing 50 percent from the previous year.
I am in the same situation and its bankrupted my travel agency. I’ve been a travel agent for over 20 years and this company destroyed it within 5 months. They withdrew thousands from my account and then deactivated it saying they were holding the funds for 70 days. Then 90 days, then 180 days….I don’t have the funds and it’s been 5 months almost.
First of all, if you’re going to have a “brick & mortar” based business, as you indicated by saying “my store”, you will NOT want to use Square since it is designed more for mobile business owners, consultants, hair stylists, etc.
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The card reader virtually doesn’t work with the ipad mini or the regular ipad. I think I got it to read 1 time out of 50 tries. It never recognizes the “swipe” However, it seems to work fairly well with the iphone.
And second, “For your security, we have temporarily suspended deposits to your bank account. ” I have over $ 1,500.- in my Square account. For over a month, Square is profiting from the interests of my money, and causing a predicament for me, their customer whom they should serve instead of restrict. To me their statement not only sounds sarcastic – the only security risk to MY money is Square who has been withholding MY MONEY for months now!!!! – but like malversation.
So, I emailed back asking why, and he said he will check into it, but never heard back from him again. I looked at my sales history and it says the money will be deposit in 30 days. Yes, $1500 is not much, but the idea that they hold your extra money after they promise you an increase is not correct.
Nineteen reviews? That is a mere drop in t;he bucket compared to the number of clients they have. If they only have 19 bad reviews then I don’t think anything of it. First the squeaky wheel gets the grease and there are always complainers and rarely do the happier people go to BBB to post! Just some food for thought.
Square Cash can work for peer-to-peer payments, such as paying back your friend for the ski tickets he got for you, or it can be used for business transactions. Personal transactions made using your debit card are free. Personal transactions made using a credit card and business transactions come with a fee, but it’s a convenient way to send and accept payments using your phone.
At first using square was great. That was until there was a chargeback on my account. I spoke to the patient that questioned the charge and he immediately called his bank to cancel the dispute. I have sent several e-mails on the contact page with no response and finding a number to speak to someone is impossible. They have the worst customer service ever! I spoke again with patient and his bank told him that the funds were released a few days after he spoke with them the first time and the dispute was canceled. Yet over a month later square still has not posted the funds back to my account nor responded to any e-mail. I even filled out two of their chargeback dispute forms and faxed it to them a week apart. It says you will receive a confirmation e-mail when it is received. That didn’t happen either. I have tried to get on the web site to cancel and remove my bank account info, and it wont allow me to. So once they have your account info there is no going back. They can take money out of your account at anytime they choose ( mine was three months later) for any reason and all you get is an e-mail saying they took it. I would be very surprised if I ever get it back.

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