“The Square Credit Card Processing for Restaurants”

Both systems give you the essential inventory management features, including the ability to upload products via spreadsheet (with their associated description, tax rates and barcode), track your inventory in real-time, and receive alerts when stock is running low.
I sure need to get paid for my serves. Plus they are holding over $1000 in her account with the exact same thing happening. I wished I would have read reviews before I did this. I now use Paypal and tell all 300 reps to please use them instead. As we add reps I will continue to recommend Paypal. With Paypal, I have had no problems.
Good luck with Square when you actually have a problem or question, they dont have any live customer service and they never answer their emails, your a fool if you think they are a good company, I have had nothing but problems with them!!!
It’s also worth noting that as Square has added features, it has also begun imposing monthly fees for those features separately. For example, payroll is one monthly fee, appointments is another, instant deposit is another, etc. So what you’ll actually end up paying also depends on which features (if any) you add on. 
Formerly known as “Square Market,” Square Online Store (squareup.com/online-store) is an e-commerce solution offered by Square. The service, which is free to set up, is available both to merchants who already use Square credit card processing at their retail locations and to merchants who simply wish to create an e-commerce website for selling their goods. Similar to Etsy or eBay, Square Online Store allows a business owner to create a very basic website for his or her store, complete with pictures, pricing, and product information. This website can then be found in the Square online store directory, and merchants will only be charged a flat fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 for each transaction processed through the service. Customers can browse the site, order products with an online shopping cart, and securely pay their totals at checkout.
We, scammed Square customers are banding together with the exact same complaint for a Federal law suit to stop this seemingly legitimate company. They are stealing and holding capital from very small businesses and sole proprietors and need to be prosecuted. They should be ashamed and are immoral, unethical and thieves.
Get a loan. The Square Capital program lets you borrow money when cash flow is tight or when you need a loan for new equipment, additional inventory or a new location. We asked a Square representative how this program works and we were told that the funds are paid back automatically from your credit card transactions. Payments are based on a fixed percentage of each transaction. This percentage is also flexible, meaning you can pay more when business is booming or less when sales aren’t so great.
As for the SSN# and Tax ID any reputable Merchant Services or Bank working with you to set up services for Credit Cards will ask you for the same information to process cards for business accounts. They do need to check your credit and verify that you are a legitimate business.
I’ve been using Square for the past year and a half. I was really pleased with the newest features that were added to make business run smoothly and help business owners be more productive. I use to use Customer Engagement Pro which was $15. This service allowed you to send emails, develop a customer loyalty program and store client information. Due to unforeseen changes within my business I had to scale back on costs, and this was one of the programs I eliminated. (I cancelled the earlier part of 2016) Now things are running smoothly and I wanted to begin with the Customer Engagement Pro service again. I went online and much to my surprise Square split up the features found in Customer Engagement Pro and are charging $15 per service. I was definitely taken aback by this. I felt it was a way to get more money for less product. They have begun to charge for everything!!! Square Appointments $30!(Which many other companies offer the service for half the cost) Email Marketing $15, Loyalty Program $15. I feel like Square is joining the masses and nickel and diming their customers to death. Stop with the extra charges. Enough is enough!
Square has been a NIGHTMARE to deal with! I had one client who decided to cancel her website after a month, and I wrote her a check to refund her. Well, she still went to AMEX to dispute it, then Square contacted me for the dispute and asked for copies of the check that I refunded her and I sent them, along with an email from the client acknowledging receipt of the check. Guess what? They took the funds out of my bank account anyway, and still have not refunded it to me as of yet! This is going on a few weeks, and a lot of very angry emails and responses are slow, phone calls go to voicemail… Don’t do it! Square will totally rip you off!
I wish I would have known how horrible the “customer service” would be with Square Up before signing up. They are impossible to reach someone live and if they respond to an email within 24 hours, it usually takes 3-4 clarification emails to get a clear answer. I’m switching over to a new system immediately. It’s impossible to run a business effectively with such poor customer relations.
BTW, I think I am more upset over the fact that our government allows this type of legal bullying against the little guy. Also, I don’t understand how BBB can rate them A+ when they have close to 1400 complaints….BBB should be ashamed….
Yes they are a rip off. They like to deactivate accounts when you complain. I contacted texas attorney generals office and the bbb. We will all have to get together and file class action suit. They have over 5000 dollars of mine since august 2013. Said they would release it in mid december of this year. Not holding my breath they said they would release it on september 7th. 2013 didn’t happen. Then they shut my account off, but they keep all your bank account info. If you get your money get new bank account. They are fraudulent, and we must set an example of them. Will be contacting an attorney that likes class action suits here and wins a ton.
Best of luck to those of you who stay with square. As I said earlier… if you run a small business with small charges that are swiped, go for it. (Less than $25) Otherwise, get a real merchant or you will be in the same boat as all of us looking for a free ride. No such thing.
Some small businesses models have both an online and brick-and-mortar store where payments can be accepted. If your business offers these options then Shopify might be a good tool to use. They offer three pricing levels varying from 2.2-2.7% per transaction. As well as a free magstripe reader (for in-person transactions) that plugs into your iPhone or iPad with the Shopify iOS app. Building and customizing your online store is user-friendly with pre-made templates allowing you to accept orders and payments. Plus the sales you make from the online or in-person store will be synced and tracked with Shopify for easy analysis and inventory. Similar to that of the Square, choosing Shopify may leave you high and dry in the customer service department.
On top of all of that, I feel sure that I was lied to by the customer service rep, who then fed my ‘request’ into the Dispute Resolution queue, and the ‘department’ to which he referred (which may exist in name only) then rubber-stamped its response, which is to freeze the funds for an additional 45 days while it allows time for the payees to dispute.
Hi, I’m looking for a good POS system to use for a small cafe. I’ve talked to a few merchants who said they use Square Register as their point-of-sale, yet process transactions through Moneris. Is this possible? I had downloaded Square to try it out, but it doesn’t let me finish the transaction without going through payment processing. Anyone can shed light on this? Thanks!

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