“The Square Reviews for Restaurants”

What you are describing is exactly what Coinbase does. You price things in USD, they calculate the price in BTC for the customer, the customer pays Coinbase in BTC, Coinbase pays you in USD. They accept the exchange rate risk, the hassle of exchanging, and the hassle of repricing.
With PayPal Here featuring live customer support, immediate funding, and support for multiple payment channels including free check acceptance, it seems as though Square has some catching up to do despite the company’s rapid growth. Let’s take a look at how the two companies compare on key areas such as pricing, customer service, equipment, and more. 
I used to think Square was wonderful never had an issue up until recently when a credit card company flag a charge and the customer call them up and fixed it immediately I’ve never had any complaints no problem but now they’re holding my money for account verification they want bank statements which nowhere in their contract does it say they need bank statements for verification it’s basically extortion and not only while the deposits are deferred they were still accepting money why wouldn’t they decline the charge
You actually can void a transaction. You cannot give a partial refund, which can be a problem if you make a mistake and the customer has left the shop when you discover it. Overall., Square is not a bad system. It just has poor customer service.
Since there is no ‘box’ you see until after you sign up for service, I assume you are using that figuratively to mean their website. Actually, it does specify that manually typed charges are 3.5% + 15c on their charges page https://squareup.com/help/en-us/article/5068-costs-and-fees#standard-pricing
The gentleman who took my order was very friendly and made me feel at home.  The place is a little cluttered but I suppose due to the fact it’s a market as well as a food joint. I think it could use a good cleaning- everywhere!
Carlr here, Your taxi driver lol hello again, I hate bad press and love the truth. I’m reading some crazy stuff about square, but I wonder if people did some research before joining or saw something good and just jumped in. Everything is up front as for $1000.00 or more in 7 days I believe you should have money set aside to cover times like this, different business, different amounts set aside if you run a business, at least I did before I joined square. In your account section it is all explained, click on I have funds waiting to be deposited. It even tells you where to write to increase the limit. One of my friends complained to me about square when they first joined. Turns out he didn’t do all that was required of him, once he got it squared away he thanked me for telling him about square. We love Square up in our business 4sure.
Square has no customer service, if I ran my company like they do I would be out of business. I guess there great if you never have to reach anyone or if there is never a technical clitch but unfortunately I’m dealing with one right now and they have no one to speak to, no one to email basically no one!!
When I went to my bank to get an explanation and show them the percentage of my sales I was paying in fees, they played dumb. Here I am thinking that I’m dealing with professional people who have my best interest in mind (okay, maybe I’m naive here), only to discover that all they do is give our information to their merchant server and it’s out of their hands. Oh yes, depending on the bank, they also charge $12 for account.
Once Square authorizes the card, customers should sign for their purchase with their finger. Messy signature? Shake to clear it and try again. Then, tap “Continue” to finalize the payment — it should deposit within 4 to 5 days. Square e-mails a record of the transaction to you and a receipt to your customer, making the process completely paperless.
Other merchant account providers may also bundle rates or quote tiered rates and other rate structures, but the provider always has to cover the costs of various interchange fees and assessments, so tiered rates are usually padded towards the side of covering the processor’s costs, meaning they are high enough to ensure profit for the processor. For most merchants on a tiered plan, the majority of transactions will fall under a mid or non-qualified tier with a higher rate than the low ‘qualified’ tier. For this reason, Interchange is a better deal – there are no non-qualified tiers for different card types; the rates are just passed through for each transaction. If you are more comfortable with tiered pricing, we can set you up at rates that compete with any processor, but interchange is the most transparent way to see that you are getting a fair deal. We’re offering the MX Merchant service at rates that are extremely competitive and will almost certainly be lower than your current processing in order to include MX in our portfolio of e-commerce services.
Note: Because ShopKeep does not have a standard card processing rate, we used an approximate rate of 2.2%. Your own rate from ShopKeep will vary depending on your revenue, industry, and average order value, among other factors.
Only 196 of the complaints have been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction as of autumn 2016. The remaining complaints are listed as “answered” but aren’t considered resolved. Complaints can be listed as “answered” if Square replied to the initial complaint and then the business replied but wasn’t satisfied with Square’s reply, or the business didn’t answer once Square replied. Square does seem to regularly reply to complaints lodged on the BBB website, which likely contributes to its A+ rating despite the high number of complaints.
Square’s goal is to acquire as many new users as quickly as possible, so signing up is quick and easy. Square does not require a credit check on individual user accounts, but does require a credit check for commercial entity accounts. For typical user accounts, Square’s underwriting process is limited to a quick electronic verification of identity. However, the company does reserve the right to investigate a user more closely, and also to share user information with Paymentech (its processor).
A reserve (often called rolling reserve or hold back) is when a credit card processor routes all or a portion of funds from a merchant’s sales to a non-interest bearing account until funds in the account meet a certain balance. For example, if a processor requires a $10,000, 5% rolling reserve on a business’s account, the processor will withhold 5% from each deposit until the balance of the reserve account reaches $10,000. It’s then up to the processor to decide at which point to release the reserve account, if ever. A traditional credit card processor will typically notify a business if a reserve is necessary when the business applies for a merchant account. since Square does not have an application process, a reserve may be imposed, increased, reduced or removed at any time at Square’s sole discretion. If your business operates on thin margins, a sudden reserve or more will likely be devastating. There’s no one at Square you can contact to inquire whether your business is likely to incur a reserve, so consider this carefully as you determine whether Square is right for your business.
Square Up are definitely not worth the hassle especially if you take alot of orders on email and phone and have to manually input the transaction like I need too. They go on national TV raving about their partnership with Starbucks, yet have the worse customer service ever. There is no way you can get in touch with these guys except by email. With no visible customer service contact details, it leaves me feeling very uneasy about Square Up.
Confirm your iPad recognizes the stand. To do so, double-tap the home button on your iPad. Tap Settings > About. Square Stand will be listed if it’s recognized. If you don’t see Square Stand listed, unplug the stand from its power source, remove the iPad from the stand, and plug everything back in.
Square is a joke! Opened an account and sent my very first invoice to my customer, which he promptly paid. Then I get an email from Square stating that my account shows a “pattern of high-risk transactions.” Really? After only ONE invoice!? So they deactivate my account and are currently holding my funds for 60 days. May they rot in Hell.
This is the SAME exact thing that PayPal did to me a few years ago. It seems that they question a transaction and PERMANENTLY put your money on hold. PayPal still has over $6000 of my money — since 2004. Never released to me.
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I have been a CC merchant for over 30 years. We started using Square, at the advice of a friend, at trade shows to make it more convenient for our customers. We started with Square several years ago and then suddenly, without warning or any communication, our account was deactivated and Square held the funds waiting to be deposited. As you have already seen in other reviews THEY ARE AFRAID TO HAVE ANY CONTACT with anyone DUE TO THEIR BLATANTLY BOGUS BUSINESS OPERATIONS! I would NEVER do business with a company that is not willing to stand by their product or who is not willing to speak with their customers. They appear to be criminals and cowards, not sure but it sure looks like it. I am sure that Square will end up in the TRASH HEAP of tech companies that go broke because of lies and bogus policies. Hopefully they will deposit our funds before they run off with it………..
I looked at the redirect you mention on Apr. 17, 2015, but all that does is put me on the Square Store…but your statement “but you can embed content from Square on your own website.” sounds like I could grab the store contents from Square and show it on my own website – but would I be able to control the layout and presentation? Would that then act as a link to the Store to process purchases? Square seems to be missing a great opportunity here to allow a website to be setup and communicate as a 3rd party sales portal. I used ZenCart to create my store, and it was easy and fast to link to PayPal. No real reason for Square not to do that – if just to compete.

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