I have been using Paypal and Square together on my Weebly site. They have my funds on hold now after using their services for three years. They promise two-day turnaround that was eight days ago and promises I will get an email Reading the other reviews looks like this is not a good company to deal with. I will be going with Paypal 100%.
At the very least this practice is unethical and damaging to prospective customers, but very well may be against Vica/MC/AMEX/Discover policies. My next contact will be with these companies, to see what can be done about Square’s deceptive practices. In the meantime, I will do everything possible to prevent as many people as possible from doing business with Square.
I am not sure why you are having issues, I have used Square since it came out and have had zero issues, the one refund I have done was completed on time with no issues. I keep posting my experience on here hoping people will see it and give Square a chance. Also all the vendors that I know personally have not had any issues and absolutely love their Square!
Great article, but another big thing is PayPal Here does not allow multiple users to swipe cards at the same time to allow the transaction to go through. One of the users will get kicked and it will not allow anyone to process until the transaction is finished. Square allows simultaneous swipes by the different managed users. Without a glitch.
Square card is a scam…I have over 900.00 that they are holding for no reason at all. I was sent an email saying they are closing my account and the funds are being held for 180 days. six months…If you are looking to use square card, DO NOT DO IT. Find another company or another provider.
If it was a service, you’ll have to prove the customer “consumed” your service (tracking logs [hosting companies], odometer statement [taxi/limousine services], before and after pictures [beauticians/hairstylists], etc).
credit card fees average $700.00–so a flat rate of $275 looks very good..but if its this hard to simply ask questions I can’t imagine how hard its going to be when I really have a problem…bottom line–I pass on this one
Update: Square says “All communication from Square is safe and secure and we have a world class risk and fraud team that uses sophisticated risk visualization tools to stop and prevent bad actors. We always protect the safety of our customers and can reverse a payment if necessary.”
Terrible customer service. Spent 20 mins (after waiting on hold for 20 mins to even speak with an account rep) on the phone speaking with a rep who obviously couldn’t fix my problem. When I asked to speak with a supervisor he immediately refused and claimed that since I wasn’t the account owner, he couldn’t let me speak to a supervisor. The “account owner” they have listed is our web/graphic designer (who technically isn’t even employed by our company) because he had initially set up the account. When I placed Van on hold to go get the “account owner” he decided to hang up.
I know how completely frustrating this is. We hear the same thing from a lot of Square users. Unfortunately, Square is within the scope of the law in this case. If you read their User Agreement, you will find that they reserve the right to withhold funds if they believe there is a risk that the transactions may be problematic. Specifically, see sections “19. Reserve” and “28. Our Collection Rights for Chargebacks.”
Also, as your article stated, Interchange Plus pricing is the one to beat. You can’t get more transparent or lower in rates. As of last Sat. Oct. 1st, I’ve set some as low as .10%, which means they’re paying .26% on over 30% of cards accepted. Since I got into this Industry a couple of years ago, I’ve always tried to talk everyone into Interchange Plus. I even give them the option to try it, and switch to another type pricing if they like. I’ve yet to date have one business switch off the Interchange Plus pricing.
Ii used my square at a convention,processing numerous charges. I had no Internet so I resigned myself to manual entry. I didn’t know it at the time but square requires you to obtain a zip code as well as the usual info. My question to square was/is…….how can I enter charges without the zip. Is it even possible. Every time I get a generic answer telling me what I already know, that I need a zip code. POS company.
Square is hold your money with no explanation accept to say my account was deemed high risk.I have been waited 3 months for 1800.00. I am not a wealthy person and I need my money. I was informed by square via email that they were gonna hold any funds in my account for 90 days. I have struggled and waited..the 90 days have passed and still the funds have not been deposited into my account.
Then they state that “Due to unusual or high risk activity associated with your account, your outstanding Square balance will be reserved for up to 180 days (but no less than 90 days), unless circumstances require that we extend this reserve period. If you do not want us to reserve your funds, you may refund the payment back to the cardholder account.”
DASHBOARD DOESN’T WORK! I used Square twice this last weekend but have no way of finding out from Square if they’ve deposited my money. When I sign onto the Square website absolutely nothing comes up on the Dashboard page. Nothing at all. I can’t even use the back arrow to return to their home site. Without the use of the Dashboard, I can’t personalize my phone app, can’t follow a transaction record, can’t do anything. After reading all these complaints, I don’t think I’ll use Square any more, and am more than nervous about whether I’ll ever see my money at all, or will be sure that if deposited, it’s truly there to stay!
I am waiting for the company (and so are thousands of merchants currently paying exorbitant fees) that will build the bank, release its own debit/credit card and use the current (could be Square) hardware software advances to significantly reduce fees, helping small businesses to compete and succeed.
Late last week, I received another chargeback. It wasn’t for a recent transaction, but for another order that took place back in November and was, no doubt, part of the same problem as the three others. When I came into work on Monday, one of the first things I did was to fill out their chargeback response form again. Less than two hours later, I received the following e-mail:
The Square Cash app works on both iOS and Android operating systems. It even works on Apple Watch. If you want to pay someone from your computer, you can go to the Square Cash website and pay there. You need the person’s email or phone number or his or her cashtag. You put in the information, the amount and a note, if you wish. [otp_overlay]

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